The Vegetarian Challenge

| November 19, 2012 | 2 Comments – Are you the healthiest vegetarian you can be? ; Maybe you have fallen off the healthy wagon and need some help getting back on or;
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  1. beyondthegarden says:

    Awwww…thanks for the support and mad luv back atcha. Myy husband is pretty supportive, but he still eats meat. I am working on that though:) How long have you been vegan? I feel you on cooking at home.  I am working on become vegan, and the only way I can truly have a vegan meal is if I cook it at home because a lot of restaurants where I am at are not vegan friendly!

  2. GodsBeautifulGirl77 says:

    Hey EJ I got your back girl I’am a vegan don’t eat out rather cook my own food, I do go to a nice restaurant every now and then but I make sure it’s very healthy and go to vegan restaurants, That’s good that your husband is getting involve also my husband is too!!! that’s great again I got your back and I know you can do it your a vegetarian so it’ll be easy for you!!!! I Love you EJ GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!lol;)

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