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YourProduceGuy shows you how to tell when Pineapples are ripe along with some nifty tricks and information. You can also keep up with me on Facebook & Twitter Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: www.twitter.com

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  1. MrPoontanger says:

    I think your gay! with all that fascination & excitement over a pineapples :(

  2. JanetUSA says:

    Is that why some are green at the bottom and gold on top?

  3. AngelaSzekeres says:

    I’ve also heard that the bottom should smell slightly fermented. And if its too acidic, then its not ripe. I hear a lot of people say they can’t eat much pineapple because its burns their mouths, but if you wait until its ripe you wont have that problem.

  4. SdaBlackbox says:

    They are ripe when yellow…. anything else is dole propaganda

  5. YourProduceGuy says:

    Of course it worked! I’m YourProduceGuy! Thanks for letting me know of your success!

  6. tonyabug73 says:

    I tried the tip about twisting off the top of the pineapple and placing it upside down to speed ripening. It works! It ripened twice as fast as it did with the top on right side up. : )

  7. kalimmortal says:

    thanx ..i’ve always wondered how to pick a good piece of fruit…

  8. TheIceAsian says:

    Personally, I want to keep the top because you can grow a pineapple plant from it!

  9. YourProduceGuy says:

    Yes, there is a fruit called star fruit. Very fun little fruit.  I will put together a video on it in the near future.

  10. LESTER7L1 says:

    Great! I look forward to that video sir! Have a great week end. Oh is there a star fruit ( Star ennace I believe it is called) Video?

  11. YourProduceGuy says:

    Wow! Where is this place that you shop? I’ve never heard of the cashier having a pineapple top with them like that. Stores could solve the problem by just pricing Pineapples by the ‘each’ rather than by the pound. They are sorted by size anyway, so they are all about the same weight…just put a price on each one rather than going by the pound. Also, take that thing back and get your money back as it was inferior quality.

  12. Angelofjusticia says:

    I did take the top from the pineapple, but the cashier had a top with her and used it to add the weight to the price! It seems like lot of people tried to do the same! LOL
    The pineapple looked good half golden but was black inside, darn it!

  13. YourProduceGuy says:

    Check out the “When is it ripe?” videos for our melons. This summer I will try and highlight some of the different watermelon varieties.

  14. YourProduceGuy says:

    Thank you citizen!

  15. randomuser1105 says:

    I love you Produce Man!

  16. LESTER7L1 says:

    Nice video! Can you do one on watermelons and the various varieties,colors of flesh etc of watermelons? Thanks. Have a great week!

  17. TheFilipinoBoxer says:

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  18. YourProduceGuy says:

    Give it a try still. Nothing to lose at this point. Make sure it has plenty of moisture!

  19. NewEnglandgardening says:

    Hi, I bought one a couple of days ago so that I can try propagating it. It has turned that golden color and the leaves look dry. I’d like to add that it really smells very sweet too now that it is ripe. I wonder though, if I can still use it to try to grow a pineapple since the leaves look dried out?

  20. YouLaToya says:

    My FAVORITE fruit! Tell me why I just sat & tried eating an entire pineapple; I don’t recommend this. My fingers are cut up, lips sore, & even worst;serious pain at the back of my tongue… Oh well, the taste was so worth the pain. ::aside:: I’ve always suspected that it ripens from the bottom up. lol People think I give them the first slices to be nice when in truth I’m saving the best for last (myself).

  21. radiotubes says:

    who opened that door? see the red jaggard paint? lol Great video thanks. Will go and fix our pineapple now.

  22. gasparyamasaki says:

    Sorry, but the concept is wrong. Pineapples do not ripe after harvested. It means that if they were not harvested at the right time, they’ll never become sweeter, just less sour.

  23. YourProduceGuy says:

    Mold is bad. How long have you had them? If you’ve had them for a while they might not take them back at the store. If it’s only been a short time I would return them. Otherwise, if you can’t return them I would go ahead and cut the bottoms off of the pineapples and then break them down as shown in the video and refrigerate the fruit until you use it in the next couple of days. That would be my advice. YPG

  24. cnuminen says:

    You seem to know a bit about pineapples. I recently bought a pair that are still a little green. When I checked their coloring just now, I noticed there was white mold growing on the bottom! Are pineapple like strawberries, where they mold if they’re bad? Should I return them to the store?

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