Why Vegetarian? Part 2 Sacred Geometry, Fractal and Non-Fractal Places

| September 29, 2012 | 48 Comments

RATE, COMMENT & SHARE This video series is intended to illustrate key points of why you should seriously consider becoming a vegetarian. In this video we discuss the importance of eating raw living fruits and vegetables and their direct connection with Sacred Geometry. Why do people feel great out in nature vs a city? We will talk about that as well. This talk is broken down into 3 main key points. 1. Dr. Masaru Emoto Water Experiments 2. Raw Living Fruits and Vegetables 3. Fractal Geometry Again, please rate, comment and share this with others and help spread the knowledge. Would love to hear some feed back with a video response! Take Care, Felipe
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Famous Vegetarians

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  1. Xiaolian7 says:

    Falun Dafa (or Falun Gong) is a Great Buddha Law of the Universe, a cultivation system based on the principles of the Universe: 真 Truthfulness 善 Compassion 忍 Forbearance
    It helped millions of people to regain health, peace of mind and obtain spiritual fulfillment. Since 1999 it has been brutally persecuted by the CCP in China; practitioners are put into concentration camps, raped and have organs harvested from live people. More than 3500 died from torture.

  2. DigitalLoveMovement says:

    this is true on a very sacred level, but animal compassion and the structure of your food should be considered at all times. Even if not applied, they should be considered. It’s important to help people not develop more karma than we already have by neglecting our diet, the environment, the lives of animals and the health of the world.

  3. Justinbanner21 says:

    cell phone antennas are of a fractal design, that is the major breakthrough that made them small enough for people to carry. I have noticed that when I eat lamb I feel better after, than when I eat beef, I can not argue against what is said in this video, but I just crave meat. also I have noticed that when I drink a lot of water I can become even more thirsty, but one V8 juice or Naked vegetable drink I will not still be thirsty. and I am pretty sure that all life is fractal including meat.

  4. HuMaHuMHuMno1 says:


  5. HuMaHuMHuMno1 says:

    Hello again – I must say one IMPORTANT thing – and that’s NOT to limit ourself to only accept and live in ONE fractal. The possibility are endless – so, do what you what, as long as it helps you evolve. And by doing so – always as your self “WHO YOU ARE”

  6. HuMaHuMHuMno1 says:

    The roads to spiritual enlightenment are many – but I resonate with whats is said, but at the same time I’m a meek eater – so it’s not impossible to come to conclusions without fruits.
    I have a fear of fruits (I see them as the reproduction organs for the trees, and thats not for me*), I don’t even touch them :p But I can drink juice, and eat vegetables – lol I’m wierd

  7. dravidianstates1 says:

    Try growing it by yourself.See rooftop gardening.It is healthy and inexpensive.I have tried it and I got tasty watermelons.I am trying out the other ones

  8. ustupidshit says:

    FelipeSparx29 Do you smoke cannabis? I really want to be vegetarian but im always stoned

  9. MrKlawdek says:

    Please do not mark this as spam. If anyone wants a more fractal environment as mentioned in the video.  At my blog there are hundreds of free fractal art wallpaper images for your computer background. They work nice as cell phone backgrounds as well.

    I like to change my wallpaper to different fractals on a regular basis. I believe it is mind expanding.

  10. MrKlawdek says:

    I strongly suggest when doing multi part videos that you take the time to update the video description of every part when a new part comes out, with links to all the other parts. YouTube is terrible about showing the other parts in the suggested videos.

    Nice videos:)

  11. markc1234golf says:

    love it could not agree more with you . Its great to find someone else who expresses what i have discovered in the last year . Everything you say resonates true with me! Sacred geometry is new to me even though i have come across it before but not in this context.

  12. SzamanPsychedeliczny says:

    ..it’s not really the words that make the magic, it’s the intention, expressed in-through ones own energy and formed into emotions, thoughts and words. :-)

  13. enigmoxical says:

    Then again, how can you really be sure you are getting what you pay for? Just because it is labeled “organic”? Yeah, the FDA would never lie to us..

  14. victrola91 says:

    “fruit roll ups – my ass!” 😀 so funny! great serious of videos!

  15. mellowyellow2673 says:

    Thanks Felipe! Great work, keep going with all that you’re learning and teaching others. You’re gorgeous – you have a beautiful energy and a good heart. Don’t get discouraged by criticisms – keep reaching high and giving it your best. I love your work and admire your spirit and enthusiasm. Well done. You’re a bright light – keep shining and showing the way.

  16. newxonearth says:

    I deeply appreciate your honesty and the intention behind this video series however I must say that you need to NOT come from your emotions and Judge. This will cloud your judgement and perspective. Empowering others is KEY not judging, b/c ultimately THEY will make the change in the diet/lives when the time is Divine for them. I am a flexatairan slowly making my family’s diet healthier each food choice.

  17. HortonGourcuff says:

    yo your wife is blazing hot

  18. GrandAwakening says:

    good job bud…please include your wife in your videos….shes hit and it will increase your views…lol

  19. Tonnia Newberry says:

    so much.. yes.. I cannot agree enough..! right from the start..so much thank you..!! Peace..

  20. 16BrookeK says:

    If you’re totally new to all this Conciousness stuff look up Spirit Science it really cleared things up for me! Starts at lesson 1!

  21. daradubinet says:

    i agree, not resonating with meat eaters. :)

  22. bluswan555 says:

    THANK YOU!!!

  23. oCOSMICeyes says:

    Great video, love your work. However… My two loves are Bodybuilding & Spirituality, how can I be vegetarian and a bodybuilder at the same time?.. Its laughable how much protein is in Tofu and beans.. Ive research veg protein diet and there’s no way I can consume 300gms protein per day of beans and tofu. (1.5gm protein x 200lbs body weight = 300gms protein daily to build muscle). Impossible on Veg diet. Have little choice but to stick with age old Fish & Meat.

  24. MeowwPurdie says:

    Watch ‘If slaughterhouses ha glass Walls everyone would e vegetarian’

  25. klementine0 says:

    smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, I don’t see any blood in that actions, is just their problem, but kill and torturer the animal’s life? thats other thing, that’s murder!

  26. MegaDiamonds10 says:

    i think they are vegetarians because of animal welfare and not health reasons.

  27. TheCountCrumpet says:


  28. bdkalltheway says:

    He couldn’t digest meat because he was a drug addict and his metabolisn was slowed down by his use of them.

  29. bdkalltheway says:

    Why are you so angry? Did someone run over your dog and eat it? I can see being a vegetarian hasn’t helped your disposition any.

  30. bdkalltheway says:

    Why live a healthy vegetarian lifestyle if you are going to smoke cigarettes? DUMB. Brad Pitt, Leonardo Dicaprio, Albert Einstein, Cameron Diaz, Paul McCartney, Pierce Brosnan, Richard Gere, Anne Hathaway, all cigarette smokers.

  31. matchlessgift says:

    Yup, Hitler was a veggie for about 3 weeks and thankfuly his consciousness got purified a little so he decided not to drop the atom bomb on New York. He had some human consideration. Thanks God for his being a veggie briefly :) …uuups, did I give TMI on a history lesson?

  32. 92blacktt says:

    it is actually true, Hitler was a veggie

  33. Macdeth1717 says:

    Why the fuck would you eat the muscle tissue of a dead dirty animal that was raised in sick hellish conditions? It doesn’t bother you in the least? Snuffing a life for you to eat and shit out?! Fuckin nasty as humans. Yeah those molars are there to grind flesh not plants right?

  34. basofia117 says:

    eso me gustaria demasiado pero pon sobre sus cosas buenas y malas por que si tubo muchas cosas buenas. esque hay gente que solo pone sus cosas malas y por eso queda mal en el mundo.recuerdo cuando vi una de sus muchas peliculas se llama la Caida donde dijo”mañana todos me odiaran,pero el destino asi lo quiso” y su libro de Mi lucha tambien muy bueno. saludos :-)

  35. GENIAyCABALLO says:

    Tengo que hacer un video sobre Hitler.

  36. basofia117 says:

    jaja si podria ser por eso pero tambien le agradaban los animales como su siempre compañero un pastor aleman

  37. GENIAyCABALLO says:

    Hitler was a vegetarian. But he was a vegetarian only because he couldn’t digest meat properly. Probably that was another reason he was so pissed lol

  38. irish1209 says:

    Can anyone tell me the title of the song, and who is singing it? Thanks in advance =)

  39. musicseverything says:

    We need to eat meat but just a small amount is healthy. Meat is full of drugs and toxins. 80% of antibiotics produced are for the cattle to prevent them from sicknesses. For your own benefit, I recommend you to consider to decrease the amount of meat you eat because it is very bad for your health if you eat antibiotics every day your entire life. When you really need antibiotic it won´t work and you may die for not to mention several other problems you get.

  40. youdontmesswithzorro says:

    Jeah, God is not good anymore Who told us that He gave us this animals for eating, transporting and guarding. Nowadays we are modern and we go with them to hairstyling. They should eat al the vegetables and then die by milions old. Good thinking, you human people :)

  41. MissMcQueen013 says:

    Hitler only called himself vegetarian because he didn’t eat meat often. Funny cause I could call myself a cat too because I can meow, doesn’t make it the truth.

  42. darysons1 says:

    Awesome video.

  43. pratyushpppppp says:

    He ate Sushi the day before he died

  44. animator297 says:

    Yes he was…do your research

  45. pratyushpppppp says:

    Steve Jobs was not a vegetarian

  46. Mitesh Jain says:

    ..yes he was .

  47. matchlessgift says:

     Hitler vegetarian? ..only if you say so

  48. matchlessgift says:

    thanks for the input

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