The Veggie Burger – Epic Veggie Meal Time (Parody)

| August 7, 2012 | 49 Comments

Epic Meal Time (Parody/Tribute) We’re not Vegetarian because we like animals, we’re vegetarian because WE HATE PLANTS! Extras: Alexis Henripin, Jay Lavigne, Julie Perreault, Guiz de Pessemier and Simon de Ladurantaye. Directed by Simon de Ladurantaye, Guiz de Pessemier and Julie Perreault. Facebook: Twitter: Youtube:
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Gordon Ramsay’s recipe for beef wellingtons on the F Word.

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  1. TheEgotasticRipoff says:

    Epic fail burger.

  2. BettieBadb says:

    We say tomates tabarnak ahahahahahahaahhahahaha
    Extraordinaire :)

  3. funnycurly22 says:


  4. Crymacx19 says:

    Every is still fried, you still get a heart attack

  5. Tim Klaassen says:

    fake epic meal time… don’t really like it….

  6. fireflamez1000 says:

    Omg it looks like someone graved random things in there back yard and put it in a bun

  7. shweta2902 says:

    meat, i need meat now

  8. Kamiyamakatori says:

    Dude, This is just a parody of Epic Meal Time… And you know what Epic Meal Time is.

  9. dastschakka says:

    NO WORDS!!!

  10. 54321Adela says:

    So many veggie jokes. Brilliant.

  11. Soultan PJ says:

    press 5 repeatedly at 1:51 to know they are vegetarian or not…

  12. LoveLermanLogan says:

    “We don’t say tomatoes we say tomates tabarnak!!” Haha!!!

  13. Antanas32 says:

    You eat like you’re afraid of food XD

  14. Kevin Phan says:

    You guys even eat like wussies. Get yourself some bacon and stop hatin, hater!

  15. lizzysweet100 says:

    Haters, go eat your bacon. We’ll just go eat our tofu.

  16. TheEgotasticRipoff says:

    its not really a pattie…its just a shit load of tofu

  17. juks007 says:


  18. DashZhypher says:

    Omg God Minus The Everything But Adding bacon and jack daniels That Looks Delish

  19. ac1994100 says:

    Where the hell’s the bacon…….it needs bacon…

  20. jessicalovestheused says:

    when they did’t marinate it I was thinking ‘are they crazy????’

  21. bronysunite13 says:

    needs bacon strips, and bacon strips, and bacon strips

  22. bronysunite13 says:

    oui, moi j’aime le baton

  23. DonnieDisasters says:

    Je comprends pas il n’y a pas de bacon, c’est quoi l’intérêt?

  24. ILoveJonghyun0535 says:

    i would totally eat that

  25. Squadron007 says:

    “Filet mignon” in french word
    tenderloin in english SO its the same!!!!

  26. stockmarket101 says:

    its food sex with incomplete sentences? omfg…. so good

  27. hrider0517 says:

    made it and sadly, we didnt like it :( Going to try Steak Diane next week.

  28. Real720 says:

    @AndyKrone1 it’s eggwash.

  29. icedragon620 says:

    No pate or foie gras?

  30. garrettj94 says:

    Whats the best meat to use for a Beef wellington? A Fillet Mignon or a beef tenderloin roast? Please help me! I’m making it for my 16th birthday.

  31. eyeballs306 says:

    haha yeah, i know someone who made mushroom soup. if you have a pulse option, that’s safer. yeah the cool, sharp and short camera movements are dizzying..

  32. eyeballs306 says:

    Filet Mignon is a cut from the smaller end of the tenderloin. If you’re making a big wellington, you’d use the whole/most tenderloin but if you’re making like individual sizes, you can use two pieces of filet maybe.

  33. garrettj94 says:

    What kind of meat?? A beef Filet Mignon? or just a beef tenderloin roast?

  34. Nabiki73 says:

    I wonder if anyone here has made this dish the way it was originally made, with foie gras rather than mushrooms?

  35. eric00701 says:

    beef wellington is very tasty….just don’t blend that damn mushroom unless you want to make a mushroom juice. better roughly ( or finely) chop it with knife instead. safer for noob.
    very tasty this stuff, really.
    the camera work is a bit dizzy.

  36. shadows4seen says:

    nom nom nom nom

  37. DXCProductions says:

    The cameraman was trying to zoom in super tight on the delicious food but Chef Ramsay works too fast for close ups – this really is a very close up – dizzy – disorienting video LOL . . . . but it’s still very very appetizing.

  38. pcjudosambo says:

    every time he cooks i get hungry

  39. iampotts02 says:

    raw raw raw you fat cow!!!!!! ha i love that guy!

  40. jamesperson says:

    you should really have a food processor if you ever want to do any serious home cooking.

  41. M0DEAN says:

    The metric system is crazy. Separate units for length, mass, and volume. Using mystical numbers to quantify things. Wacko! They probably use modern medicine instead of prayer, also.

  42. M0DEAN says:

    The red is myoglobin, not hemoglobin.

  43. totalpwnt says:

    Yum , look at all that blood!

  44. 20000000watts says:

    Pure talent Gordon can really cook and this as well as other vids shows it. Wellington is a classic

  45. pcjudosambo says:

    im hungry

  46. monkeynuts76 says:

    Excellent for Christmas

  47. Karenosul says:

    This is gorgeous, have made it about 5 times now, you need to leave the mushrooms so it gets rid of the water and another tip is to let the beef cool slightly before putting on the mustard… enjoy!

  48. kenny8076 says:

    oh i see, the pan gets rid of the water, can you use a blender instead of the thing he has?

  49. kenny8076 says:

    he pointed out how wet the shrooms were but how does e get rid of the fluids? i made this a few weeks back and noticed that the shrooms were quite wet and when i added everything to the puff pastry the liquid kept ripping the pastry when i rolled it

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