Vegetarian Smoothie Recipe & Kitchen Bloopers

| July 14, 2012 | 24 Comments Haha, don’t try this at home. Watch as the classic kitchen clutz, Craig Ballantyne, practically destroys his kitchen while making a simple vegetarian smoothie recipe.
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  1. MrNiko0220 says:

    he didnt drink it v_v

  2. foxgrom says:

    what kind of blender are u using craig, or does anyone else have any good suggestions for blenders, preferably a quiet one?

  3. noonevincecarterfan says:

    Nice Craig.. I love smoothies now after you made me buy a blender. Just had a little accident with mine too, after I tried to make a pea soup in it, but I will not recommend others to attemp the same stunt..the warm soup built up pressure inside the blender and ended up painting the kitchen walls green. I think I will stick to smoothies from now on..

  4. ksavoldi says:

    can i get the mystery butter?

  5. jgfergus says:

    Nice work Craig! Though a little too high in fat for me with the sunflower seeds, nut butter, and almond breeze.
    I usually keep my smoothies very simple like…
    Banana + blueberries + ice + water
    Grapefruit + orange + cilantro + ice
    Banana + dates + celery + ice + water

    Keep up the great work!

  6. sacredpaw says:

    The blender lid is important.

  7. xxxIzekeIxxx says:

    like its such a hassle to MEASURE

  8. gillyboy4000 says:

    I love these. Don’t over blend, don’t store more than you can drink, add olive oil, you can’t taste and brings up your good cholesterol. Masticating juicer is better, but very expensive. Always better than a coca-cola.

  9. LacusRox says:

    That’s sweet stuff! I’m going to try adding spinach next time.

    Btw, nice vid 😉

  10. JuicyDBASE says:

    This is kind of irrelevant, but I have that same tv, isn’t it the flippin sweetest thing ever. You should mount it on the wall though, it makes any room look honestly 100x better. Thanks for the vid even though I like cows. I do love me spinach though, yarg.

  11. MopDMTBARTL says:

    very good vid!

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    truthknowledge. com

  12. rockinmam says:

    The great thing about the Montel Williams Healthmaster blender is that you don’t have to chop up the fruits and vegetables. You can add them whole. Lees time spent chopping and the container holds 70oz.

  13. rockinmam says:

    Try the Montel Williams HealthMaster for $199.00. It is very sturdy and will even make hot vegetable soups in the bllender. It is not a juicer but you can add whole fruits and vegetables in it so you get all the nutrients and fiber.

  14. RhunDraco says:

    Indeed it would. I tend to buy fresh spinach rather than frozen, but it does like to go bad quickly so you have to use it up asap.

  15. RhunDraco says:

    Yeah, you really can’t taste it if you add berries and fruits and it adds tons of good nutrients. I’m gonna start just throwing handfuls in, like he does in the video. Check local farmer’s markets to see if you can spinach in bulk for cheap.

    I used to add greens products but they taste quite bad.

  16. chris1at says:

    I can tell ya, PHILLIPS HR 2094 best mixer ever! i had like about 5 different ones the last 3 years, all were broken after a while. this time i really spent some money, it got very good critics on the tests. and it isn’t that loud as all the other mixers, actually really quiet…. try it out and you will love to make smoothies!

  17. KRONIK501 says:


  18. gnitleinad says:

    would fresh spinach instead of frozen work?

  19. webeducation says:

    What kind of blender is that? Seems powerful. I have an Oster (only one switch on the front) and have to put the ingredients in with the least dense/maliable (yogurt) starting at the bottom to the most dense/toughest (frozen blueberries) at the top. It works out great this way, but would be nice if I could just throw everything in regardless of the order.

  20. szhang95 says:

    hahaahha you look adorable with glasses

  21. Jiggahata1 says:

    Blended of course :’)

  22. Jiggahata1 says:

    I drink a handful of spinach with a whole banana and some ice and a little water ever morning…..Really tastey!

  23. BondoDude says:

    Frozen spinach, huh? I’m going to have to try that. Thanks for the recipe. Sounds delicious.

  24. speakingmike13 says:

    Great video Craig. I’ve never considered frozen spinach but I’ve got to try it now

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