Vegetarian School Meals

| March 28, 2012 | 29 Comments

Tofu corn dogs, vegan burgers and cartons of soy milk are now showing up on your child’s school lunch menu. As more students are choosing to go vegetarian and hopefully vegan, Gwinnett County, Metro Atlanta’s largest school system, is now offering vegetarian meals every day of the week at all of its 110 schools.

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  1. computerhelper303 says:

    man i wish they had that in my school, there only a less than 5 vegetarians in the school lol

  2. nerdymom2 says:

    BEING A VEGETARIAN OR VEGAN ISN’T A TREND RETARDED NEWS PEOPLE ITS A LIFESTYLE. god damn………. i hate the media. i really do. always making us look stupid

  3. andrea28893 says:

    I don’t like meat, not even the soy products. So any other options besides tofu? -_-

  4. Poseidon99Jeus says:

    I can’t live without meat !!

  5. treyCcatastrophe says:

    That dietician obviously has her facts wrong. Because dairy is completely unnecessary. And you can have a well balanced diet, and calcium without it.

  6. BabyGirlGoddess says:

    I’m proud of you, Atlanta.
    Well Gwinnett County.

  7. angelinascorner says:

    Yay!!!!! It has been along time coming.

  8. bettyprinses says:

    I eat 1 time per week fish and 3 times per week meat, just because it’s better for you cause you need the B12 in it.I tested it myself.My cousin almost died because of being a vegetarian.but I don’t care if someone wants to eat vegie, I mean, it’s their opinion.And also, we eat biologic meat which can run free..It’s far expensiver but ,hey, if I was that chicken, I would rather had a good life, before I die…Not?

  9. animals0feel1pain2 says:

    Finally. Damn, i was a vegetarian and wanted to be vegan throughout my entire elementary through high school years. No options man.
    Best they could do is an F’ ing cheese pizza. Or a bean and cheese burrito. Like wtf.

  10. computerhelper303 says:

    man i wish that was in my school :(

  11. veganchica81 says:

    I became a vegetarain when I was 12. My school was in a SMALL REDNECK TOWN but they had an awesome salad bar. I recomend if your school lunch lacks vegan food then try going to the bookstore or amazone and get the book “vegan lunchbox” it’s a great book full of ideas to take for lunch! I amso happy to see more kids turning veg….don’t forget milk is bad too. Vegan is

  12. jawzzzzzzzzz says:

    @OhDianaCanScream i totally agree with you, i’m vegetarian too and i got really annoyed, it’s a lifestyle choice not a trend

  13. blinkme478 says:

    go veg—–an
    ^cut out the crap.

  14. TheVeganHere says:

    @khusbunny That is too bad. It’s
    not only the right thing to do for vegetarian students but it is a healthy option. I think if you go to PCRM dot org they might have some ideas to help. Or in fact if you contact them they may actually help out.

  15. khusbunny says:

    too bad my school wont go veggi…im vegetarian…. if i forget my lunch i cant eat anything

  16. OhDianaCanScream says:

    I think its stupid people call this a ‘trend’. I’m vegetarian and it pisses me off so much when people talk about it being a trend. No it’s not, if I wanted to be trendy I’d get my lip pierced. It’s a personal choice.

  17. CompassionateChap says:

    Oh dear god, fox news making such a big deal if a child chooses the more compassionate and healthy path of being a vegetarian…..a parents worst nightmare…whatever! *rolls eyes*

  18. TheVeganHere says:

    @volunteernation16 ` If there is any way in which I can help you please send me a message.

  19. volunteernation16 says:

    I watched Food Inc. and I’m considering becoming a vegetarian

  20. TSR144 says:

    I wish they were as open minded when I was in school! I’ve been a vegetarian my whole life and I lived off pbj every lunch because that was the only “veg option”. Then again I was the only vegetarian in the school! I think it’s awesome this school has chosen to recognize others diets!!! Speak up maybe your school will listen too! Just remember every veg option you choose counts!!!!

  21. XxXslothfulXxX says:

    i wish they did that i my school we have the same food every day pizza,hamburger,fried chicken hamburger and fries i get disgusted

  22. ratdance says:

    @jubylantk i agree! vegan/vegetarianism is so healthy! what is it with people always trying to say it’s not? i think meat eaters are just afraid of the facts.

  23. MelodiesForever says:


    I’m actually a freshmen in highschool and they do NOT serve anything vegetarian friendly and its maddening, its like they completely ignore a whole group of people.

    So I made sure to send them a polite message, and if they do not choose to do anything then this will be taken to the board, its not fair for only one group of eating habits to be cattered to.

  24. jubylantk says:

    @adrianehm I am vegan for ethical and health reasons. In no way is it healthy to consume growth hormone injected meat product. Research dairy, and its effects on the colon. I can’t tell you for sure because im no expert. But it’s common knowledge, that dairy products and unproperly digested chemicals in meat products condone to toxicity and colon related illness. Not to mention how quickly it lowers your cholesterol. Youtube videos on clogged colons, it’ll make you say no to meat for sure ^^

  25. sipapito says:

    A mi tambien se me cayo la bava pero cuando la vi a ella.saludos desde Alemania.

  26. mamacita808 says:

    Love your video!

  27. primotote says:


  28. fcdjca says:

    ya me dio hambre ! mmmm…….. el fin de semana me hecho esta receta :) Gracias por compartirla !

  29. eckodj1 says:

    se me callo la baba cuando lo mordistes!!!

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