Vegetarian Pariah

| April 24, 2012 | 23 Comments

Witnessing the process of how meat eater food gets to their plates makes them sick, and yet they continue to consume it ~ they say they support animal’s rights to live, and yet they pay specifically to end their lives needlessly ~ It’s one thing to support a system which doesn’t require the loss of animal life ~ it’s another to specifically demand it. We are not equal, everyone should be weighed for their individual actions ~ I refuse to pay specifically to kill animals, because I feel their lives have value beyond my dollars – where do you stand? Social Facebook: Twitter: Channels Onision – OnisionSpeaks – OnisionEncore – OnisionArchive – Cool Stuff Onision Site – Onision Shirts – http Onision Music –

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  1. robbiewest1000 says:

    You say you are aloud to have your own opinion and then go on to condemn people who are expressing their opinion by disliking the video…?

  2. iMagUdspEllr says:

    Imagine if you had to live the life of every plant you’ve eaten. I’m sure it wouldn’t be fun.

  3. TheImmatureAmateur says:

    That might happen only if you haven’t ever eaten a single vegetable in your life and I dare to say that, that is not the case because it’s very common that vegetables & fruits are used as ingredients to complement meat meals. So don’t worry about getting sick.

  4. allgoodthings3nd says:

    If he got sick from eating meat cause he never has before, then for us “omnivores” its not going to be that easy to just give up meat like that. We might get sick.

  5. ThatRavenGirl says:

    Self-righteous vegetarian is self-righteous. “How come that is offensive?” Because some people are pussies and can’t handle blood. I’m perfectly fine with seeing how my delicious bacon is prepared. I’m fine with vegetarians, but when you guys go on like this…Blerk. Makes me hungry for cow.

  6. b0n3z0r says:

    i love that the most crazy and fucked up youtuber is a veg >;o) <3 onision

  7. 101balletfreak says:

    @everling213 ya but us Americans are stupid asses So we torchure the hell outa animals and most of us don’t give a shit. But I do. I really do. I hope that answered ur question.

  8. 101balletfreak says:

    I hive a crap…. I really give a crap

  9. everlong213 says:

    I don’t know about the U.S. but we don’t kill animals like that here in Europe…

  10. THEprojectMIKE says:

    Imagine if you had to live the life of every animal you’ve eaten. Im sure it wouldnt be fun. Go Veg

  11. Z0mbieGrrl says:

    Thank you for saying that. I completely agree. And I absolutely do not support animal brutality, even if they are being grown for consumption purposes. And that is also why I don’t go to WalMart lol

  12. kattlinyakno says:

    yeah, most places don’t brutally kill the animals. usually it’s painlessly done but there are some that really mistreat animals for breeding and killing for meat (this is usually with pigs which is why I never ate pork, but it’s mostly just walmart that gets theirs from those types of places). I’ve somewhat recently became a vegetarian but that’s a personal choice and onision needs to stop bashing others for not making it. meat is actually good for people anyway xD

  13. Z0mbieGrrl says:

    and its not hypocrisy that dogs aren’t as smart as pigs… God, there are so many flaws in your logic Onision…And I’m not supporting you by watching this… I’m disliking it. Not that you “care” about your haters that you dedicate so many of your videos too :)

  14. Z0mbieGrrl says:

    Oh my god… Vegetarians aren’t better than meat eaters, and meat eaters aren’t better than vegetarians. Onision often bashes on meat eaters. I honestly couldn’t care less what a person eats,as long as it isn’t harming them or another person. I am a meat eater, but I don’t brutally murder animals… I eat chicken, fish, and occasionally beef, and other red meats… That doesn’t mean i rip an animals head off and cook it while its still twitching in the corner… Onision is overexerting.

  15. YouAreMyElpis says:

    The people who usually dont agree cannot open their minds, they are so closed minded and think one straight way. How can you learn or ever become smarter/stronger if you can’t even comprehend or PROCESS that there MIGHT be a better way? A different way? I’m tired of meeting ppl like that (theres a hell of a lot of them). Not saying you HAVE to agree but you can’t even give it some thought, you can’t even USE your own brain, why have one then???

  16. Avenger127 says:

    you are a fucking idiot.. height is passed down in the Genes… and plus were omnivores .. so are you calling every vegetation small?… i know a 6ft.3 vegetarion.. so that is classed small??.. answer one thing… are you so single minded and bent on this fascist idea?… hmm you must be a moron.. let alone? you scared of height.. are you small? .. so yea STFU!! :DD = double chin win!

  17. MegaHorrorfan says:

    how tall are you? Im guessing not very tall cause you didnt get the proper nutrition as a child

  18. MileyMessersmith says:

    You are one of the main haters.

  19. cocokimmy95 says:

    I’m not a vegetarian. I really love eating meat omg it’s so good. God created us as omnivores because we’re supposed to eat both plants and meat. the end :3

  20. Imnotamused444 says:

    i am vegetarian (: i love you~~

  21. verdantforce88 says:

    this guys a bitch

  22. musicisinsideofme says:

    I’m a vegetarian. One of my best friends is a vegetarian. Several of my friends are vegetarians.

    We aren’t all this crazy.

  23. visheshdhillon says:

    I Agree with you man you’re absolutely correct !

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