Vegetarian Bodybuilding

| March 8, 2013 | 24 Comments Being a vegetarian will not reduce your ability to add muscle, I’m one and it hasn’t hurt me. Those who think vegetarians cant be successful bodybuilders either don’t understand the different kinds of vegetarians or don’t understand bodybuilding nutrition. Arnold fostered the incorrect view that you have to eat muscle to gain muscle. The trouble with the word “vegetarian” is that so many people have used it in so many different ways that it has basically become useless so it has been replaced by more specific and meaningful words. The useless word “vegetarian” has been replaced by the following two more specific and useful words: Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian: A vegetarian whose diet includes dairy products, eggs, vegetables, fruits, grains, and nuts Vegan: A strict vegetarian who consumes no animal food or dairy products When people today say “Vegetarian” what they are really talking about is a lacto-ovo vegetarian. In other words, a diet that does not include the parts of an animal that were not given up freely. Animals happily give up their eggs and milk so vegetarians can eat those. One reason people mistakenly believe that vegetarians cant be bodybuilders is that they mistake vegans for vegetarians. The ability to consume eggs and dairy products makes an incredible difference. Vegans (those who consume no animal products whatsoever) are at a big disadvantage when it comes to adding muscle but vegetarians are not hindered at all — lets look at why this is
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  1. judassss says:

    dudes on farkin roids!

  2. Logeswari Senthil says:

    It would be a shame for you not to bulk up when these other people build muscle easily with “MegaMAX Muscle Maker” (Look it up on google).

  3. Karma esh says:

    It would be a shame if you did not get ripped when these normal people are able to build strength so easily with Mega Muscle Method (Google it).

  4. Fiona Fey says:

    hehe cool! I was in a sillyness mood when I commented! 😉 Well done on your achievements! Yep, Asians are small, but there is a large thyroid issue going on there, Hashimoto’s disease, the thyroid can be slowed by soya, but then again, only in certain people!! We are all different, and thats brilliant that you can be a Veggie and still bodybuild! :) BTW I would NEVER eat factory farmed fish or chicken at all, only wild/organic.Respect for nature Native American style!

  5. AdultManBaby says:

    That’s true. They were also very farty from all the beans.

  6. hhslf says:

    Roman gladiators were also very fat. They packed on as much fat as possible because it helped them survive fights.

  7. AdultManBaby says:

    Believe it or not, but Roman gladiators were vegans. Tests on their bones revealed that their diets consisted mainly of beans and barley.

  8. MrDesertjk says:

    So many people don’t believe this as a fellow vegetarian I just want to say thanks man

  9. Marco Stott says:

    Say what ?


  10. patrick boreham says:

    Great vid! would you please give me an example of what your diet is for a 7 day week?

  11. rc100100110 says:

    Of course, being a vegetarian doesn’t harm your chance of being a bodybuilder. Being a vegan, however, makes it nearly non-existent.

  12. kshitiz rai says:

    This Guy Is German!!!
    Auf Weidersean!!

  13. jbrewski1991 says:

    No offence man u are vary knowledgeable but are u a phyco killer?

  14. guitarrachino says:

    Great videos been following you for years!! BUT… quinoa is pronounced “keen-wah” just so you know 😎

  15. DemonXY2J says:

    vegetarians can also drink protein shakes

  16. kaminoneh bhoot says:

    vegetarian male bodybuilders are such a turn on…RAWR!!!

  17. deathknight228 says:

    Ps, I have been a bodybuilder for the last 8 years and after I became a vegetarian my muscles grew faster, healed faster, and a fog in my mind was lifted. You have to be brainwashed hardcore to believe you HAVE to consume dead animal.
    By your logic of ‘you can eat meat so that means you’re supposed to’, you can also eat human feces if you want, but does that mean you should?

    In the beginning יהוה gave mankind plants to eat so obviously our potential can be met with only plants.

  18. deathknight228 says:

    Everyone is stupid? What do you know other than what others have told you?
    There is absolutely no reason to eat animal flesh, especially when it is cooked there are few nutrients in it, and ask yourself how did the nutrients that is in say beef get there? The cow ate plants.. I don’t think we should consume animal flesh unless we need to like in a famine.
    You are ignoring the observable truth.. A horse’s diet is grass only, though it does not lack any nutrients.

  19. diw4k says:

    Excellent clip. Youtube is good for this kind of content.My step brother was previously bullied. He explained he was gonna get bigger. I did not believe him. Til without warning he added 40lbs of genuine lean muscle mass. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible – Google it. Nobody dares to bully the man nowadays. I actually registered last week. See what goes on. Not to mention the mans emails are fucking interesting!!!

  20. SpainVsIreland says:

    Guys ur all stupid… is true that some vegetables have protein but u still lack other vitamins and minerals eg omega 3.

    2.@psychomonkey93….animal strength has nothing to do with diet but muscle fibre and size….

    3.if we weren’t supposed to eat meat then why can we!? We wouldn’t exist if all humans or previous species essential to our evolution weren’t carnivores…

  21. ShroomFactory says:

    lol hell yea! it’s delicious

  22. psychomonkey93 says:

    vegans are at no disadvantage!!!! look at the biggest animals on earth and all they eat are plants so obviously plants have protiens all you have to do is eat more calories and you will be good. as a vegan i know what im talking about. and look at billy simmonds. he is vegan and he is mr universe 2009. and eating different foods to get a flatline amino acid base is better than a complete amino acid

  23. alfyakuza says:

    How can you be a type of person that doesn’t eat animals but eats animals?

  24. alfyakuza says:

    Are you under the impression that vegetarians who don’t eat quinoa wither away and die?

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