The Cowboy Vegetarian Cookbook – Baxter Black

| October 6, 2012 | 18 Comments The Cowboy Vegetarian Cookbook – Baxter offers coboy recipes for meatless meals! – Baxter Black ©2008

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  1. DesertDigger1 says:

    Even boiled chicken lips work in a pinch.

  2. Lagolop says:

    Hoof trimmings?!?!?
    LOL. They always remind me of stinky cheese.

  3. Tipledan says:

    Used to watch Baxter on the RFD-TV rural channel when I had Direct TV. Thank God for Youtube

  4. acuriousbeast says:

    I had a doubts when I saw ‘Vegetarian Cowboy Cookbook’ which sounded right next to blasphemy to me. This was a hoot. 

  5. MonsterCrypt says:

    Check out Baxter Black in this exciting new television series in development!
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  6. neelieco says:

    Fan belt fajitas  – hilarious! Yucky, but hilarious!

  7. dunegrass1 says:

    @esmith….the F bomb??? Does your mom know you’re using her computer?

  8. theshadow1932 says:

    Ain’t this one of the signs oF The AopoKkolipse? (Sorry. Blame Jack Kirby! )I GUARAN-DANG TEEEE ya, I’ll find somethin’ better to eat in those grim, gray days to…….COME! 😀

  9. esmith407 says:

    Are you fucking kidding me? This is ridiculously bad.

  10. JuniperSage1 says:

    Fanbelt Fajitas!  Too funny!

  11. mjkwyo says:

    GOOD JOB!~

  12. claudius2u says:


    Related to Bull-feces!

  13. filly4billy2002 says:

    Like Abalone…. surprised Baxter didn’t say ‘chicken’! LOL

  14. JonniDDR says:


  15. djlovelace says:

    Great video… I’m off to the kitchen!

  16. jmar1982 says:

    Stupid pure stupid

  17. marylynncleveland says:

    it’s filling!

  18. sawguner says:

    Ha!! Made me smile! now I know what to do with my old fan belts…….

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