Vegan Holiday Meal Ideas With Recipes

| February 18, 2012 | 25 Comments

*Recipes* Sweet Dumpling Squash Stuffed with Lemon-Herb Rice Roasted Wheatmeat with Oyster Mushroom and “Sausage” Stuffing Brown Gravy Cranberry Relish Roasted Sweet Potato Sticks Black Bean Chili with Roasted Sweet Potatoes Vegan Eggnog / Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Roast Tofurky baked with Caramelized Onion and Cherry Relish / Vegetarian Stuffing Vegan Green Bean Casserole Pumpkin Cookies With Icing (optional) Straight-Up-Thanksgiving Burgers Vegan Apple Pie Raspberry Cheesecake Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls / Very Simple Blueberry Muffins “Turkey” Pot Pie “Chicken” Vegetable Casserole Ginger-Pecan Baked Peaches with Lettuce, Tempeh Bacon, and a Potato Pancake Creamy Chickpea Salad with Fresh Herbs Pumpkin and Black Bean Casserole Basic Crusty Bread Have a great Vegan Holiday and if you have any questions regarding the vegan recipes or anything about veganism I can help you. I know I should have posted this earliers so maybe some turkeys may have been spared but you can also use the same recipes of Christmas Much love and enjoy

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  1. NepheshAngel says:

    You are welcome my friend and glad your Niece can enjoy some good vegan food.

    Much love

  2. seashorebeauty says:

    I am soo glad I clicked on this video! Solved my problem. I have been in search of vegan reciepes for my niece who is allergic to almost any fruit that has fuzz (strawberries, sweet peas, etc), eggs, dairy, nuts, fish, list goes on.

    Now she can enjoy some of the simple things in life like blueberry muffins and pumpkin cinnamon rolls. THANK YOU!

  3. NepheshAngel says:

    You are welcome and I am working on a new vegan video. :)

  4. somedayshero says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the recipes sites!

  5. Droplets77 says:

    Oh sure, vegan barbecue sounds good and now is a good time for it too. There’s no need to feel bad over a thing like that, we all have our stressful times!

    Thank you for the info,

    God bless and take care!

  6. NepheshAngel says:

    Its great any time of the year and I feel bad because I was going to do a vegan barbecue video but I got so busy the past few months and was unable to . If you like I will give you the link to my vegan site and I have it posted on my blog. Would you like that?

  7. Droplets77 says:

    Yum, sounds really tasty! Even though it’s not Christmas, I feel like making these dishes.

  8. NepheshAngel says:

    That is so cool and I wish I can do raw but maybe one day. Your body is one big health thats for sure. Thanks

  9. montsyblackmaddona says:

    I donnot miss meat at all.
    I am a 85% raw oganic vegan,and 15% cooked organic vegan.

  10. NepheshAngel says:

    I have a new recipe video coming up hopefully by the end of the week.

    thank you

  11. NepheshAngel says:

    Just because someone like myself for example go vegan does not mean we do not miss eating meat. We sacrfice for our animal. Vegan means we do whats necessary to avoid any harm to animals even though we will miss our old ways of eating meat especially for those who wants to be a vegan but might crave for that “meaty” kind of food or who became vegan late in the age where for many year they ate seak and burgers.

  12. fibonacciphipi says:

    ok im kinda new at this vegan thing i mean i am eliminate meat to eliminate meat having trouble finding some recipes that keep in the fridge for lunches at college but any way my question why if you do not want to eat meant …..why would you pretend you do with “fake” chicken and burgers its TOFFU so call it that its just stupid…im sorry….i really am… but isnt it a fried toffu sandwich not a burger i dont mean to be a prick and those DO look pretty tasty but come on

  13. NepheshAngel says:

    You are very welcome. I wanted to put another video out but I have been very busy. I hope this will help and there is a lot of choices.

    Have a great holiday

  14. ikey303 says:

    i have to make a big vegan christmas dinner this year, this has given me some good ideas, thanks!

  15. NepheshAngel says:

    I accidentally deleted the nice mans comment but I sent you an invite so please accept then I can send you the link. Your message does not take from non-friend. Thank you

  16. NepheshAngel says:

    Its working but I will send you the link to the site. Thank you

  17. SheLuvsHerIpod says:

    Fantastic! Thank you for so many options – there is literally something for every vegan’s taste.

  18. NepheshAngel says:

    You are welcome and enjoy the food. Recipes to the right now remember lol

    Much love

  19. spaceberrg says:

    Wow, thanks! Looks soooo yummy! From now on, when people ask me if I miss the taste of meat or dairy products, I’ll just show them this video. Lol ^^

  20. NepheshAngel says:

    You are so welcome and recipe links to the right

  21. NepheshAngel says:

    Much love

  22. NepheshAngel says:

    Thanks !!

  23. soodleb says:

    nice one!

  24. BlitzenReindeer says:

    mmmm you’re video made me very hungry =)
    Happy vegan thanksgiving everyone

  25. TangerineTangerine says:

    awesome ideas for holidays. everything looks so delicious. thanks for the video!

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