Veggie Burrito

| July 31, 2012 | 44 Comments

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YourProduceGuy shows you how to tell when Jicama is ripe. Jicama is a tap root of a mexican plant and is sweet, juicy & delicious. I absolutely love it! Keep up with YourProduceGuy! Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest:
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  1. TheThriceIsRight says:

    I wish she wasn’t reading off something the whole time.

  2. laphant1 says:

    i tried to make this but cant cut that fast with my knife ….i am only about 3/4 that fast…….(ha)…fine vid thanks..laphant1

  3. Keirosuke says:

    I’m gonna try this. just without beans. I dont like beans D;

  4. vrcsudh13 says:

    this looks very delicious! thanks for sharing.

  5. Jason Damisch says:


  6. tati3092 says:

    Haha I’m Mexican and my moms white but she makes really good actual Mexican style guacamole! It’s amazing

  7. LetheTheForgetful says:

    don’t be so quick to qualify one person’s recipe for an entire race’s version. my white best friend’s mom happens to make delicios guacamole.

  8. DelectablePlanet says:

    Feel free to use any veggies you have in the fridge for this recipe and welcome to a new way of eating!

  9. dramagirllove says:

    yum going to try this i’m new to vegan food and i love it.

  10. tati3092 says:

    white version of guacomole? gross

  11. estoymuyharta says:

    The recipe is in the description.

  12. Makron5 says:

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  13. Makron5 says:

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  14. Makron5 says:

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  15. DelectablePlanet says:

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  16. Makron5 says:

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  17. cometcrash says:


  18. kadhal says:

    thanks for the video , i might try that sometime

  19. stefnutrition says:

    I enjoy your meal very good!!

  20. Renholder17 says:

    i love your recipes!!

  21. warriorbride999 says:

    I just like lime and sea salt or some people put sugar on it, and I heard that the smaller the better they will be SWEETER and not so GRAINY and I did buy a bigger one thinking I would get more for my money and it was grainier than the smaller ones , they said to get them as small as your FIST, and I tried to put them in the frig in a sealed container, but for some reason they went bad after a couple of days, how do you store them ?,

  22. 4MissKrys86 says:

    i love jicama. my mom used to do them up with lime and chile powder as well. i’m starting to feel a little nostalgic

  23. bustacapinlutha says:

    Cool. I have lived in south Texas for years and they are sold here. Now I can buy one and know what to expect – water chestnuts, yum!!

  24. stronguy20 says:

    is it like asian pear? i love asian pears!!!

  25. gdastray says:

    i think this is bengkoang (our term: sengkuang). Ubi is called tapioca

  26. GEhotpants101 says:

    I always thought it was spelled “higima”… Shows what I know.
    lol It’s Jicama. It’s not only a “j” in the beginning, but a “c” not a “g”… XP

  27. JunkyardShots says:

    thumbs up if you thought this said “when is it rape?”

  28. swpier29 says:

    You look like Stephen Harper, but you appear to have actual emotions, so I know you’re legit. (:

  29. DrummerRene99 says:

    Looks like a potato more than a vegetable.

  30. MrCreeper1680 says:

    nononononono … im not your contact!

  31. xXCrimsonArtsXx says:

    JICAMA! I eat this stuff all the time. You got a subscriber sir.

  32. ingesumadre says:

    to keep them freach after been cut put them in water in a container in the fridge
    it will taste some times even beter!

  33. ingesumadre says:

    china cooks whit it

  34. YourProduceGuy says:

    I suppose you could do them up as chips, but I’ve never heard of that before. I have a piece of Yucca Root that I’m going to fry up into chips. It’s a much drier root than the Jicama is. But, if you fry potatoes, I would think you could make a Jicama work for that as well.

  35. YourProduceGuy says:

    It is indeed crisp like an apple. I’m sure you could cook it, but you’d lose a bit of that crispness if you did. It is used for a substitute for water chestnuts, so stir fry would be great for it..

  36. Nebiros21 says:

    I don’t know if I’m referring to the same root. Here in Indonesia we have a root vegetable called Ubi. By the way, can those be fried into chips? If so maybe It really is what I think it is…

  37. scumbubbles1 says:

    I’ve wanted to try those. Thanks

  38. WendyWendy2010 says:

    I once was told it’s similar to an apple, is this true? Can it be cooked.?

  39. LindaRaeSue says:

    It is also delicious dipped in French onion dip.

  40. justgivemethetruth says:

    By the way I think potatoes come from Mexico/South America, so it’s a bit funny to say this is the Mexican potato. All kinds of weird potatoes from South America, some that you have to eat with clay to absorb toxins.

  41. justgivemethetruth says:

    Great video on Jicama … Hicama, but I am sure you meant to say it comes from Mehico … Mexico … , right ” 😉

  42. ageha002 says:


  43. Theinterventionfan says:

    love your videos looks yummy!

  44. franzevna says:

    Love your videos! I am a vegetable person.

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