The Apathetic Vegetarian Chef – 1 – Poor Man’s Risotto

| March 31, 2013 | 25 Comments

I’m your vegetarian chef, and I don’t care at all about you; learn the recipe that sustained me throughout college. You could subscribe to my thing: http://w…
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  1. Natalie Hill says:


  2. RiuZ0ki says:

    Bend over you sexy little teddybitch xD

  3. EdwardEiting says:

    I was a vegetarian in college for a while, then I gave up too! What does this video say about me? I am hooked on watching your channel :)

  4. Terra H says:

    Thanks Tim. Now I say “troth it into a bowl”

  5. Natalie Hill says:

    You dropped that spoon on purpose Tim 😉

  6. desuu33 says:

    I was vegetarian for a year, vegan for 2 months haha. Idk why I quit, well it doesn’t matter..

  7. cwnoland says:

    i really dont unerstand hell talk about to VEGAN ?!?!? i really dont like to vegan!!! my nehrew 2 boy ONLY VEGAN!! he told me NO MEAT ANY THING MEAT NOTHING! NO BUTTER NO MILK NO CHEESE NO EGGS NO SODA ONLY WATER YES NO SUGER NO CANDY BARS CHOLOLATE !! I REALLY HATE VEGAN! FORGET IT!

  8. alex wilson says:

    He looks like the old infamous version of josh hutcherson

  9. withitgoesasmile says:

    Nice fridge.

  10. potatosareyummmmy says:

    he said soup or chili hahha

  11. reggaesoul16 says:

    “Wash off your floor spoon!”

  12. bluchickengirl17337 says:

    did anyone actually try this?

  13. thechemking says:

    I think I’m in love…

  14. Calvinyourface says:

    As for what part of the video wasn’t the saddest thing i’ve ever seen, I was thinking the sexy spoon-licking, but I then remembered that he dropped it.

  15. Glenn Dallas says:

    Hey! Hey hey hey.

    I wasn’t going to stream Netflix.

  16. ttheLemonSong says:

    “So, just make your poor man’s risotto and settle in for, what I am sure, is your night of masturbation and netflix streaming.”

  17. WilhelmAQ says:

    Pilaf. Not risotto.
    And seriously, what is super chili?

  18. WilhelmAQ says:

    Super chili?

  19. carboncocoa says:

    Re: 4:21
    The Tazo Refresh.

  20. dianapoo says:

    I really like your honesty and the fact that you look like a giant beside the fridge.

  21. Travis Powell says:

    Just made this and it’s good~ uwu Forever putting trust into Tim, whether that’s a good idea or not has yet to be seen.

  22. Sara Francis says:

    I absolutely love you <3

  23. Nicole Adams says:

    Is it bad that I actually know people like this. And what does that say about me?

  24. ExpressHere says:

    What does that say about me, indeed….

  25. tomethytillidie says:

    I LOVE THE APATHETIC VEGETARIAN CHEF! I’m actually cooking this right now :)

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