Vegan Jerk Tempeh

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  1. beyondthegarden says:

    @Corbyz – Hey! How long have you been a vegetarian? Yes, I love Tempeh raw…LOL…I am hard headed so I like to eat it raw. It has a nice nutty flavor to it. That eggplant bacon sounds good. I may have to explore that. OMG….you have to try a Tempeh Reuben (if you haven’t already). You would love it!

  2. Corby Ziesman says:

    This looks really good. I think I first tried tempeh in a sandwich that was sold by a local co-op that used to be around, and I instantly took a liking to it. Also the best fake bacon I’ve had was tempeh based (though I want to try another fake bacon recipe I read about where you marinate strips of eggplant in “Bacon Salt” which is apparently veg, and then fry it up). Tempeh is awesome in sandwiches, or just by itself. I read somewhere you shouldn’t eat it raw, but I have before and didn’t die.

  3. amberhoneytress says:

    Cant hear u

  4. beyondthegarden says:

    This recipe is in the full version. I believe you got the 7 day trial. The full version has 90 days worth of vegetarian and vegan recipes. Go to vegetarian food plan dot com to view more details about the full version or just let me know if you have any questions!

  5. momoken1989 says:

    I didn’t see the recipe for this in the meal plan I downloaded

  6. beyondthegarden says:

    Hey there…Tempeh is great! I like it. It has a nice nutty but subtle flavor. I don’t think it taste like meat though. You have to try it. If you like Tofu, you will probably like Tempeh. I wrote an article about it. I will send you the like to it in a message.

  7. GodsBeautifulGirl77 says:

    been vegan for 2years never tried temph does it have a funny tast, some people say it really taste like meat almost just isn’t firm like tofu

  8. GodsBeautifulGirl77 says:

    Ej that looks very delicious I’am going to try that I always eat tofu alot never tried Temph, can you tell me what it taste like? or is it similar to tofu,thanks;)

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