Vegetable cutlet

| February 11, 2013 | 23 Comments

This vegetarian appetizer dish will satisfy any spicy cravings for a light afternoon snack or accompaniment during meals. It goes well with Mint sauce
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  1. Divya P says:

    omg…mouth watering….i am gonna make it soon… :)

  2. suroj says:

    Have you ever made the same thing with boiled chickpeas instead of potato?

  3. Gayathrisoora Naresh says:

    umm………try it.

  4. u4ttube says:

    Oo..its hot! So cute

  5. Clinz Shaju says:

    this guy is mental let the frickin food cool down

  6. thakkumikku says:

    for cooking potato use microwave..otherwise lot of water will get inside the potato and cutlet will break while frying…just put the potato on microwave tray and heat on high .mine is done in 5 minutes…make small cut on the potato using fork or knife to prevent it from bursting before microwaving…otherwise use only a very little water to cook potato…Also using peas is not a great can use potato to break…so grind it if u want to add peas..
    source:from my cooking experience..

  7. harshajasti says:

    My wife made it really bad. Can you pls revisit the recipe. Thank you…

  8. vivs005 says:

    add little bit of chilli powder.. *dumps the whole bowl*…
    thats india for you ladies and gentlemen 😛

  9. mehtachhaya9 says:

    Sanjay Thumma is the best cook. Jab bhi muje naya kuchh banana hai to Mai vah re vah se hi help ho jati hai …

  10. 101Amani says:

    sir, can you please do a video on chicken cutlets because my cutlets keep breaking :/

  11. Mariam Malik says:

    can we freeze them??

  12. HariHaran Madhavan says:

    Thankyou sanjay

  13. shinee369 says:

    i am going to try to make this today :)

  14. shinee369 says:

    he is such a passionate cook!

  15. Sanjeev Panandikar says:

    Boss, why don’t you show Mutton Cutlets?

  16. ciarasong says:

    My dad doesn’t eat cutlets because because we use egg (my dad is allergic to eggs) to set the crubble on the cutlet and now i can make him eat cutlet again after years 😀

  17. leah mol says:

    I followed this recipe and it turned out very tastly.Thank u chef.

  18. icebaby23432 says:

    really inspiring to cook… thank u sir…

  19. sumandharmaraj says:

    simple chef

  20. Anhillatron says:

    taste very tasty o.0

  21. chandukraj says:

    many many thanks.The cutlet came out very well and tasty.

  22. Nubias says:

    This a must to try…!

  23. MsMusicfangirl says:

    you are such a good chef …u make things easy for us by explaining so nicely>>thanks a lot vahchef>>

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