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| February 9, 2012 | 25 Comments for more recipe ideas. If your are looking for cheap, quick, easy and healthy recipes to make at college, look no further. In this video, Sarah Dussault shares an easy vegetarian salad recipe that requires cheap ingredients that don’t need to be refrigerated. All you need is some goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes, spring mix, almonds and balsamic vinegar. Looking for more ideas? Visit for college meal and fitness tips. TheSarah Fit Show features videos of Sarah Dussault and includes her tips on healthy living. Topics range from an easy ab workout in the gym to which foods are healthier than others. In these videos Sarah explains, and shows, easy ways to stay fit, thin, and healthy. New episodes every Monday on the Click Fitness Network. Eat like me. Try my diet plan – Sarah’s Channel: Sarah’s Website: Sarah’s Twitter Facebook: Click Fitness Channel:

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  1. ooliviaaxo says:

    @itsmonicaaah yes it is. the tuna is optional.

  2. andropgor says:

    Girls, if you want to look beautiful - use the program from the site Retrieved on personal experience!

  3. stace855 says:

    what brand of balsamic vinegar do you use? i also live in boston

  4. itsmonicaaah says:

    This isn’t vegetarian…

  5. U3X6785 says:

    Wow you look great……still love the quads though 😉

  6. Sarahrob916 says:

    Kidney beans are a great salad topping for vegetarians too. They’re also good for college students since you can get the canned ones and keep them in your dorm. Thought I’d just add that in, I’m not a vegetarian but I always put kidney beans in my salads and it keeps me full for a very long time.

  7. lilybookworm says:

    @pinkpokadot07  She had said that if you aren’t vegetarian you can add some tuna.

  8. zeeYKA says:

    @SarahsFabChannel oh.. i’m not vegetarian :) oops i think i said wrongly.. do you have a recipe with ingredients that does not need to be kept in a fridge?

  9. Innergoth333 says:

    @pinkpokadot07 She said “if your not vegetarian, you can add tuna for more protein”

  10. Innergoth333 says:

    Any vegan recipe suggestions?

  11. DAF1N3 says:

    This looks amazing. I am Vegetarian and it seems like a great meal. especially a good lunch or light dinner. Thank you!!

  12. allieb111 says:

    You look prretty here!!!

  13. TheHominidae says:

    new background??! yummy salad

  14. pinkpokadot07 says:

    You said it was vegetarian. Tuna is not vegetarian. People who eat fish but not meat are pescatarian. Can you do some real vegetarian recipes that aren’t salads please?

  15. travisbarkerblinks says:

    Thank you soooo much for this video, Im not in college, but Im in High School, and I can Deff. take this as my lunch! :)

  16. xhelloimyoursx says:

    I looove that you have some many vegetarian options i’m vegetarian and this is so helpful!! thanks so much :)

  17. hipretty says:

    Thanks Sarah!

  18. lieenie says:

    Hi I can’t eat almonds, walnuts or Tuna. I’ve tried but my stomach doesn’t like me after. Is there anything else I could use? I know chicken is good for protein but is there any alternative to the nuts? Thanks Sarah

  19. SarahsFabChannel says:

    @zeeYKA are you a vegetarian?

  20. SarahsFabChannel says:

    @katiebrookeee Feta or what she said :) Thanks @ladybugs888

  21. marlenebrooke says:

    what is your opinion on RAW food diets? do you think they are healthy?

  22. ladybugs888 says:

    @katiebrookeee feta! :)

  23. m00035 says:

    could  i use craisans instead of sun dried tomatos?

  24. katiebrookeee says:

    im not a big fan of goat cheese..what other kind of cheeses would be a good alternative?

  25. zeeYKA says:

    hey sarah! your salad looks amazingly yummy! but i have no refrigerator in my room but i wish to make something simple from ingredients that needs to be refrigerated. Is there something simpler?

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