Zucchini Rice Recipe by Manjula, Indian Vegetarian Cooking

| April 20, 2012 | 50 Comments

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  1. jammingwithmarley says:



    i made this recipe a few minutes ago it was done, it was delightful, my husband loved it! and i more than loved it, thank you majula ur the best!

  3. BARCHAT714 says:

    Hi manjula, i just tried this zucchini rice recipe! It is very good! Please give us more recipes with zucchini, squashes, etc! Thanks for all your good recipes! Be Blessed!

  4. greniocracy says:

    Thank You MANJULA!
    As always, it is simply GREAT :-)

  5. InnerPeacePoet says:

    Wonderful teacher, my wife watches your videos.

  6. fvk4ver says:

    what if i want to cook the rice seperate n mix with the zuchini which is cook as well?? because i always messed up my rice wen i cook this way.. could u tell me how to cook the zuchini first Please..

  7. fvk4ver says:

    what if i want to cook the rice sepsrate n mix with the zuchini which is cook as well?? because i always messed up my rice wen i cook this way.. could u tell me how to cook the zuchini first Please..

  8. deedevinebrake says:

    You are a wonderful teacher; thank you for sharing your own recipe. Will definitely try it.

  9. Gitona says:

    This looks so easy! And kind of good. I don’t like zucchini but this is making me want to try.

    Plus, she is just too adorable.

  10. JIMKOR says:

    thnk u so much. mine came out a lil sticky but i think caz i added too much water, but the taste was awsome.

  11. randomdancingdancing says:

    Thank you Manjula for all of your wonderful recipes. I love having you in my kitchen with me teaching me how to cook fabulous Indian recipes!!!

  12. stayshoobie says:

    It looks wonderful I will try it. Thank You for Posting

  13. jdfox1 says:


  14. goldfingerli says:

    hei i’m from switzerland. here is the indian-cooking not so popular and i’m so happy to found your great recipe. thanks a lot!

  15. IOLTVChannel says:

    @sarahelswick It should not make any difference if you bay leaves or not. Most of the people cannot find any difference in taste.

  16. shashankrajkodesia says:

    Gona Cook Zucchini Rice soon . . u r a Internet cooking mum to all Bachelors and newly weds . .

  17. TnWormsCastings says:

    that looks so good i going to try this tommorrow i have alot of squash from my garden

  18. pushpa1954 says:

    I simple loved it

  19. xoalex914 says:

    thanks :) looks delicious

  20. Manjulaskitchen says:

    you can use oil or soy butter.

  21. nahia2008 says:

    can i use soy butter instead of regular butter?

  22. Invisableman111 says:

    Oh man, I could smell that from here. Not a big fan of Indian food usually but this looks good. Thanks for the video.

  23. Fiara says:

    I made it just the way you said except I didn’t use any butter, and it tastes amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  24. vnck25 says:

    Yes, Basmati is Basmati rice and Plain rice is NOT Basmati rice

  25. CarryionWaywardson says:

    Had to try this, I love it.

  26. MomentsExposedPhot says:

    dang it I have been a vegetarian for 6 years and I defiantly do not look them them =(

  27. scorchedcandy says:

    Oh man! I love Veggie Grill! I’m also a fan of the All Hail Kale salad but I also like the Bali Bliss burger.

  28. barleycorn04 says:

    Absolutely love the Veggie Grill. However, it’s not in Manhattan Beach! It’s in El Segundo in case someone is trying to find it!

  29. tkdartistmom says:

    tell me more about the tempeh stuff? is it like tofu?

  30. LocoRico89 says:

    I tried their grilled “chicken” sandwiches and I was amazed! So good! I am not a health nut but I love trying out new things

  31. realbeauty94 says:

    I swear, I’m moving to california you have everything!!!!

  32. PrincessSquig says:

    why don’t we have a veggie grill in england!? 

  33. katiegirl2174 says:

    Love your message @ the end of this video-it’s so true!

  34. GrapeLola says:

    Such appetizing food! 

  35. satellitetune says:

    Very nice vidio awesome

  36. utubedosal says:

    Oh, I miss Veggie Grill so much =~

  37. ForceOfWizardry says:

    Well, its true that if Mcdonald’s was replaced by veggie grills things would be better off, but a majority of Americans are too damn poor to afford a meal their. It’s dollar menu doublecheese burgers and dollar 2 liter of soda pop for life!

  38. joeglimmix says:

    that looks delish…what about the main entree though?

  39. glimmerific says:

    This restaurant needs to expand to more areas! The pacific northwest would be nice there are lots of vegetarians here, including me!

  40. anderzom says:

    and later of the video the 2 pretty girls run to mcdonalds hahahahaha (just a stupid joke) I hata mcdonalds…

  41. disneydiva21 says:

    you guys are vegan ?

  42. jdj1017 says:

    I love Katrina’s personality. She said, “we killed it” so casually. Ha

  43. ChantalElzinga says:

    Here’s the dealio, i love meat, but what meat is good??

  44. ToneItUpcom says:

    whoohoo!! :) thats my girl!! -katrina

  45. ToneItUpcom says:

    yummm  so amazing :)

  46. mom2TL says:

    YUMMY! That looks so good. Wish I had one near me.

  47. marymargaretd says:

    You inspire so many! I went to Veggie Grill by UCI today for the first time and I swear there were about ten women in there eating the All Hail Kale salad with a side of sweet potato fries. lol

  48. ToneItUpcom says:

    There’s a couple of them in Irvine, but that’s the closest to SD

  49. MissToxicLove says:

    yummy that salad look amazing,,would love to try that fake chicken.

  50. strawberrymargharita says:

    hey karena, I was just reading my Instyle magazine (I think it was the May issue) and saw an oakley add with you on the picture and I was like yaay I know who she is!! :) keep up the good work you two! :) PS: I wish we had such a restaurant where I live :( looks delish!! 😉 xoxo

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