Tamarind Chutney Recipe by Manjula, Indian Vegetarian Food

| June 17, 2012 | 50 Comments

View full recipe at www.manjulaskitchen.com INGREDIENTS: ½ lb tamarind 21/2 cup sugar 2 cup boiling water 2 teaspoons roasted ground cumin seed 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon black salt 1 teaspoon red chilly powder 1 teaspoon ground black pepper ½ teaspoon ginger powder Sugar, salt and pepper adjust to your taste and also it depends on sourness of tamarind.

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  1. TheHunniBee88 says:

    I love your recipes, Aunty Ji! Tumhari poti bahut pyari hai. Hindustani khana bahut swadisht hai.

  2. lollabunny11 says:

    Deeeeeeeeliciouuuuus!!!! I made this last night to dip my spring rolls… its soooo good… The only thing i did different, i used only half cup of sugar boiled with 1/4 cup water (simple syrup) this intensify the sweetness and less sugar is needed…. Everything else, i followed the recipe as Majula’s showed….

  3. sukhjinder1326 says:

    thanks for this recipes

  4. Laraib910 says:

    You just taught me how to cook! and I’m only 7! =) thank you aunty jee

  5. bhawanprabin says:

    hi mam this is bhawani..
    i have a question ,is it ok to have this achar in pregnancy ..
    as we know pregnant women fells like eating khatta and spicy so is it ok
    answer me cause i want to make this achar and reallly feeling like to taste
    thanks mam u r so inspiring in cooking
    n yes u’re granddaughter is very sweet.

  6. hyoonies1102 says:

    Just made my first batch… wow, very tasty. I will say though, the black salt is very noticeable so if you do not like its flavor, do not use it! It almost tastes like hard boiled egg yolk, but I tell you, it is not a bad flavor and I really appreciate the time you took to do this video as I am hosting my first Indian food night tomorrow!!! We will be having this with samosas :) Thanks again- Delicious!!!!! MMMmMmmMmM

  7. hyoonies1102 says:

    FYI: My husband and I just tried Black Salt Powder for the first time and I would describe it as tasting like “powdered hard boiled eggs.” It was unexpected but not bad.

  8. dekhbhai says:

    can i use chat masala instead of black salt? and can ginger paste be a substitute of ginger powder?

  9. jyothipd170 says:

    I usually come across recipes where Saunf (fennel) is used…. Any specific reason why you didn’t use it?

  10. NakashArt says:

    chatni is too good … and lots of love to mansi she is adorable

  11. Manjulaskitchen says:

    No just a regular sugar.

  12. nataliaanand3187 says:

    is this powdered sugar?

  13. ArchBaj says:

    Thanks for all the recipes. You remind me of my mami whom I adore!

  14. hotheadali says:

    Aunty your granddaughter is realy sweet.veary cute

  15. hnameme says:

    Thank you for your recipes, they are real good. Plus your granddaughter is so cute.

  16. florhuizar says:

    God bless you…lovely video.. thank you for sharrrrriiiiinnnngggg!!

  17. MsLucky510 says:

    god bless you your chutney was delicious thank you so much me and my family love ur cooking

  18. MsLucky510 says:

    do u put hot or cold water??

  19. Redrosie33 says:

    @mjdriard it’s called gur, it’s made with evaporating the sugar-cane juice. it can be substituted for sugar, tastes really good in sweets.

  20. sahil4189 says:

    manjula ji aap please hindi may bolla kro . tankyou for your all recipes

  21. rsvpvr says:

    Is that sugar powder or sugar granules

  22. paprichaat5 says:

    wait so why dont you cook all that? doesnt the tamarind have a raw taste???? and your grandD is so adorable, a little actress by the least.

  23. MrDiv1234 says:

    thanks for recipe.i was looking for a long time.And mansi is so cute !!

  24. TheSpanishspain says:

    thank you very much aunty ji

  25. dolldugu says:

    manula aunt…its only because of you that after my marriage and settling rihjt then abroad away from my mom…i have learnt so many good recipes. I just get so much confidence watching you so confidently and perfectly and sweetly ofcourse making all the delecious foods…and best part at the end when you sat “my recipe is ready! and now me and my children will have it with pleaseure!”
    this is reminds me exactly of my mama.

  26. schlabobble says:

    well. this morning i will start my juice fast. I weigh 375 lbs. I am starting with a 10 day fast and planning to do a 45 day fast. you are very inspirational.

  27. tharaniannapoorni says:

    Thank you . . with love . .

  28. adams2294 says:

    he reminds me of shilo off of grandmas boy…

  29. MillsEJM says:

    dan can you juice mint like spearmint,peppermint, this stuff grows rampant in my yard and i use it every once and a while in my food but id like to use it more, are their any benefits or should it not be juiced i cant find anything online, I know your very knowledgable about raw food. I had a dream last night about carrot mint apple juice and i want to try it but im not sure, thanks!

  30. tiresome79 says:

    What to cook for my big date???? Eager to impress I headed over to cookingdinnerfortwo (.) com great inspiration to be found there…

  31. prysmith37 says:

    Very impressive.

  32. JakeXVX says:

    wow dude

  33. satjathamma says:

    haha! just put it all in the blender with everything on it, you are hillarious man 😀

  34. lauriem1967 says:

    In our cold Canadian climate, some evenings I feel like having a treat, so I cut open an avacado, squeeze on a little liem or lemon, and just dig in, it’s as satisfying as a bowl of ice cream!

  35. hgeny says:

    dan, I just sent this to someone just starting into raw foods and juices.

  36. GetBackJack123 says:

    Definitely. My dad and I have a small backyard garden where we grow lettuce, broccoli, herbs, tomatoes etc. Not enough, though.  At least I’m starting young!

  37. GetBackJack123 says:

    Same here, man. There aren’t any health food shops where I can go to get good organic products, so I have to buy rather expensive lettuce and oranges, for example. I can see how it would be more expensive and Dan eats a lot more than I do. When I go to college hopefully, being in a larger town, I’ll find a whole food store.

  38. ThePhast says:

    pHantastic D!! Thx!!!

  39. dlamb333 says:

    Thanks Dan for all the great info <3

  40. rzarzarzarza84 says:

    Motivation to the max!!

  41. nEWwORLDhOARDER says:

    Do I break the code of raw food etiquette to ask the cost of ingredients? Dan, I know prices are regional and seasonal but I submit that along with your recipes in the side bar that you also add pricing of ingredients whenever possible and include the quantity of juice produced for that cost. I know eating raw food isn’t about the money but I for one would consider it useful info.

  42. upyourkarma says:

    wonderful words. There is energy in everything! Thoughts, words, food, objects. I am trying to be more conscious of what is around me and what I ingest. Thankyou for all your encouragement. You and Krista are doing a terrific job of keeping it simple and keeping it going.

  43. OneSweetWorldLIOG says:

    Alexanderlli….I’ve been trying to see it as I’m supposed to be a source of light for these negative people. And I would like to do that. To be in service.  The only problem is that I am then drained emotionally and feel incredibly negative for hours and sometimes days. I see little change to them…and a dramatic slide backwards to me. I want to figure out how to be a source of light for them…without setting myself back.

  44. mobin11 says:

    Thanks for the videos Dan and thanks Krista for your hard work!

  45. artali1 says:

    Hey Dan, I ‘m curious on what you do with all the pulp?

    I read in the comment section that the mucus enters the body with the fibers, that’s why juicing is so great – no fibers –

    I want to learn more :)

    Amanda (sweden)

  46. sccloatrtk says:

    Dan aka Mr. Good Vibes

  47. kingskid29223 says:

    Love your philosophy as always! It’s great how you incorporate the spiritual with the physical, bc both are important. Luv u Dan :)

  48. BusinessButterfly says:

    well is still priceless nEWwORLDhOARDER

  49. BusinessButterfly says:

    we r the good nuts…

  50. MyOwnStickFigure says:

    whoops you are responding to a different comment than I thought — the one i left about nutrition was on the farmers market video, whoops. I know the video you are speaking of, watched it awhile back but would like to hear Dan speak on a personal level about how and where his spiritual beliefs came, more about what they mean to him, etc – great video request for his new spiritual channel.

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