Six Pack Insanity Meal Plan – 7 Day Free Trial

| February 2, 2013 | 36 Comments I am offering a 7 day free trial to my New Six Pack Insanity Meal Planner. Step 1 Go to – Like and share the page Step 2: Email me at with the title 7 day meal plan trial and give me the email, first name and last name you want to use. The name must match the one on your facebook – No made up or bogus names Step 3: Check your email for the meal plan access code and try out the meal planner Step 4: Leave a facebook comment with feedback on what you liked the best about the meal planner software. Six Pack Insanity T-Shirts and Apparel six pack insanity free trial, six pack insanity meal plan, six pack insanity, healthy meal plan, free meal plan, healthy diet plan, weight loss, six pack abs, health, nutrition plan

Find Mamma Chia in your area: Facebook: Twitter: Form to participate in the vegan challenge: Meal plans: (Remember, these are only for inspiration & suggestion. You can make substitutions anywhere and everywhere! I do plan on skipping certain recipes somedays and having leftovers if there are any- no veggie left behind!) Green Smoothie: Green Monster: What is a vegan: 31 Day Challenge:
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  1. pulliam antonina says:

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  2. toth antonietta says:

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  3. Violeta Tempel says:

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  4. Lael Wilson says:

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  5. Page Ogara says:

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  6. nusrattasnin says:

    My classmates laughed when I told them I was going to burn fat with Fat Blast Factor, but then I showed them the results. Do a search on google for Fat Blast Factor to see their reaction. (It was epic!)

  7. naumanabid01 says:

    Hello there! Have you tried – fast abs magic (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my cooworker got great Six pack abs and lost a truck load of of fat with it.

  8. saker cham says:

    Noo .Did i miss it ? we are in the 23 rd march so i hope i would catch it…..

  9. wph1138 says:

    dam your fine!

  10. IwzArt says:

    cool :) well what I can say now is: I wish you a great vacation to hawaii, I guess you will go with your friends or girlfriend or even both haha! But yea :) good luck man!

  11. bradscottfitness says:

    Going for a week

  12. IwzArt says:

    oh sweet :) how long do you stay in hawaii?

  13. bradscottfitness says:

    I lived out there on the North Shore of Oahu for 4 years. I love it out there

  14. IwzArt says:

    haha lucky you! I’ve seen pictures of Hawaii and trust me, you will like it! and thanks for the mail. I’m going to try that 7 day trail. Thank you again!

  15. bradscottfitness says:

    No problem. Yea thanks my birthday is on March 29th. I get to go out to Hawaii for it im excited

  16. IwzArt says:

    Thanks for the offer! Happy Birthday Brad!

  17. PromisedJubilee says:

    How do you feel about the phytic acid problem when it comes to being vegan? It’s something I think a lot about because I’ve had a lot of tooth trouble and I want to watch out for that stuff for my kids sake… Do you soak grains and stuff?

  18. MothyrGrimm says:

    You can use whipped bananas to make vegan ice cream! It’s literally just frozen bananas if I remember right. :)

  19. apaprikao says:

    Hey! You read my question on your vlog!! Neat!! 😀

  20. MsToni8888 says:

    I was just curious about the chia seeds. what do they taste like? and what nutritional benefits do you get from them? I’ve just never seen them before and don’t know anything about them. I mite give them a try.

  21. AlloFmyLovEtoU says:

    I was coming off a juice fast and was really missing ice cream. If u like bananas (which is my fav flavor), try putting a frozen banana and some coconut or almond milk in a blender, it is amazing and creamy! U can add other fruit also, strawberries are a good combo. I think that might help your craving. :)

  22. Ehealey121 says:

    You could always do 6 days on and 1 day off :) That way you get what you miss once a week if you miss it bad enough. I am vegetarian but like once a month I have a bit of fish. Good luck!

  23. Nana Laura says:

    Hey . . about the missing socks – I use to bobble pin my kids socks together before I put them in the dryer. Then they were always together. No more missing one sock. :)

  24. xxxxCLLoosxxxx says:

    After waching your videos, I decided to try a chia drink today (Synergy Grape Chia).. My new favorite thing, absolutely love it. I went ahead and bought some chia seeds to make my own now. Thanks for the idea!

  25. katulka2 says:

    Farro is good savory too, like a risotto or just rice. I’ve had a bite of dairy here & there in the past week since going easier on the vegan thing, and they just didn’t taste right to me. Definitely not like before! Interesting, huh?!

  26. sunnysmom31710 says:

    The boys are so cute dresses alike!!

  27. CocoPop1971 says:

    My husband is from Italy. We make an Easter Pie with a similar grain. It’s yummy. You can also cook it in a little coconut or soy milk it makes it really creamy :) Good for you. Great video

  28. mammabishop says:

    Thanks for sharing. Chia is a new favorite of mine. I looked at the Mamma Chia drink at my local while foods store, but it was pricey. I’m going to make my own now. I really enjoy mixing chia seeds with coconut milk, agave nectar and cinnamon. It is so good after it is chilled in the fridge.

  29. VeganYogaMama says:

    I love chia seeds! Sometimes I just put a spoonful in my water with lemon, or in my cereal. It’s good for hydration and your bowels.

  30. VeganYogaMama says:

    I think your tastebuds change after a while when you’re vegan. I’ve been vegan for about 5 years? When I became pregnant I told myself that if I had any cravings (towards dairy), that I would let myself indulge. I ended up trying a little mouthful of organic ice cream at one point, and didn’t enjoy it. I also tried a piece of my bf’s french toast (because I was having an egg craving), and the egg taste actually grossed me out a bit. lol-good I suppose, but my cravings weren’t satisfied

  31. hartrose33 says:

    Still trying to find out more about the chia seed. I got about 1/2 cup from the health food store and I think I am going to put it in some smoothies at first, and then go from there.

  32. PennysMommy13 says:

    Looks good might give it a try

  33. BiddyBop7 says:

    Are you spending more on food now than before?

  34. Chez2k3 says:

    Do the Chia seeds taste of anything?

  35. Chez2k3 says:

    Carter’s colouring with both hands was so cute :-)

  36. Cloth Diapering Mama says:

    My sister is vegan…and she as been that way since she was ten years old. She just woke up and told us she was going vegan, and now she is 28 years old. I love my meats so I could not do the vegan thing. But it is fun hearing you talk about it because it reminds me of my sister.

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