The Easiest Turkey Soup Recipe

| June 11, 2012 | 39 Comments

MORE Healthy Recipes! : Sweet and Spicy Vegetable Lasagna : Simple Chicken Veggie Wraps Recipe : Savory Apple Cinnamon French Toast with Egg Whites Recipe: Turkey Burgers with Spinach and Feta Cheese: Ice Cream Alternative: Check Out My Hair Channel! : Catch Me on Twitter! : Facebook! : Blog! : Mmmm, this Turkey Soup is SO delicious! I love quick, easy, one-pot recipes; this one is probably one of the easiest recipes I’ve uploaded thus far! Please give it a try, I know you’ll love it! xoxo Nap

This delicious soup is loaded with tomatoes, beans and of course, kale! It was super yummy for a dinner on a chilly evening and also perfect to take to work or school. RECIPE & NUTRITIONAL INFO: rachhfit.blogspot.comLike this video? Click the THUMBS UP button above so we know which videos you like the best! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE ( so you don’t miss new videos going up every MONDAY and WEDNESDAY! Where Can You Find Us? Twitter: Blog: Rachel’s Beauty Channel Send any video REQUESTS to (title the message “REQUEST”)
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  1. valnaples says:

    awwww! your dude and your cat are both ♥lovely♥…so glad you included them both at the end! PLUS this recipe looks remarkable! Nice job!

  2. Mscurliedee says:

    Love the zoom in of Chubs!

  3. MeanGenene says:

    MMM!!! I’m definitely going to make this!

    When I make chicken soup I speed up the process by sautéing the chicken and veggies first – almost like making fajitas. When the chicken is almost fully cooked, I add water, let it settle (and because I prefer stew) I add a flour slurry to thicken the broth. However, I’ve never tried making soup with beans…don’t know if it will work this way, lol.

    It’s yummy, and it saves a some time.

  4. Zo78Zo says:

    This looks great. Can you please respond on whether or not you used canned black beans or uncooked beans from the bag, I am wondering and so are many others that have also viewed your video. Please answer!!!

  5. idreamdaily says:

    the cats like “okay you gonna give me some?”

  6. WhitleyWise says:

    You can cook girl!

  7. naturalNstylish says:

    I’m soup challenged but this looks like something I can do! :)

  8. naturalNstylish says:

    Your version sounds great! I bet you didn’t have any left overs!!

  9. fvanill45 says:

    i love your recipes!!

  10. dhakirahjami says:

    Looks great!

  11. ItsTheCrochetInMe says:

    just finished using this method to make turkey soup (with potato, onion, tomato, mushrooms, green beans, black beans) and i love it. thanks. love both your channels.

  12. nad5188 says:

    I just made your soup yesterday and it is amazing!!! Thanks you for sharing it with us.

  13. closetSHEWOLF says:

    best recipe ever!!!!! made it just now :) tweaked it to my liking and it came out perfect. this will absolutely become a staple for my broke college student ass haha.

  14. mamacita314 says:

    Aww the cat was like where’s my share? I can’t wait to try this soup!

  15. NaturallyKai124 says:

    I’m in the process of making this right now, but instead I used chicken, onions, black beans, corn and a bunch of spices. Also I got some smoked sea salt from whole foods that’s pretty good. It actually does have a smokey taste to it, which is weird but still yummy…lol, Mine is on the stove, I can’t wait to eat a bowl of it! =)

  16. Jamaikangurl says:

    Woah! That was super easy. Thanks!

  17. stop08it says:

    were your black beans already cooked? thanks!

  18. DivaBeaute says:

    Soup was great.. I put too much cayenne pepper, but good.

  19. DivaBeaute says:

    I making this soup as I type! Can’t wait until this 2 hr and 1/2 is over!

  20. sislisa4895 says:

    Thanks for sharing hon’ :)

  21. olan88 says:

    lol. you are in LOVE with your cat. You panned away from your hubby to focus on the kitty

  22. pisces28loveable says:

    My soup turned black lol I didn’t rinse the black beans

  23. ceviche919 says:

    A very easy recipe. I cook some rice to go with it. DELICIOUS!!!

  24. jnreyes2011 says:

    do you think that this recipe can be done in a crockpot?…i just got a crockpot for christmas and i have no idea what to cook in it

  25. lilhopie says:

    I made it this weekend. Soooo good. Thanks for the helpful recipes!

  26. blue0eyes6 says:

    just made this tonight; turned out amazing! thanks so much for the recipe :)

    p.s.- I discovered that halving the recipe works out well if you’re just making it for 2 people. it’s gonna be my dinner tomorrow, too

  27. MrNadiney says:

    You should use a serrated knife for tomatos. Like, a bread knife. It makes it sooo much easier to cut them

  28. misaki52008 says:

    looks so good!!!

  29. malibu64 says:

    simple, delicious vegetarian meals are some of my favorite things in the whole world! nom

  30. suru01 says:

    thank you for posting this. my doc said i need to eat more kale!

  31. m00035 says:

    i love these recipe videos im so hungry now

  32. fashionbymaddy says:

    please make the kale chips recipe!!! i’ve seen others, but i particularly wantd to try yours! <3

  33. andreasomke says:

    your recipies make me hungry haha i cant wait to do this! Make about make ahead lunches or diferent kinds of sandwiches that would be very helpfull 😀

  34. ambularofamber says:

    Awesome! Thanks! Bought everything tonight! Can’t wait to try! :)

  35. vaisforlovers13 says:

    hey rachel! my boyfriend is allergic to you think this would till taste good without them? can you think of a good substitute?

  36. ohsnapcierra says:

    i tried this exact same recipe, it is absolutely amazing, i love the taste of it. and this is so easy since im trying to loose weight, and become a healthy eater. thanks soooo much i love your channel so much and i love the recopies. probably going to make all the recipes you put up here on youtube


    thanks for doing more vegetarian recipes ! 😀 also can you do a video on how to find time to exercise if your on a very busy schedule? like with little tips and tricks like for instance i was told that parking your car the farthest away from where you want to go will give you an extra few mins of exercise or taking the stairs instead of elevator/escalator? stuff like that? : )

  38. yesitsraija says:

    I have a recipe just like this, with kale, tomatoes, black eyed peas, leeks and pasta!

  39. IKnowA84 says:

    looks great!

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