Vegetarians, from the other point of view!

| January 6, 2012 | 50 Comments

Mitchell & Webb UKTV 2009. Do you know an annoying vegetarian?

Meet your Meat documentary: List of famous vegetarians: I’ve wanted to make this video for a while now, as I’m really enthusiastic about vegetarianism. I’m just stating my own opinions here though, and I know some of you will disagree with the points I make, which is fine. Also, I’m sorry if I sound patronising at all in this video. I didn’t mean to, and I DON’T think I’m better than anyone who eats meat, I just choose not to eat it for my own personal moral reasons. I hope this video at least gets people thinking about the topic though, and generates some discussion. Please feel free to leave comments with your thoughts on vegetarianism. Also, feel free to point out how annoying that little white piece of fluff is on my left shoulder xD
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  1. AlanSmithySculptor says:

    I eat meat because I love the taste and because I’am a member of the highest industrial and intelligent species and therefore can decide on what I can eat (unless governed by law).Arrogant sounding I know but, hell at least I’m honest about it.

  2. RawFitChris says:

    @HoneyFromTheHive Save your efforts! LOL. I am enjoying my raw vegan fruit-based 90/5/5ism and paradise health so much it is impossible to describe. No teaching, preaching, or debates needed on this end! Thanks for the offer and the kind reply however. I meant no disrespect.

  3. HoneyFromTheHive says:

    @RawFitChris It’s sweet when people resort debates to childishness.I was merely pointing out that to say the ‘teeth’ argument is invalid since’ orangutangs don’t eat meat’ isn’t really a strong argument. I guess you just needed me to write the word ‘regularly’. It is REGULARLY documented that chimps (closer to humans than orangutangs), so no our animal ancestry wasn’t a strictly vegetarian one as current examples show. I can teach you valid PRO-VEGETARIAN arguments if you wanted.

  4. RawFitChris says:

    @HoneyFromTheHive Hmmm…I guess if we can document humans eating other humans then it is settled then- it’s a healhy practical productive practice. Wait. Let me see. That means that I can “prove” almost anything with documentation. Hmmmmm… LOL. Thanks for the laugh.

  5. gorejuice says:

    Haha, fantastic.

  6. HoneyFromTheHive says:

    @TheWizardWoz Oh and just to let you know, I do eat meat, fish, sea food and chicken though, not pork or red meat. Though both my Mum and brother are vegetarian. In the end though you can’t force opinions down peoples throats, just educate then step back. :)

  7. HoneyFromTheHive says:

    @TheWizardWoz Just thought I’d let you know, chimps (closest living ancestor) actually are documented eating meat, so your orangutan statement kind of loses its validity… We have tools now, resulting in less of a need for super pointed canines, but they still are ‘designed’ to eat meat, that is backed up with the fact that we have enzymes specifically for the breaking down of meat products. However, the AMOUNT of meat is exaggerated, we need far less than we actually eat. :)

  8. ironiskaivar says:

    this is how i feel abot eating vegotarian food! not bullshitting

  9. SuperPeacefulPanda says:

    So much stupidity in your comment.

    “teeth-made for meat”
    No it is not made for ripping apart the flesh of animals, even gorillas have stronger, longer and sharper teeth and they are herbivores.

    “vegetarians look a little on the weak side”
    Millions of meat eaters die of diseases caused by meat and dairy.

    “Not enough protein in those nuts.”
    Not the only source for protein in a vegan diet.

    “I do buy cruelty free/organic meat”
    Murder is not cruelty-free smartass.

  10. 9CrystalDragon2 says:

    @Numb3rkid lol sorry it was the smiley face at the end never had rabbit tho

  11. INbredMonarchy says:

    Bears eat meat. Go tell them it’s ‘cruel’. Better yet, make a sign and protest against them. See how far that gets you. Maybe they’ll understand and ‘come to their senses’. LMAO all the way to my favorite BBQ restaurant.

  12. leerozon says:

    @TheWizardWoz way to go!!! You told me! What do you think swearing at people proves? Do some research before you make yourself look less educated-if that’s possible.

  13. colorclown26 says:

    @Numb3rkid I don’t know any people claim they are vegetarian that eat fish. I know they exist, but I don’t think the broad statement that “most of them eat fish” is at all correct, as I know at least 10 vegetarians, and none fit that description.

  14. Unevaluated says:

    Again..obviously i phrased it in a way which conveyed my opinion, why wouldn’t i? I absolutely did think through my statement, and stand by it, it’s funny to see how your convictions with your own arguments leave you resorting to Ad hominem, how dissapointing though, i thought you might be someone with a credible opinion for a moment there. All opinions are subjective, and arguments are based on opinions, including yours, so how is it worthless? are you a child?

  15. axlp891 says:

    I’m a vegetarian, and I find this pretty funny…I went through a self-righteous phase, but now I don’t give a shit about other people’s diets other than acknowledging that it takes more resources to feed an animal and so it’s selfish to eat meat three times a day when the earth has to feed 7 billion people and counting.

  16. farmertom11 says:

    @TheWizardWoz if we didnt eat meat we would have wiped half them out by now cus they take up resources so would be useless human greed hypocrite

  17. Numb3rkid says:

    @TheWizardWoz Not my fault the vast majority of “vegetarians” don’t know what a vegetarian is. That’s the genius with the other opinion, I think I will stick to munching my blood filled steak cheers.

  18. TheWizardWoz says:


    First up our teeth are not “made” for meat are Orangutans teeth made for eating meat?You should check out their canines compared to ours, but assuming they were so fucking what? If your teeth were designed for eating dog shit would you eat dog shit?

    There is no such thing as “cruelty” free meat because killing an animal to eat it is in and of itself cruel and is not something an “animal lover” would do unless they were a complete hypocrite, which you are.

    So in summation, fuck you.

  19. TheWizardWoz says:


    And as has already been mentioned people who eat fish are not vegetarians. If you’re going to argue that something is stupid you at the very least have some fucking clue what you’re arguing against.

  20. TheWizardWoz says:


    Who gives a fuck what’s cool? Has it really come to this I’ve now got to argue over what’s cool? You know who care’s about what’s cool? Stupid ignorant petty small minded pricks who are desperate to fit in with a crowd.

    Sheep with no opinions, originality or creativity just mindless fucking morons.

    My argument is that eating meating is fucking stupid and in the vast majority of cases is pure hypocrisy e.g the twat I’m about to reply to who claims to love animals yet eats them.

  21. TheWizardWoz says:


    There’s no “of course” about your statements, you phrased your comment as if existence is worth while even if everything about existing is negative.

    That’s an incredibly stupid thing to say and I was basically giving you an out because I know you didn’t think through your comment and you took that out and spat in my face whilst doing it.

    You’ve admitted what you made was a subjective opinion not an argument, in other words everything you’ve said is worthless.


  22. NishaWinchester says:

    @Numb3rkid Technically the ones that eat fish aren’t vegetarians, they’re pescetarians. Although some of them do mistakenly label themselves as vegetarians when they’re clearly not. Then again, vegetarians still eat eggs and dairy. So the point could still be made that an animal suffers for it.

  23. Numb3rkid says:

    @TheWizardWoz You make out it is somehow cool to be a vegetarian, or somehow morally supirior. Yet most of them eat fish, so which is it are you a bunch of hypocrites or is a fish a plant?

  24. Numb3rkid says:

    @ZoldierrZzz Barbaric, yes. Fun, definatly, you don’t know fun until you have shot a small furry animal in the face.

  25. leerozon says:

    I LOVE IT!!!
    So sick of vegetarians on their pedestals preaching about what an abomination eating meat is. Take a look at your teeth-made for meat & veggies! Also, most vegetarians look a little on the weak side. Not enough protein in those nuts. Put me & a vegetarian on a deserted island-I’d live longer. I’m not afraid to sprinkle bugs onto the leaf I’m eating-also, that vegetarian would probably taste great! & I do buy cruelty free/organic meat & am an animal lover.

  26. mrabdrum says:

    @gerbinator2009 Sure, plants don’t have a nervous system and are therefore unable to feel pain and suffering. If you really think that’s a serious objection to vegetarianism then you need to do some serious research. Also, animals don’t have a sense of morality and do not recognize reasons to appreciate the lives of other animals, therefore it is not wrong for them to kill other animals. Humans do have a sense of morality, therefore its wrong when we do it. Simple.

  27. PrettyShadesofGrey says:

    @gerbinator2009 plants don’t have a central nervous system. there you go. i am vegetarian because i don’t support the slaughter of animals for profit, but for survival it is a different story. try and respect vegetarian’s choices, they aren’t all for the same reason.

  28. Tacotruck1166 says:

    @TsukamotoTenma45 It’s too bad all of these statistics are useless because noone cares. Vegetarianism is just a way for people to feel good about themselves. w/e

  29. Manulimaa says:

    There are so many unbelievable comments here haha

  30. TsukamotoTenma45 says:

    C’mon guys, don’t act as if you were REALLY soooo sorry for the poor vegetables eaten.
    Cuz if you were so, you would know that eating animals kill 1000 more time plants than being vegetarian.
    We can live without animal products, but we can’t without vegetables.

  31. MegaElkHunter1 says:


  32. MrBustist says:

    vegetarians are awesome! you shouldn’t eat an animal just because you can. i don’t eat meat is because i don’t want to have an animal killed for my satisfaction.

  33. gerbinator2009 says:

    Being a vegetarian is a disorder. Plain and simple. It’s a classic example of people thinking they are on some moral high ground because they believe killing animals is wrong. Guess what? Plants are alive too. Prove to me that they aren’t conscious, that they don’t feel pain when you kill them too.

    Animals kill other animals for food. Does that make them morally wrong? No. They do it because that’s the way the world works.

  34. jonathonreading says:

    I’m just starting off on my vegetarian walk. This video gave me a way to start off telling all of my carniverous friends that “Hey guys. I’m a vegetarian.” I had been planning on just doing it for a year, for self-mastery, but I think it will now be a preference, or life style, that I will practice for my entire life.

  35. XbethlouiseX says:

    i fooking love this video 😀 

  36. stylesquare97 says:

    @fuck1929 They’re not humans???!! No shit Sherlock!!

  37. ABCDEFG1232851 says:

    @kristawilliamson respect!:)

  38. HondaSushi says:

    It’s never going to stop. The majority of the world will still be eating meat. Why give it up? You only live once. You’re made to eat meat. If you are so against the meat industry and cruelty. Just go out and hunt your own food. Then it will be 100% natural and cruel free.

  39. kristawilliamson says:

    Ive been a vegan for 5 years now 😀

  40. fuck1929 says:

    @stylesquare97 They suffer more in nature.Besides they’re not humans

  41. stylesquare97 says:

    @fuck1929 Ohmygod! What the hell is wrong with you? I have met people that have been defensive and rude over my opinions but I have never heard someone as stupid as you are!
    As Johnny said, I don’t want to take responsibility for murder and suffering!

  42. fuck1929 says:

    @stylesquare97 That’s because you’re fucking stupid.Cows,chickens and pigs are barely self aware and besides they’re better off living in farms where we provide food,shelter and mates for them.If they lived out in the wild finding food would be a struggle.What sounds better being eaten alive by wolves or being quickly killed by humans?

  43. BeyondSorrowYYY says:

    but killing animals for milk, eggs, shoes, and stuff is okay?
    Go Vegan :)

  44. stylesquare97 says:

    Gosh! You are so extremely cute :)
    Well I wan’t to be a vegetarian but my parents don’t allow me :( I feel so cruel when I eat meet :'(

  45. nikkiabrams11 says:

    I recently decided to become vegetarian, and i watched your vid for facts so i can convince my mom to support my desicion(: Thanks!

  46. megdpaine says:

    Pythagoras was a vegetarian, too! Great video(:

  47. jdubayou12 says:

    I just officially became a vegetarian as of yesterday. Over the past few weeks I’ve been more reluctant to eat meat, because everytime I saw a piece of meat I only saw the face of the animal staring back at me. I ate it anyways. I also had a very important realization that just because animals are less complex than humans, they are still living beings who live on this planet just like us-who are also born the same way we are. I watched a slaughterhouse video from Peta and that sealed the deal.

  48. AbbiesLifeBackstage says:

    veggie and proud

  49. MsTrailerGuy says:

    Vegetarian for 6 years :)

  50. fr1x says:

    i’ll never go vegan in my fuckin life
    that’s a promise

    by 5 billion carnivores

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