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This may be big news for some people, but vegan food doesn’t have to be boring, nor does it have to be complicated! These chickpea balls are a classic vegan …

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  1. annamariaballerina1 says:

    Is yeast vegan? What about honey?

  2. tbf390 says:

    It can be, at a health fair a lady made some with a vegan tofu and it was the best I’ve ever had. :)

  3. MusikAlltid says:

    Bacteria are prokaryotic microorganisms. Humans, trees, animals are all eukaryotic but bacteria are not!

  4. stinkeekitty says:

    There is Vegan Taziki! Not saying they used it, but they’re not vegan anyway and that’s not the main focus of the dish… the falafel is.

  5. myersljennifer says:

    They’re not sentient as far as science can tell. You can do some research on it if you want to. They’re a fungi like mushrooms. I don’t kill insects, but I know that my mere presence on this earth causes suffering and you just have to do the best you can. :) Bacteria is not an animal. Living is different than sentient or having ‘feeling’. Reactions also do not qualify for being sentient(or feeling). Regardless of anything, you can only do your best. I didn’t come here for an argument though!

  6. giovanni mirelli says:

    They actually DO make the vegan one ! Anyway you can leave it out, it’s not like THEY are vegan!

  7. drvanroy says:

    They might be but they still show a lot of behaviour that could be interpreted as animalistic.Where do you put the border?
    A verry renowned animal rescuer once said that insects can be killed because they aren’t animals. Is a bacteria an animal or is being eukaryotic not good enough to be considered living and suffering when being killed.
    We all descend from eukaryotic creatures you know.

  8. torbjorn gabrielsen says:

    its also optional

  9. myersljennifer says:

    Yeast is vegan.

  10. drvanroy says:

    And neither is the bread if yeast has been used to prepare it.

  11. drvanroy says:


  12. Maya Oliveira says:

    Taziki isn’t Vegan!

  13. Emmanuelle Ertel says:

    Hey Barry ! Would you marry me?

  14. fushiashade5 says:

    isn’t that a food processor

  15. CJHARRiS1313 says:

    What kind of dips can we used with these that’ll taste good? 

  16. DontTouchMyVicodin says:

    Is this something that will keep in the freezer? And if so, should I freeze it before or after frying it?

  17. MsTheEternity says:

    do shish taouk!

  18. Discgup says:

    Size doesn’t matter- you balls are bigger than mine? Dafuq did I just watch?

  19. SunnySummer153 says:

    that was said in the video, so yes, you can mash it up with a fork and it will work fine.

  20. junkybox says:

    if i don’t have a blender, I can mash everything with a fork? will it work though? thanks.

  21. Lanna Silverwings says:

    omg craving a falafel roll right now .. hummus, tabouli, falafel, cheese and finally wrapped up with that beautiful GARLIC SAUCE .. mmmmmmm

  22. Kelly S says:

    you guys are so cute! subscribed!

  23. CrazyAutumnWeekend says:

    Ahaha did you watch the video at all?

  24. CrazyAutumnWeekend says:

    Ahaha did you watch the video at all?

  25. ktau91 says:

    Vegan tatziki?

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