Veggie Meals- Stuffed Hot Pepper

| February 12, 2012 | 25 Comments

Here is a basic simple recipe for a vegetarian stuffed peppers. You can add in your own vegetables. I hope you enjoy it! myspace twitter blogtv
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  1. chefgiovanni says:

    Girl, I would love to teach you how to cook ! You should contact me.

  2. codybear4you says:

    Best vegan cheese I have tried is DAIYA! I would try that in this recipe. What vegan cheese did you use? I saw it was a sliced one.

  3. codybear4you says:

    To make this healthier use Lentils instead of a veggie burger. Otherwise good idea.

  4. 6casi8modo9 says:

    I favorited this video quite a long time ago, and I’ll finally put it to practice as the last meal of the (common era) year :)

  5. lazyminer99 says:

    ooo that looks so good, I wish I liked peppers

  6. piegurl12 says:

    @StinkyCheese9999 wow

  7. StinkyCheese9999 says:

    This would be much better with some pieces of animal in it.

  8. chilliconcarnie1 says:

    wots tht purple shit on the plate?

  9. lmatera28 says:

    I guess!

    If you like to laugh type in: nutty cooking peter part 1, 2, 3 or 4
    Comments appreciated!

  10. 1ricer says:

    wow that looks so good

  11. wolflordx3 says:

    omg, that looks good…oh there’s food in the video too.

  12. cliffcox66 says:

    Thanks for the vid. Grotesque eating sounds, and open mouth eating. What caste did you come from.

  13. DilaNurtas says:

    the sound you make while eating is disturbing

  14. desrepickers says:

    Suggestion: Dont talk with your mouth full of food. Its gross. 

  15. albritjc says:

    @supercooled no i think you’re incorrect. meat technically means flesh, as in animal flesh. so soy fake-burgers are safe…its like taking soy curds and molding them into a patty. i can mold macaroni and cheese into a hot dog but it doesnt make it pork.

  16. albritjc says:

    omg im so gonna eat this tomorrow omg

  17. zacstop says:

    Why dont you try putting meet in you mouth

  18. supercooled says:

    If you ask me the whole purpose of a vegetarian dish is to avoid all forms of meat and that includes fake soy meat patties.

  19. BillyGatesForever says:

    i got a boner from this

  20. nightmaremeows says:


  21. megsweetie17 says:

    i’m going to make this but with trukey meat :) and add lots of chesse and veggies

  22. kcthecook1 says:

    Great easy meal but honest raw chop meat is better with rice and then stuffed and have to put crushed tomatoes. but a good job

  23. abstracteyez says:

    @qalamama Totaly agree!

  24. ultracapacitor says:

    youre great!

  25. qalamama says:

    @Nevizations yeah the recipe is nice but maybe pull back from the mic when eating. the squishy squirty sounds made my skin crawl a little.

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