Vegan Black Metal Chef Episode 2 – Easy Meal Ideas of The Ages

| July 25, 2012 | 50 Comments

Year 1 DVD For Sale! Episodes 1-10 DVD Quality 10 Bucks! : Get Mp3s of all the music to episodes 1 – 10 – With vocals FREE! – Without Vocals Only 5 Bucks! Shirts And Merch: Blog: Episode 2:Easy Meal Ideas of the Ages Vegan Black Metal Chef Episodes will go back and fourth between a more complex recipe like the pad thai and a series of easy recipes like this one. In this episode you will make All Star Redneck Medley This is Mashed Potatoes, Baked Beans, And Corn Hailing from the Southern United States myself, this makes a great combination of food and a great meal The Baked beans make a natural gravy but you can mix some soup mix, water, earth balance, flour and spices to make your own gravy Brussel Sprouts, mushrooms, and red pepper sauted in truffle oil. This Will fucking blow your mind…seriously… After making this you may become addicted to it for about a week or so. The Sprouts should be a little blackened on the flat side when done. Try one from the pan to see if its cooked through. Be careful…too much Truffle oil can happen quickly and make the flavor too powerful. Go easy on it in the beginning. And for everyone that says Truffle oil is expensive… that shit lasts forever. You can make so many meals with that one bottle. Its cheap. Vegetable Pasta Upon The Throne of the Apocalypse Fucking good, make it. I make the Garlic Bread from it all
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. CinamoWitch says:

    I love it! :) Fuckin’ genius! :) <3

  2. atlasshrugged2u says:

    I just became Vegan and this is absolutely
    the funniest thing I’ve ever seen! ROFLMAO
    But whatever works right?
    Unbelieveably creative!!

  3. whatever10622 says:

    I laughed hard when you crushed the potatoes with a mace.

  4. TheMrfabbio86 says:

    really funny

  5. zlowjvmz says:

    this is great #666

  6. apolotary says:

    I’m a big fan of black metal and I’m some sort of vegetarian. I’ve never imagined that these two things can be combined! Thank you very much for your show! 😀

  7. MrCerebellum2 says:

    When you’re not cooking on camera do you use regular knives or those dull looking Satan blades?

  8. LilithAstaroth says:


  9. dcbake says:

    Like if you came from NoHopeForTheHumanRace.

  10. VeganBlackMetalChef says:

    many thanks, much more coming soon

  11. patrolmostwanted says:

    Dude, keep it up! Kick-ass idea with implementing this black metal stuff (I’m a fan myself) and without a doubt you know how to cook.

  12. erratis says:

    i cant cook any of this T_T… I don’t have a Mystical Knife or The Chalice of the Gods!

  13. ArtistJenTucker says:

    Seriously dude, you are so fucking awesome.

  14. SludgeRoach says:

    Man you’ve inspired me to learn how to cook delicious meals… Also inspired me to put it on YouTube, look at you views!! Soon to come, “Vegan Stoner Rock Kitchen”

  15. 8523wsxc says:

    Using garlic powder is not very metal…

  16. VeganBlackMetalChef says:


  17. TheDeadAsylum says:

    Yeah, their very easy to temper with too if you don’t have all the ingredients.
    Did you make all the recipes?

  18. VeganBlackMetalChef says:

    Thanks a ton, that means a lot… This shit is fairly easy, cheap, and most of all fucking good. I am glad you find them useful. More to come soon.

  19. TheDeadAsylum says:

    Dude, the recipes you give are fucking amazing. I actually use them quite often now.

  20. HELL6RACIEL says:

    ur knives are awesomme <3

  21. danilupotter says:

    Im in love with you dude♥

  22. BOMBhollywood says:

    this is amazing

  23. crrops says:

    hahah this is to black for me, great stuff tho liked and subed. stay true to the horns!

  24. TheVigilantvolition says:

    This is epic. I love that Satan takes his toll on the potatoes.

  25. voltage99 says:

    Dude you kick ass!

  26. SuperVeggieDelight says:

    Working woman with 2 kids and big family.

  27. kl82100 says:

    Hi ,r u homemaker or working women????

  28. SuperVeggieDelight says:

    You most welcome…enjoy!

  29. kaavyaize says:

    thank yu so much….d recipe is awesome :)

  30. SuperVeggieDelight says:

    I am giving solution as well…

  31. jaspalsinghmann says:

    Oh No U makes me HUNGRY .Not fair

  32. suvodipb says:

    this is the most worst method of prepairing paneer bhurji…..
    if ur interested ill send u a recipe…. contact me at

  33. SuperVeggieDelight says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. It does help others to know how you can make with your own ideas in any case if you don’t have some ingredients available. Enjoy!

  34. Josh Travers says:

    Thanks! I made it and it turned out brilliant – it had such a nice taste!
    Because I couldn’t find any cilantro, I substituted it for parsley in case anyone wanted to know!
    Thanks again! I’ll see what else you have to make now!

  35. Josh Travers says:

    Thanks! I made it and it turned out lovely. The tastes were amazing! I’ll have to see what else I can cook up!

  36. SuperVeggieDelight says:

    Yes, definitely you can make big pie. Enjoy!

  37. Josh Travers says:

    I would guess that instead of making it into small pillows, you could make one big pie? I would like to use this recipe but as a large pie for my GCSE Food Technology – It looks delicious!

  38. redbeansandrice223 says:

    i only watched this vid cause its my gamertag for xbox live…..crumbled cheese haha

  39. SuperVeggieDelight says:

    Thanx for sharing. Keep enjoying!

  40. oKeegan says:

    missing were fresh cilantro and garlic paste

  41. SuperVeggieDelight says:

    Glad to hear that. By the way which 2 ingredients were missing? So others can try even if they don’t have either since it tasted great without those 2 so would love to know. Thanx

  42. oKeegan says:

    I did ur recipe today. I had everything only 2 ingreeds were missing. it tasted gr8. thx

  43. SuperVeggieDelight says:

    Thanx and keep enjoying.

  44. userss00 says:

    this video you were so lively and expressive!!! we loved your enthusiasm and your beautiful smile. and yes we love the test tasting at the end. keep up the energy!!!

  45. SuperVeggieDelight says:

    Yes, will sure do demo. It’s pretty safe, the way it’s made. But yes, always have to think of safety with this kind of stoves.

  46. girlcool3 says:

    Thanks for your reply. Just one more request next time when you do an outdoor video can you show how you connected it. Did u use the tube they give in india? since iam worried about the gas leakage. A demo would help. Thanks in advance.

  47. SuperVeggieDelight says:

    Thank you for your words. Friends like you make me to work with lots of joy.

  48. SuperVeggieDelight says:

    Glad to hear that. I connected to regular gas cylinder that you can buy from home depot or LOWE’S Thanx

  49. girlcool3 says:

    hi bhavana
    i love all your videos. me and my friends made the mango burfi together for my son’s birthday party. it was huge hit. thank you. i want to know what gas u connected to the stove. it’s wonderful idea .

  50. vanitavishram1974 says:

    Hi Bhavna
    I don’t know how to thank you for all these great recipes one after the other. I really admire your dedication towards this channel. With two kids, it’s really tough but you making it happen. I wish you great luck for your success. Thanx.

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