VEGETARIAN recipes! BURRITO recipe or VEGGIE BURGER or BIO-BURGER …you decide!

| May 12, 2012 | 25 Comments * http *READ *SHOP http *AMAZON ❤ BIO-BURGER RECIPE or VEGGIE BURGER RECIPE or NUT PATE RECIPE or VEGGIE DIP RECIPE or VEGGIE BURRITO RECIPE …you decide! ❤ * I ngredients * — 2 cups Sprouted Sunflower Seeds (soaked in water for 24-48 hours, then strained) — 1 cup Shelled Hemp Seeds — 3 Carrots, roughly chopped — 2 Garlic Cloves — 1 bunch Dill, roughly torn into smaller pieces — 1 bunch Collard Greens — 3 stalks of Celery, roughly chopped — Sea Salt (to taste) — Lime Juice (to taste) * P reparation * — 1) YOU WILL MOST LIKELY NEED to combine all of these ingredients into your food processor in STAGES, as otherwise you’ll clog up the food processor like I did! Combine the sprouted sunflower seeds, shelled hemp seeds, chopped carrots, garlic cloves, dill, just the STEMS from the collard greens & the chopped celery stalks using a food processor. The one I use in this video along with some other ones I recommend are here — 2) Add sea salt & lime juice to taste, and blend some more. — 3) Scoop mixture into the collard green leaves, roll up into a “burrito,” and enjoy! OR scoop mixture on top of collard green leaves and serve as an open-faced “burger” OR serve mixture as a veggie dip alongside chopped vegetables OR serve however you’d like…be creative! * I nspiration * — I encourage you to play with your food and be creative in the kitchen! It is

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  1. bwatteful says:


  2. scar0134 says:

    add a little water???

  3. ClareBear18 says:

    This guy’s rad.

  4. MrIskeyefull says:

    OMG…! Way too funny! Great improvise and recovery! Um mm… yup, am a lurker trying to escape the cocoon! Keep up the faith and the fight DTM!

  5. bdemare00 says:

    the question is : WILL IT BLEND?

  6. peacequillibrium says:

    completely  adorable !

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  8. dodithing says:

    You wish

  9. downunderdemocrat says:

    Jesus is American.!

  10. marco2523 says:

    Great job keeping your cool brother. I’m going to try that recipe.

  11. missapplepucker says:

    Mmmmmm!!! 😀

  12. Dejan187 says:

    somebody get that man a VitaMix!

  13. xBloodXGusherx says:

    soak my nutts hahahahhaa

  14. Nejitheultimate says:


  15. mandeeziee says:

    add a little water and it’ll blend

  16. HollywoodGlitterVamp says:



    You are making a great job. We apreciate it so much!! from Rome….

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  19. PleaseLoveJesus says:


  20. XXCUTlEXX07 says:

    whats a lurker? D: 

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  23. C0mmanderEddingt0n says:

    the white reverend X

  24. jameswray50 says:

    U have perfect skin… Also… You look like the guy from fools gold

  25. imagine842 says:

    I think this video was perfect showing the reality that sometimes things don’t go as planned but you make it work for you and you did that Dan-great video-respect and love

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