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  1. DarlingKaya says:

    @ANZO89 you can find lots of recipies for veggie burgers online and here on youtube, just make your own =) so much better!

  2. VeganAnimalPromoters says:

    @pbenz21 I hear you, its geared more to new vegans or vegetarians and meat eaters. I see 1000’s of veg recipe videos and such but want to show the typical person that if they want they can still have it in a less cruel and more sustainable fashion. Also so many recipe video it makes it hard to find any factory farm or animal videos even, which sucks…

  3. pbenz21 says:

    Hey Animal Promoters sorry it’s just I saw dasinisters video about vegan foods and that I was gonna see something exotic like quinoa with mixed vegetables and avocadoslol. When I walk by the frozen section in whole foods i see most of these products. I know your good intentions, if your reading this sorry if I sounded bitter. :)

  4. VeganAnimalPromoters says:

    @pbenz21  lol, I got much more than usual to show the options – although i do it for animals and some heart health, so dont care. Of course raw fruit/vegetables, whole wheat breads/pastas and more simple and natural foods are best.

  5. pbenz21 says:

    Plastic Vegan

  6. b3au5 says:

    Nice wish Australia would catch up and get some more veggie food :-)

  7. Skybluecrush says:

    too pricey food :(

  8. veggirl2011 says:

    Favorite vegetarian frozen item? Spicy black bean burger from Morning Star. Sooo good.

  9. naminegirl21 says:

    if the frozen veggie burgers dont taste good, sprinkle salt and pepper before microwaving….taste SO much better, and i love using the meat crumbles for tacos (with taco bell seasoning) SO good

  10. dreamii90 says:

    You have alot of diffrent products! :O in Sweden pretty much all of the finished products contains egg from chickens held inside, which is crap. I cook everything from scratch.

  11. deadwillwalk77 says:

    I noticed you have frosted flakes in your cupboard, and although I can’t see the brand, every kind I’ve seen has gelatin in them. I know the Malt-O-Meal brand’s gelatin is derived from pork. *gag* Which sucks because I used to love them. lol. Anyways, awesome fridge man!

  12. StoptheSlaughtering says:

    @veganbritt thanks, yeah it would be better if they were all just vegan, many brands are making the transition still so in time. Increasing demand by promoting is most important at this time such as adoptacollege (dot) org and online promoting to 1000’s :)

    I know some pastas and breads like at subway do, but if i occassionally get it i dont fret if its a small amount. Thats just me though :/

  13. veganbritt says:

    wow thats awesome! I just wanted to make sure you knew since a lot of vegans don’t realize that all the “meatless” meats are not vegan. I don’t understand why they don’t just make it all totally vegan. I especially hate when I go to a restaurant and get excited because they have veggie burgers but then find out it has egg and dairy in it. oh well. keeep up the good work :)
    ps. I really hope they make the quorn brand meatless meats vegan because they are absolutely amazinggg.

  14. StoptheSlaughtering says:

    @veganbritt thanks, but Im aware, I refer to it as a vegetarian-vegan refrig. I dont worry about small amounts esp if it support a vegetarian specific product and is in a critical place like walmart or burger king veggie burgers. The sauces, many dont have cheese. But yeah I can help more animals in a day of good activism than a lifetime of perfection (ie: today I added 1500 friends on a myspace and gave out 1800 booklets at the lady gaga concert and 300,000 in the past at colleges and events)

  15. veganbritt says:

    A lot of the stuff you have is not vegan Ms Ts perogies have eggs in them, Ragu sauce has cheese in it, and most morningstar farms products have eggs in them as well as the quorn brand.

  16. alefaye36 says:

    nice job! Check out my vegan fridge! Not as neat [clean] as yours maybe, but do you have kittens in yours? 😉 watch?v=CInrW41Ilog

  17. mysmilefactory says:

    give me your fridge! xD

  18. xxdiogenescynicxx says:

    Alot of these “foods” are not healthy.

  19. leelee1433 says:

    Wow I wish I had your fridge..all your foods look so yummy!! :) Now you have giving me some ideas of different foods to try..thanks for sharing! 😀

  20. honeybear64 says:

    Also I noticed Centrum vitamins on top of your fridge. Centrum used to be my staple multivitamin, until I discovered that it contains milk byproducts and hence isn’t vegan.

    I switched to a TERRIFIC vitamin instead, called “Veggie Choice” by BlueBonnet Nutrition, which is completely vegan and specifically addresses the nutritional needs of vegans (tons of B12, D2, etc.). Good stuff. Got it at the local natural foods store.

  21. honeybear64 says:

    Hey VeganMotorcyclePilot!!

    Wow! Now that’s quite a kitchen!!!!! Thanks for showing us all these great products. I get a little ticked at Morningstar, however, since they “de-veganized” some of their products, like the ground crumbles for instance, which used to be vegan but now contain milk/egg. Hopefully as vegans stop buying these products in favor of real vegan items and sales drop, they’ll realize the error of their ways!

  22. VeganMotorcyclePilot says:

    hey, you may be able to get some basic stuff online, but it would probably cost a bit.

  23. ANZO89 says:

    i wish i could have all that products in my country(uruguay). i have only found veggie hamburguers and milanesas and they dont taste so good.

  24. CannibalsEatAnimals says:

    actually when i first went veg about 10 years ago most of these product were not around.

    Only in the last few years have many came about. So those that cannot afford them right now, you can still do it lol!

    More important help promote these products so they stay in the main grocery stores, ask if they dont carry some basic ones. happycow (dot) net for recipes and local restaurants or shops, adoptacollege (dot) org to help promote!

    myspot /vegetarianveganparadise

  25. VeganMotorcyclePilot says:

    No its cool, in moderation they are very healthy, many have omega 3 and other good properties but with many processed foods they have some sodium and such.

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