Vegetarian Meals Part 1

| May 23, 2012 | 9 Comments

Chef Franco shows us some alternatives for vegetarians that aren’t going to make the “meat-eater” gag.
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The ISKCON Toronto Blog presents Episode Two of “Cooking with Krishna”. Cooking for Krishna is a regular video series which shows how to create sumptuous vegetarian meals! Once made, these preparations are offered to Lord Krsna and become “prasadam”, or sanctified food! In this second episode, Shashank Parkhi, a trained chef and member of our ISKCON Toronto community, along with his wife Satyabhama devi dasi, shows us how to make delicious vegetable spring rolls along with a peanut dipping sauce. For more information about ISKCON Toronto and to watch the latest videos, please feel free to visit Hare Krishna!
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  1. revert20071 says:

    It says vegetable and not vegetarian it is ok to use unvegan the way milk is fine for vegetarians unless if you are an extremist.

  2. Knockturnall1 says:

    Can regular vegetable oil be offered to Lord Krishna?

  3. KeshavToronto says:

    Aside from the tag that we have that says “vegan”, we don’t really have any other place that promotes this as a vegan recipe.

  4. KeshavToronto says:

    Glad you liked it!!

  5. straikasx says:

    lol my first spring rolls also was with red cabbage ;] but i never knew recipe 😀

  6. nsapwell says:

    Very, very nice ! Thankyou for sharing this wonderful video with us, all glories to Srlia Prabhupada !

  7. madatardsmadre says:

    Very nice!

  8. KeshavToronto says:

    Yes, ghee can be surely be used instead of oil! Just be sure to place them into a bowl lined with some paper towels (as shown in the video) to help absorb the ghee. Let us know how the recipe turned out!

  9. merkywave says:

    ॐ Hare Kṛṣṇa ॐ

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