Vegetarian Chili, A Super Bowl Delight

| March 21, 2012 | 25 Comments

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  1. wasuretta says:

    Fritos are cooked with animal fat as well. Also, garlic is acidic. I will replace with onions.

    “This is Plato`s man!” – Diogenes of Sinope

  2. wasuretta says:

    Girls – salt is poison – you should use sea salt only! Tofu is acidic. So are carrots and beans sans garbonzo beans. I am going to try this recipe with high Ph foods. Thank you for your video.

    Liked and subscribed.

    “Stranger! Be gone from the prince`s path!” – Diogenes of Sinope

  3. alexmactavish says:

    @OldaurGold How is that awkward? I mean, even if it was in person. I mean, it’s the superbowl. Who doesn’t watch the superbowl? I don’t like it, I still watch it.

  4. OldaurGold says:

    wow, you have an idian accent but you watch modern programs like superbowl…awkward

  5. scrogg82 says:

    Awesome recipe guys! Thanks for sharing I will have to try this soon!

  6. xDlolrofellolxD says:

    ja genau vegetarich und tshibo werbung…

  7. xDlolrofellolxD says:

    whythe soja?
    i dont do it in …

  8. ninjagirl363 says:

    Which one of u guys is a vegetarian

  9. issipoo says:

    @luticia I guess it’s a SUPER BOWL of chili.

  10. Marko1994HUN2 says:

  11. luticia says:

    Jesus,this amount is for a whole month!

  12. ShowMeTheCurry says:

    @Heenu6 : Yes, you can :)

  13. Heenu6 says:

    can i add green peas??

  14. tamoniva12 says:

    Another great dish. Thanks.

  15. MrSuperProductions says:

    Have it with bread, and guess what?… its almost pav bhaji!!!

  16. ShowMeTheCurry says:

    You can use soy granules as well. If nothing is available, you can even skip it altogether.

  17. oKeegan says:

    we have no soy nuggets here. only normal soy ans its white not brown.

  18. JoyeuseXI says:

    Cowboys. :3
    I knew I liked you girls for a reason.

  19. makhni says:

    i love milfs.

  20. ShowMeTheCurry says:

    @beautyqueen255 : We suggest you follow the steps upto browning the onions on the stove-to and then move to the slow cooker….

  21. beautyqueen255 says:

    Thank you so much.. I have another question. So if I make this in a slow cooker, do I put everything all together at one time? Do I have to add some oil in it? Do I need to brown the garlic or ginger or any of those things before putting them into the slow cooker? Thank you so much.

  22. ShowMeTheCurry says:

    @beautyqueen255 : Yes, it’s a great recipe for the Slow Cooker.

  23. beautyqueen255 says:

    Can I make this in slow crok cooker?

  24. AnnaRose777 says:

    wow now that looks good !!!

  25. crazyolme says:

    @ShowMeTheCurry agree cent percent

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