What is a Vegetarian?

| November 25, 2012 | 26 Comments

Paper Cut-out, Stop Motion Video. Shot for fun, to entertain, and to educate. Enjoy.
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I find so many closed minded parents try to tell me that I must have taught my daughter to be a vegetarian, that there is NO way she could have thought of this on her own. Or better yet lets be totalitarians instead of parents and just force them to follow our will instead of having minds of their own. I’m hoping for a better future so I hope there are more parents out there encouraging their children to make some choices for themselves and not just bend to the will or passions of their parents. Sure its nice to pass on traditions but if your kid gets physically ill at the idea of eating that traditional roasted turkey then lets pick our battles and let them NOT eat meat.


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  1. theDADeniboy says:

    Well,that was educational.

  2. june black says:

    let me guess your an atheist right? I can tell with the ” Just against your claim that she has made up her own mind without your influence. Bit of a silly claim really…” sincee most atheist think children can’t think for themselves right? I believe this child did make up her own mind when I was her age I bagged my parents to be a vegetarian they refuse.

  3. 91dpo says:

    show them this?

  4. Nigel Aitken says:

    Calling people closed minded does not mean they are – Your child has been influenced by their own surroundings which i can only guess has been saturated with vegetarian principles. Have you allowed them to try other things like eggs, chicken, fish etc? If they wanted to try it would you allow them?

    Also to clarify, I am not arguing against the principles of vegetarianism… Just against your claim that she has made up her own mind without your influence. Bit of a silly claim really…

  5. Skaiste Sky says:

    You should just stand your ground. I’m not vegetarian, but that may change because of my daughter. I always feel guilty when eat meat. It was alive…

  6. Skaiste Sky says:

    my daughter is 5 and says same thing. just watched your video, and she said “mommy, she is just like me”

  7. beautyhotspot33 says:

    ” I love animals so much ” Slaps the cat full force on the ground.

  8. vourdalak1563 says:

    Fair play to your daughter. Being the only vegie in my family i know its hard but you have a smart beautiful girl there who is not afraid to stand up for what she feels is right. And well done to you for supporting her. Egnore the nasty comments. If shes happy and healthy it truly doesnt matter about what she eats.

  9. Starlight5433 says:

    I’m 12 and have chosen freely the path of a vegetarian. I was not forced, I chose this. Over 500,000 animals get slaughtered EVERY DAY. This doesn’t seem to bother many people, but there are many other reasons that I cannot fit in this comment. Vegetarians are people too, and I love being unique. I am happy with my choice and see a positive future as a vegetarian :).

  10. IResonateWithU says:

    Wow. Your daughter is adorable and clearly very intelligent.
    You have raised a free-thinker, I would be very proud.
    Cannot wait to share this video, your daughter gives me hope for the rest of the world.

  11. beansterman1998 says:

    It is actually illegal for them to force you to eat ANYTHING.

  12. Brook Murray says:

    I have been a vegetarian 3 or more years, i get crap all the time about my choices… and it seems like at every dinner there is something new for them to say. But i am so much better off not eating meat. Im 17 now and the weekend i turned 14 i got a job and started buying all of my own grocery shopping. The school really supports me and i really love what i eat its so much better.

  13. BLHDtube says:

    lol, what for questions to a little girl.
    are your brain works well?….oh my god, forgive her mom

  14. 3choBlaster says:

    Sad, misguided and delusional fool ..

    I will slaughter a chicken, marinate and roast it because of that comment .. not because I want to be cruel or it’s cruel, because it’s delicious … and your comment is retarded …

  15. 3choBlaster says:

    This is retarded … in the discription you’re talking about how you did not make your daughter a vegeterian .. why, you have meat at home as a vegetarian? It’s lik a Christian, Muslim etc saying, well my 6 year old CHOOSE to be religious or christian, Muslim, Jew or whatever.

    Yeah, kid takes mommie as an example … big fucking deal, like you fed her meat for 6 years and se suddenly decided never to eat meat. Yeah. fill that little kids head with nonsense about “poow”animals dying … imbicile

  16. HachiJinkx says:

    I became vegetarian at either 5 or 6 years. :’D Living the dream.
    Animal cruelty, even jokes about hurting them is a huge trigger for me, i’d burst out in tears. I did once in class just last month when people were talking about horrible things they did when hunting. I was crying and shaking so much… I just can’t understand why people would ever eat meat, or hurt an animal for that matter. Maybe humans are just born selfish.

  17. Nutzername36 says:

    i got vegetarian at age 4 :)

  18. chrisgriffin16 says:

    A famous activist once said “We were all born vegans, we learned to eat meat”
    Thank you so very much for not forcing your child against her nature and logic.
    You are a very lucky mother, and she is a very lucky daughter.

  19. eaglesfan1717 says:

    Thats sad, but if you keep on it, you will become vegetarian one day.
    My parents support me and my mom is very respectful because she knows there is absolutely nothing wrong with practicing non-violence and becoming even healthier than I already am.
    I am on the path to become a Dietician.

  20. Enrika Stulpinaite says:

    my parents did the same thing but i didnt listen to them because i had a strong belief it is not right, and i still do. i mean the only way they can force you is by pushing it into your mouth by force and making you swallow it.

  21. Merlikas says:

    So lovely!!! If all parents were like you. Sweet smart child, too!

  22. Ethan Yoga says:

    if your parents want to make you eat something, tell them to breath for you, blink for you, digest the food for you, have bowel movements for you… its YOUR body which you have the RIGHT to treat however you want… make a firm decision within your own heart and ask the universe to help you make it happen :-) I wish you the best!!!

  23. SSForever777 says:

    awesome! :)) Keep it up! 

  24. NightenGale Farewell says:

    I grew up “part-time” vegetarian, my Grandparents were vegetarian and my Mother and I weren’t…but when I stayed at my Grandparents house my Nan always made this stunning veggie/lentil soup. Lentils, turnips,celery, potato,carrots, onions. She did it all from scratch and it took her hours…she made it especially for me when she knew I was coming because it was my favorite.

  25. 50centuries says:

    I chose when I was 3, no one in my family is a vegetarian too. 14 years later I still am today :)

  26. MrVeggieman11 says:

    That’s a myth. Hitler was a health conscious ‘part-time’ vegetarian. He certainly wasn’t a vegan.

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