Vegetarian Burrito Recipe – Healthy Vegetarian Recipes On Video

| October 20, 2012 | 50 Comments

Recipe: This vegetarian burrito recipe is so easy to make that you will never need to buy a packaged burrito again! Using fresh ingredients and making them yourself means you know exactly what is going into your healthy vegetarian recipes, you avoid preservatives and you get the nutrients from the fresh vegetables. And check out for the free ‘7 Secrets For Shaping Up Your Healthy Eating Habits’.
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This is edited a bit strange, because I had to take some stuff out of it and reupload it. I saved all the comments. I’d post them in the description if there was enough room. References: World Health Organization (WHO) PubMed – clinical trial database University studies (BHSC Nutrition/Naturopathy) False claims about vegetarianism by uneducated people: Most vegetarians/vegans are ‘PETA freaks’ or involved with PETA somehow Vegetarians are weak, anemic, pale, have low energy etc etc. Vegetarians don’t get enough protein (including complete protein) Vegetarians don’t get enough iron You have to eat way more food to get the same amount of nutrients found in meat There are no professional or successful vegetarian/vegan athletes Please refrain from making such statements, as I have explained time and time again why they are false, and given proof. I advise you to google nutrition and educate yourself.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. khhnator says:

    cows can digest cellulose which we unfortunately can’t

  2. girlwithagirlfriend says:

    no, you need things like wheat and protein in your diet

  3. CottonCandySmiles2 says:

    I think the answer is yes.. I’ve never seen a cow dying from eating only grass. I hope my comparison helps. :)

  4. deadcell1 says:

    Can you live off Vegetables and Fruits alone?

  5. Anisa Alam says:

    why didnt yu show what the finished dish is supposed to look like? =(

  6. froggy0025 says:

    Fav’d your website =)

  7. FRED51506 says:

    need more pitchers of you in it..

  8. akcollard says:

    I make mine as soft tacos and top them with diced tomatoes, avocado, green onion, and salsa. I add mushrooms to my mix and use black beans. I’m not vegan but i’ve made these for years and everyone always loves them.

  9. Hayley1518 says:

    Your voice does sound different, Heather. Lol

  10. AmyZeugirdor says:

    What are the seasonings? I can’t really understand the first couple

  11. TrueEyes07 says:

    do you live in California?

  12. Nitika Jain says:

    NIce recipe, i made my burritos your way and they turned out great! :) thank you

  13. nobodyhj says:

    Sea salt is not the same as table salt. Sea salt is actually healthy.

  14. nobodyhj says:

    Hi which oil did you use? Thanks!

  15. 007rapz says:

    you sound like pam from the TV show “office”

  16. booterstownie says:

    I don’t believe in Vegan cooking, but this looks yummy. Thanks!

  17. 99kkats says:

    Nowadays we dont know what is going into our food because of Gmo’s, genetically modified organisms such as corn, soybeans, and things that say hydrolized corn or cottonseed oil in the ingredients….in studies it showed rats fed this died and salmon species would grow extinct in its following generations of salmon fish. Look it up on Thanks and love the recipe.

  18. Jeremy Crow says:

    Thanks! I enjoyed the video. Helped remind me how to make these and gave me a few new ideas too. Going to make a bunch of these tomorrow morning to bring to the office potluck. Wish me luck! 😉

  19. Emily Hawkins says:

    Great video!! She is a great teacher (*_*)

  20. yho6982 says:

    you sound like Pam, from the ‘Office’. PS great recipe. :)

  21. Miloš Štepita says:

    is this recipe possible without using oil?

  22. kaceres87 says:

    Could I use yuca (cassava) root instead of the Zucchini? Wonderful video’s by the way.

  23. irnbruirnbru4 says:

    she’s hot

  24. guestaccount26 says:

    where did you get that wonderful deep cast iron pan?

  25. VegetarianChick1 says:

    Black eyed pea veggie burgers are good to!

  26. TheWimpyFruit says:

    you’re not “fat”. This Matt person has no business saying you are. 

  27. CrimeTime46 says:

    i admire you :)

  28. TIERRAchilds says:

    Ok first off I just want you to know that I am not at all mocking you, but I am very interested in vegetarians and I wanted to know that without meat what exactly would you consider a full course meal or dinner???

  29. ValligraceDawn says:

    I am a vegetarian, and soon to be vegan. I am 13 years old, and I have made this choice on my own. I feel very strongly about it, and I am NEVER changing my mind on the subject. <3

  30. DestructiveKoala200 says:

    i like how the add before this video was about fryed chicken

  31. ByeByeBelly says:

    yeah wel apparently vegetarians are all skinny, anemic and wasted looking. lol

  32. Matt Lockwood says:

    your fat tho

  33. LeafySuburb says:

    Wow, super pretty! Aaand a vegetarian! Aha

  34. ByeByeBelly says:

    Hi, from mcdonalds I only eat hamburger without meat lol… so yeah, they had no meat in it. and the noodles I ate were always oriental. Full of msg and trans fat but no animal products

  35. sexcmejess says:

    i no these videos are old, but i sore 3 uploads earlier you eating “maccas” witch have meat in it, and then beef 2 min noodles, im confused, was this a new life choice?

  36. WeePotty42 says:

    im a vegitarian or what u may call a pescetarian cos i still eat fish, thats the one condition my mum allows me to be a veggie

  37. BlackIsOut says:

    you go girl, im still drinking youghurt but i drink soya milk)

  38. ZennLa13 says:

    what a pretty girl.

  39. ByeByeBelly says:

    LOl like I said, the only things I censor are people saying things like “i like to fuck pigs in the ass and then murder them and eat them” type shit. You honestly don’t get that? That’s pretty pathetic and weak to delete things you’ve typed. You’re obviously ashamed of them. You haven’t stated any scientific facts. I pointed out facts about factory farming, what exactly is YOUR point other than making assumptions about someone you don’t know?

  40. ByeByeBelly says:

    It’s on approval only because people often type violent pointless disgusting things. I have nothing to say to those people and have no interest arguing with them. Like I said, stop putting words in my mouth. I never said I was superior to anyone. You are putting your own issues onto me. I am not “cheating” and I think you need to step back and take a look at the things you’re typing because they’re wrong. I pointed out the issues about factory farming, get a grip.

  41. ByeByeBelly says:

    It’s titled TEN REASONS WHY I’M A VEGETARIAN. I’ve already said I’m not vegetarian and I never said I’m holier than ANYONE. That is completely you putting words in other peoples mouth. And in terms of talking about factory farming, everyone has the responsibility to not support it, including you and any other meat eaters. And of course I have the right to discuss it. If you feel guilty and want to keep posting on here and putting words in my mouth that’s your problem.

  42. ByeByeBelly says:

    and before you make any other assumptions, I have had binge eating disorder since I was about 9 and had it during years of eating meat as well as being vegetarian and pescetarian. Now can you please stop trying to diagnose someone over the internet based on NO information and no qualification because that’s just ridiculous.

  43. ByeByeBelly says:

    I’m not vegan, I’ve been vegetarian and have been pescetarian for the last 2 years. I will never eat chickens, cows, pigs etc again. I will probably always be pescetarian, if not vegetarian forever. I do not have soy in my diet. I am obese because I have binge eating disorder. Thats why my ID is byebyebelly and why my channel is all about health and weight loss. I eat up to 10,000 calories a day. I’m not fat because of anything to do with my thyroid.

  44. ByeByeBelly says:

    I haven’t censored anything. I replied to something similar to this and said I’m all for organic eating and ethical farming. Eating animals such as cows, chicken, pigs, cows etc doesn’t help or solve what you’re talking about. So I’m not exactly sure what your point is. Humans aren’t omnivores either, they eat vegetables.

  45. ByeByeBelly says:

    LMAO! It’s not a goitre, it’s FAT. I am 200 lbs and 5’4!!! Come on. I’m doing health science at university, I’d know if I had a goitre. I don’t even eat much soy at all! Very rarely actually.

  46. ByeByeBelly says:

    I have heard all of these excuses before. Even if buying from say a supermarket that sells meat, buying non-meat products increases demand for them and reduces demand for meat. I have already seen this, as English vegetarian products have just been introduced to Australia because of demand. Small butchers usually get their meat from the same places supermarkets do. Also there are no laws regarding who can label things as free range, ethical and whatnot.

  47. katedagr3at says:

    Honey, I have one thing to say to you, and that is that you are contributing to the abuse of animals. Why? Because you chose to purchase from large corporate companies that spend billions to do so, like those “meatless” burgers you ate in another video. I agree with beautyonhorseback in saying that the best solution is in fact supporting small butcher shops and ethical dairy farming. And I also support hunting as well. People need to get in touch with their food again.

  48. TheBeautyonHorseback says:

    I do believe this is why supporting small butcher shops and ethical dairy farming. All of these problems are stemed from greddy bastards who have decided that the natural way didn’t make them rich enough fast enough.

  49. ByeByeBelly says:

    I’ve replied to this type of comment too many times, it’s silly. Have you ever heard of supply and demand? The millions of vegetarians/vegans around the world reduce the demand for meat and so less animals are artificially inseminated, bred and slaughtered. They do not keep slaughtering the same amount indefinitely and throwing it in the bin. They’d be broke.

  50. peacelolo1 says:

    well you can start out really slowly if you need to. at first you can cut meat out of a meal, or just get used to the taste of alternatives when a craving hits. You can also do meatless Mondays, and eventually avoid meat for a week. then before you know it your completely meat free! And once you get used to it, it really isn’t all that hard.

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