Vegetarian Weight Loss Secrets

| October 18, 2012 | 14 Comments Get FREE Guide to Healing the Body http Vegetarian weight loss seems to be a really big topic these days. Of course weight loss in our culture is a hot topic anyway, and I suggest first of all that we change our thinking from weight loss to having a lean fit healthy body. Having a lean fit healthy body is simply a product of eating well and practicing fitness. Overtime our body will balance itself out, when we practice healthy routines on a daily basis. As a vegetarian (four decades now!), one of the things that I’ve learned over the years is to consume only moderate amounts of grains. We need to each learn our body differences. Whether someone is a marathon runner or a little less active, depending on our personal body type, and blood type, will have a lot to do with how much heavier carbs we are able to burn. Our genetics also effects how well we burn different foods. We might also look in our traditional cultural foods or our family heritage, the healthier versions of those foods maybe really good for us. I have a Mediterranean background and I love Mediterranean food, I could eat tabbouli, hummus and babaganoush all day long and never get tired of them. One of my suggestions for vegetarian weight loss is to keep our grain consumption moderate. We need some grains at different times depending on our activity, depending on the weather, the season whether its winter and grain is a nice carbohydrate. Choosing grains such
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  1. soulmambo says:

    I totally agree with your statements, I have been vegan raw food many years and quite physically active, a little food goes a long way and we need to focus on things like art music and activities thay stimulate growyth from within that we may more positively effect change and harmonious growth in our outer circles. I am now a subscriber

  2. caryellis489 says:

    There’s nothing wrong with grains – in fact they have supported civilization for thousands of years of agriculture. They should be at the basis of vegetarian diet. That being said, with often sedentary lives and refined grains modern folks can overload with them. A well balanced veggie diet has fruits, veggies, grains, beans, nuts and seeds (and if consuming animal products some dairy). The body needs healthy oils to make hormones & have good skin, hair, etc.-olive oil, coconut…

  3. medliberty says:

    Whats wrong with grains? If you’re allergic then dont use grains but otherwise grains are terrific. Oils are loaded with fats which is not good for weight loss.

  4. caryellis489 says:

    Hi – just starting new channel and blog that will have lots of grt content to help you along – congrats on your commitment / you’ll love it! Green shakes a must! look for Get Healthy Now Show .com and on youtube – keep me posted! :)

  5. caryellis489 says:

    Hi – Some soy milk is good – but not all the time, a little heavy for body. Try nut milks. Try protein for breakfast (rice protein and green powders) you can find at my website under the green smoothie post. Keep melas to 3 light per day with no grazing in between. Only water or plain tea between meals. 12 hours at night with no food, just water. Love yourself :)

  6. caryellis489 says:

    Cool – glad you were a vegan once – such a great path to experience…. be well!

  7. themooddisorders says:

    I like fish. I would have this as my only animal flesh. Sushi is awesome! I was vegan for 2 years almost a decade ago

  8. erab1996 says:

    it’s not that the fats burn fats, our body needs fat, what she is saying is to get it from healthy sources not fries and stuff

  9. caryellis489 says:

    I agree – embracing general guidelines for long term lifestyle is so refreshing & sustainable!

  10. NadimahElizabeth says:

    I think people focus too much on specifics instead of embracing a healthier lifestyle. If you have to count calories and measure consumption of certain things it is hard to maintain such a diet without getting in a rut of eating the same ‘safe’ foods all the time instead of a healthful veriety. General rules like ‘less grains’ and ‘more fresh plant foods’ are very easy to work into your lifestyle and over time your health improves and you eat less nonsense. Drastic change is hard to maintain

  11. 13vlee says:

    this helped so much!

    what about truffle oil for healthy fats?

  12. caryellis489 says:

    HI – I’m so glad you’re putting forth effort towards better lifestyle habits. When we make changes, especially to lighter food we begin to detox and that can cause tiredness. 3 meals / day / 5 hrs between with no food / black coffee or tea or water only ok. 12 hrs at night nothing in stomach except H20. Lean towards lots of fresh fruits / veggies / raw nuts/seeds (small amts grain). Sign up for free updates at my website caryellis com and you’ll get regular helpful tips –

  13. igotssssoul says:

    I rarely get any exercise at all. I work a desk job and outside of work, I enjoy reading or writing. I’ve been reading a lot of info about going vegetarian and I’m only on my third day of abiding by the diet, but I’m feeling extra tired! Maybe it’s much too early to tell, but so far, I haven’t felt that “extra energy” that most vegetarians claim. You mentioned that it’s necessary to eat the foods that particularly match your body’s activity. What would you suggest I try?

  14. caryellis489 says:

    Find a great post on healthy fats vs fat free at my blog listed in the more info area on right. Enjoy!

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