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| March 25, 2012 | 25 Comments * http *FOOD PROCESSORS *READ http *SHOP *AMAZON http Veggie Dip Recipe * Raw Food Weight Loss * Raw Food Diet Menu * Corn Salad Recipe * ❤ 3 Ingredient Vegetable Dip Recipe ❤ * I ngredients * — 10-12 cobs of corn — 2 limes — 2 large zucchinis (1 green, 1 yellow, if possible) — OPTIONAL: avocado, hot pepper and/or sea salt (add these ONLY if you really need them) * P reparation * — 1) Using a bread knife slice the corn off of the cobs & transfer to a food processor. — 2) Using a citrus hand juicer squeeze lime juice over corn & also add any of the optional ingredients, if necessary. http — 3) Blend in food processor until the consistency of a dip & then transfer mixture to a serving bowl. — 4) Slice zucchinis into bite-sized rounds. — 5) Serve w/ dip & enjoy! * I nspiration * — Enjoy the simplicity of whole, raw foods! — Leave out isolated foods that have been chemically altered with heat, or the extraction of water.*(see clarification below) — Eat the food that grows off the trees, or out of the ground. — Each fruit & vegetable is a perfectly balanced piece of nature. — Nature doesn’t isolate. Nature is whole & pure. She knows what she’s doing! She is infinitely intelligent & already had it all figured out for us! Have faith in her infinite wisdom. — It’s NOT about eating 100% raw. It’s about eating 100% HEALTHY! — It’s unfortunately possible to
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  1. loglady6969 says:

    did someone fart at 2:42? …..pretty sure they did…

  2. McGrottomaster says:

    Woah, baby! Put a shirt on! Armpit hair and sweat dip is a big NOT.

  3. ShaytanBozorg says:

    Why does someone that’s obsessed with being natural shave his body?

  4. andersen1m says:

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  5. sorchatocyw says:

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  6. RscorpioMtl says:

    Kids please dont do drugs….see what happens

  7. montazhjawn says:

    I love it! This is awesome. You are funny and very understanding of real life challenges. Inspiring

  8. aseem104 says:

    Hey there! Have you tried intellectus 424 diet (just google it)? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my father lost crazy amounts of weight with it.

  9. AOLDIEH says:


  10. Bexdastar says:


  11. cindaay92 says:

    Can i use a blender??

  12. TheIloveme2323 says:

    you are awesome!!

  13. umustadapttothat says:

    dis sum cult shit right here

  14. yertybert says:

    those are like.. crack ya kno bpppffftt hahahahahhahaah yes

  15. LuonnonTyttarista says:

    damn, zucchini chips with corn and lemon dressing.. god, this is great stuff!
    I ve just started 100% vegan style.. before I used to eat some meat and tones of sweets, and sugar which made me super slow.. and tired.
    one question though- do you take [eat/drink] any protein in the mean time, as your body shape looks just too good for vegs and fruits [ONLY] “diet”.. or maybe im wrong.

  16. rjc071 says:

    Great Video Dan!!! I am a first time Channel watcher, and I have got to tell you that you are right on!!!

    Thanks for all of your work!!!

  17. KarlaJBT says:

    That’s just what I want to see a shirtless man rambling non stop about what????
    Notice that he touched his hair….eww.

  18. KarlaJBT says:

    That’s just what I want to se a shirtless man rambling non stop about what????

  19. carolsmusic2 says:

    Appreciate you wanting to share something soo important! Thanks!!!!!

  20. corasalv93 says:

    @itsbenstar He looks great ! We women love Eye candy like this ! Look at him ! skinny muscular ! Soccer player look I call it ! (not Bulky or thick muscular ) Just a comment from my Girls friends here

  21. nymphomous says:

    Then need more ppl like him in the world

  22. frenchis19 says:

    i love this guy: will you marry me ?

  23. frenchis19 says:

    i love this guy

  24. johmarie7 says:

    “doesnt he own a shirt!?” haha 😉 vegan rule!

  25. gymgymgymgym says:

    @MasterA55a55in Oh lol, that was very subtle! I think the same insect is seen later on in the video, buzzing around Dan.

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