Vegetarian Fried Rice Recipe

| January 27, 2012 | 25 Comments

This rice makes the perfect side dish and when topped with stir fried tofu, the perfect vegetarian meal. Here is the link to the written instructions for this recipe:
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  1. rpremkumar1958 says:

    The chef is as good looking as the dish is delicious.

  2. 33flyboi says:

    she’s so hot

  3. Andrea15888 says:

    is this a boiled rice ?

  4. stylistdeepu says:

    thanks 4 recipeeeeeeee.

  5. claudiamarin77 says:

    @Aardsbijtje you’re on the good, healthy and compassionate track!

  6. ThaiTreasures says:

    Check out more at thai-treasures

  7. ThaiTreasures says:

    Great check out more at thai-treasures

  8. AsianCookingmadeEasy says:

    @silversurfer8189 I’m not vegetarian, but I usually eat just fish, chicken and vegies. Thank you for subscibing :)

  9. silversurfer8189 says:

    I subscribed at 0:03 😉

    Thanks for the recipe..

    Are you vegetarian yourself ?

  10. willyham72 says:

    sliced mushrooms are norm more expensive

  11. AsianCookingmadeEasy says:

    @mattandcrista I’m so glad you liked it – Thank you! :)

  12. mattandcrista says:

    Awesome video and the meal was great! Thanks for sharing!

  13. bhagyamoorthi says:


  14. aeolismensae says:

    that looks delicious

  15. Aardsbijtje says:

    Although i am not fully vegetarian, i love nice vegetarian recipes. Thanks for sharing.

  16. beachside104 says:

    couple suggestions for safer cutting: if your cutting board moves, wet a papertowel and put it under your board. when slicing bell peppers, cutting them with the fleshy side up is easier. they wont move around as much, thus making it safer with the knife in your other hand. :)

  17. logan00008 says:

    Great recipe, but I would suggest using fresh ingredients vs canned, taste better and they are fresher. :)

  18. adamenko89 says:

    Thank you for this tip as well =-]

  19. adamenko89 says:

    Thank you SO much!

  20. missbyanka says:

    OH okay. I’ve tried to make fried rice and the egg would always turn out wrong but the cooking it between the rice then mixing it in seems like it’s how fried rice is made. Thank you for describing that now i’ll be able to do it right.

  21. AngelicCarrot says:

    Delicious! You’re a great cook, thanks for sharing your recipe with us :)

  22. 10squishybananas says:

    I love sweet peas!

  23. Raptik666 says:

    Thank you for a nice vegetarian recipe.

  24. EbolaV1rus says:

    ok, thanks for your reply. =)

  25. AsianCookingmadeEasy says:

    I actually use a non stick wok. But with a cast iron skillet you can try using a little more oil, and make sure that the oil is hot (about 350F) before adding the rice. Also, once the oil is hot, swirl it around to coat the entire bottom of the skillet as well :)

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