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| September 15, 2012 | 50 Comments

Recipe: This vegan quinoa recipe features quinoa, a lovely grain with a unique nutty taste and a good protein profile with all the essential amino acids. If the flavor of garlic is too strong for you raw, try roasting it before using it in healthy vegan recipes. This sauce is nice with either raw or roasted garlic, so try it both ways!
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No pasta in this recipe thanks to spaghetti squash!! 100% vegetable for all you low carbs lovers and vegetarians! I’m neither but I LOVE this dish, even though I’m guilty of throwing in some meat and cheese on occasion. Oven baked spaghetti squash is topped with a garden spaghetti sauce that is loaded with fresh vegetables! Here’s a delicious way to get in a load of veggies. GET RECIPE: Music by Kevin MacLeod
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Doubledig says:

    Quinoa is not a grain it’s a ‘pseudocereal’. It’s actually the seed of a Peruvian herb (Goosefoot family).

  2. whatever10622 says:

    Thanks for telling me about how to deal with my vampire problem!

  3. whatever10622 says:

    i love you heather.

  4. fmbighair says:

    ok, I figured it was a sort of raw vegan thing, I’m eager to try it cuz I haven’t really tried making any real raw vegan recipes! But I also can see how you added sauteing as an option before the blender, almost sort of like baba ganoj type of deal. Ok, I just told my friend at work about your vid with the press and how it avoids big clumps, now I understand what this tool is for. I make guac all the time, I bet it would also be useful for that as well. thanks again :)

  5. healthyvegan says:

    yeah, I did this recipe raw – although it would also be nice with sauteed zucchini and garlic if you like. Exactly right on the press – garlic flavor spreads through the dish rather than giving little bits of garlic intensity. Again, if you like a softer garlic try roasting or sauteeing it before adding it to the sauce

  6. fmbighair says:

    oh, so I also notice that you didn’t cook the squash before you blended it?I was surprised, thats kinda different.Again, great info your giving.Up until now I never understood the point of a garlic press, I always just minced it with a chef’s knife. But you mentioned that you used the press to avoid larger clumps of garlic, now I get it. I’m guessing a garlic press will add way more flavor to a dish because it disperses/spreads the galic out farther since its in smaller pieces?

  7. healthyvegan says:

    I didn’t heat the sauce, but you definitely can if you like. It’s also nice if you roast the garlic before adding it to the sauce – it’ll make a softer garlic flavor :)

  8. fmbighair says:

    again, I love your nutritional info you ad in your vids(this time about the garlic). Do you have to heat the sauce before you pour it on? You look really healthy by the way.

  9. healthyvegan says:

    no, no need :)


    If you roast quinoa do you still rinse it after?

  11. healthyvegan says:

    quinoa, and any grain, won’t have much taste on its own – that’s why you have to mix it with lots of veggies & a nice sauce 😉 as for the dryness, you may be over-cooking it. Use a ratio of 2 parts water to 1 part quinoa, bring to a boil with a pinch of salt, then turn down to low and simmer with a tight-fitting lid – usually takes 25-30 min. hope it works out next time :)

  12. freakinawesomeguy32 says:

    i’m having trouble cooking quinoa.. mine comes out dry and it doesn’t have a taste…. :[

  13. healthyvegan says:

    well, you can definitely sprout quinoa (as well as other seeds, grains and beans/legumes), but as for growing a plant from it – that’s not my area of knowledge :) in theory, I imagine you could, but you’d need soil and I’m not sure what kind of yield you would get for a certain area of land.

  14. lizsy775 says:

    If i plant quinoa will I grow more since it’s a seed?

  15. healthyvegan says:

    That’s correct – I call it a grain since it’s easier to think of that way, but it is indeed a seed. Thanks for watching, and for posting!

  16. MiFFiL says:

    Quinoa isn’t actually a grain, It’s a seed. So better for you.

  17. healthyvegan says:

    well, that’s a pretty big question. I think there are lots of excellent reasons to not eat meat, and I think that most people in developed societies can do a lot of good by just eating less meat. As for whether eating meat is wrong – that’s an ethical or moral judgement and each individual has to decide that for him/herself. If you want some info on the impact of meat production, go to goveg dot com.

  18. akira1983x says:

    is it wrong to eat meat?

  19. weBjammin625 says:

    you’re a cutie :)

  20. healthyvegan says:

    Excellent, glad to hear that it’s working!

  21. manuteau says:

    I tried this recipe last Saturday and yes it was delicious and no i haven’t been bothered by any vampire that day. Fantastic!

  22. 37mamak says:

    thank you AGAIN !!! i think it’s really nice you do all these videos for us ! have a great day

  23. healthyvegan says:

    ginger would be FANTASTIC in this recipe – go for it! To make it smooth, I would grate it with a ginger grater if you have one – they don’t have holes, just teeth. Then squeeze the pulp into the blender (or into a bowl, then pour in if you’re worried about dropping some pulp) so that just the juice from the ginger gets in there. Awesome flavor, without the potential for a bit full of raw ginger!

  24. 37mamak says:

    hey =) can i also put a piece of ginger in the blender??will that work or is it to hard ? or can i put it in the garlic press or is it to hard for that??
    so: how can i make ginger smooth ?

  25. healthyvegan says:

    Yeah, it is pretty disturbing, isn’t it? There are plenty of amazing vegan meal ideas, so check out my other vidoes and other sites and I’m sure you will be happy about being vegan even without thinking about the negatives of meat!

  26. Edzherenow99 says:

    Seriously YUM!

  27. musicgirl2966 says:

    This looks delicious! Can’t wait to try it! Thank you so much!

  28. FutureLaugh says:

    you sound cute girl; and if you cookin this good then i know you are!!

  29. Annkieth1955 says:

    I am going to try! Hope it taste as doo

  30. ChrissyTopicsTV says:

    i cant find spagetti squash no where

  31. NitaKnits says:

    Wow! Thank you so much. You are just so much fun to watch and listen to! So happy and down to earth. =D

  32. Incuheartz says:

    This looks so good and tasty! I need to try this!

  33. Shelmax Maxwell says:

    Made it. Loved it. Looking for another great vegan recipe! You are the best!

  34. Shelmax Maxwell says:

    Love it!

  35. IrisMG says:

    Spaghetti squash are pretty uncomplicated and there are no “rules” or “shoulds” to them. I cut mine in half the other way (not lengthwise) & they come out fine – more like sauerkraut than spaghetti! lol Butter liberally while still warm, sprinkle favorite herbs & parmesan cheese. Oh and I have never owned a microwave, and I find the winter squash are much easier to cut with a bread knife or utility knife with serrated edges. Go slow. I ran a knife into my hand cutting a cantaloupe.

  36. itslisa4real says:

    looks very good thank you.

  37. heidishoshana says:

    if you want to impart some flavor into the squash put one clove of garlic underneath the spaghetti squash before you let them steam in the dish the steam will have a light garlic flavor that will cook the squash and you won’t actually be eating any garlic (unless you want to add the soft garlic cloves when you’re done but I find I don’t need to!)

  38. Jason Kozlowski says:

    Bleach and scrub your tiles. That’s unsanitary.

  39. giantspongess says:

    I like the part where you almost mutilate your hand multiple times. A+ would watch again.

  40. zellsworth says:

    You’re a monster

  41. SweetyBird720 says:

    I love how quick and easy this dish is. I will be trying this.Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  42. RdclBlkFmnst says:

    I bought a spaghetti squash for the first time the other day from Trader Joe’s. I’m gonna make this right now!!!!

  43. TheWeeChef says:

    that looks so fresh and nourishing..and tasty!!!

  44. MommaEarthHairCare says:

    LOOKS SSOOOOOOOOO GOOD! mmmm :) I will be making that very soon, thanx.

  45. abbeymore1 says:

    wow! will try. great great channel. i’ve never used this squash. any idea how many cals? how much would you eat as a portion?

  46. yummytv101 says:


  47. EDUisthekey says:

    i made this dish and it’s the bomb!! sending recipe to friends and family and recommeding your channel. for new year’s i made the sweet potatoe dish and it was a BIG HIT!!! so glad i found your channel.

  48. xxxdamage says:

    Oh man! My family recently started this tradition where my sister and I alternate making dinner on Christmas each year (i.e. one year my sister makes dinner and the year after I make dinner) …this year it’s my turn to cook, and I honestly believe I’m going to kick her dinner in the ARSE, with the help of your channel! LOL.

    Can’t wait to try some of your recipes out!! They all look AMAZING! 😀

  49. GenuinelyMissNeenee says:

    Grrrlll I just made this recipe it’s delish I added a whole lot of vegies & sum garlic power,cayanne pepper,black pepper,& a tiny bit of peprika I didn’t even eat a lot & I’m full.This go blow my hubby & sis n law mind lol thank u

  50. true2daeyes says:

    As many have already said, this is a great dish! Love the fact that its loaded with veggies and has a great flavor and taste!

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