Why Vegetarian? Part 3 Sound Healing, Colors, the Dodecahedron and 2012

| September 12, 2012 | 23 Comments

RATE, COMMENT & SHARE This is the final installment of this video series and I’ve save the best for last. Discover why sounds of the Earth from birds to water flowing is so pleasant to our ears. You will hear my theory on why I feel beaches are so good to be at. Lastly, I share my thoughts on how raising your frequency produces a geometric shape called the Dodecahedron and how 2012 could be the year of the ultimate mirror effect because of this. Take Care, Felipe
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  1. 360player0000 says:

    *bites into burger*

  2. JjjessicaLaLa says:

    Beautiful message. Thx again :)

  3. MrKlawdek says:

    OM is the first audible octave of the frequency of earth’s orbit around the sun. There is some confusion as it is sometimes confused with the suns frequency. Take the frequency of earth’s orbit. Which is going to be a tiny decimal number, way too low for the human ear to hear. Calculate the octaves upward until you get to the first one that is within the range of human hearing and you get 136.2Hz the generally accepted frequency of OM.

  4. mildorea says:

    the moment of the birds singing the harmony of the universe opened my heart and i felt very emotional .. wow .. amazingly touching…

  5. demandspacetourism says:

    Whether it will happen in 2012 or not, it has to happen at some time. My interpretation is that intelligent life will come into an awareness that the economy exists as the crystalisation of intelligent cooperative activity, and money is a tool used by an intellignet species in order to pursue increasingly abstract goals. The only way we can survive in the long run and protect this planet from our developing intelligence, is to build a separate environment in space. Peace.

  6. demandspacetourism says:

    I can’t believe you’ve not had millions of watches of this fantastic video. This is going on my featured spot. I’ve been into meditation my whole life, not by choice but by nature. Luckily i can meditate on anything and learn things unknown to my mind. The nature stuff I feel has been explored a lot. My main meditations are on cultures that are advanced technologically. My life is dedicated to bringing my insights to the world. Peace brother worker.

  7. SammyBad1 says:

    How does this video not have the millions of views it deserves

  8. TheAZUniversal says:

    I’m not a vegetarian But I don’t eat red meat or pork
    due to My lack of body weight I still eat chicken and fish ;p
    should make the transition to no meat soon I hope

  9. TheLovesoul1 says:

    being a vegeatarian is hard for me anyway!

  10. 16BrookeK says:

    I have a pet turanchula and to nuture him I feed him crickets. At night they always sing and it makes me so happy now I know why!

  11. carolinejenson says:

    can you tell me the music that you play at the end of the video. I want to get it.. thanks

  12. medjfootball says:

    facinating stuff. i’m feeling better already.

  13. shanrocks777 says:

    I think the calming nature aspect is why I own pet tarantulas. I live in the city and in one part of my living room I’ve got a little part of the rainforest in my home.

  14. lrwinley says:

    Love your theories Felipe, I wish we all could think like this the earth would be a more beautiful experience :) Happy New Year Looking forward to awesome vids for 2012!

  15. warriors41 says:

    I’ve thought of the “god looking at god” idea thing many many times. I’ve always wondered if it will be like a “omg!” moment lol

  16. TrumpetCallofGodLT says:

    Hear what God of Israel YAHUSHUA-YAHUWAH (Son and Father are ONE) saying to our generation by His chosen prophets: Trumpetcallofgodonline. com ; Letter called “Purify Your Faith, and Come to the Father as It is Written”: EXCERPT: “Only in the Bible and through these very Letters, of which I have given to My prophet of the end of this age, shall you find Him and know Him.”


    ” youtube.com/watch?v=YZPmTH6sloo”




  17. gnosiszeal says:

    Im becoming vegan, its not easy i feel like i dont know what to eat, im aso wondering a cheap way to get clean water?

  18. FelipeSparx29 says:

    That’s amazing! Hmm!

  19. sagehawk12 says:

    I think this is the first time anyone has ever explained the reason to be vegetarian in a way that is scientifically and spiritually logical. I have recently been contacted by a gentlemen from India, asking me out of the blue, if I would do something to help him. He told me to become vegetarian. I admit I did not take him seriously, but now, I think I am ready to full commit to no meats. Thanks to you and to this random encounter. Peace.

  20. megamim972 says:


  21. megamim972 says:

    your thoughts cultivate your reality. someone has to be holding the mirror- or perhaps one has to break the mirror to see as you say the shape.
    peace to you
    and culminate your own existance! :]

  22. edprybylko says:

    i will meditate where ever i want to, especially now in cities to raise the vibration of the laymen

  23. PaintDanceLive says:

    I’m a fan of Dr. Masuro Emoto and enjoyed your fractal connection very much. Living very close with nature has had a huge effect on me, I can’t agree more. And as a person (& painter) who can’t get enough beach time, I truly appreciate your color theory. I’ve always painted with true hues and relate in now to expression of the colors of the chakras. Your color theory feeds the chakras! I believe more people are now vibrating Truth/Love. People are standing up globally for a better world now! TY!

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