Simple Vegan Macaroni & Cheese

| April 6, 2013 | 25 Comments

Print the recipe on my blog Follow me on Twitter: Inspired by Soul Vegetarian Restaurant in Atlanta, GA C…

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  1. justsomedude777 says:

    Im on the 5th day of a water fast i know i shouldn’t be watching your videos lol.

  2. daberr2 says:

    Disregard my other comment. I was being a jerk and I’m sorry. You are very pretty and your recipes are great. Sorry, I’ve been having a bad day and took it out on the wrong person.

  3. MokoBrownVegan says:

    I’m using white pasta but you can use whatever works for you. :-)

  4. Chrissie Sonnenberg says:

    Can you use more healthier pasta instead of white..Is this what your using here? I will try this with the whole wheat pasta. Thanks for this wonderful dish, cannot wait to try this.:)

  5. snowblo1 says:

    Hi there, Okay, I finally noticed it, LOL. Thanks so much!

  6. MokoBrownVegan says:

    Hi there,
    I put the link in the description box for you.

  7. snowblo1 says:

    Hi, I love your version of this recipe. I’m wondering if you have then longer version that you had mentioned you made with your sister?

  8. MokoBrownVegan says:

    The older one “Delicious Mac & Cheese” is better but more time consuming. I usually make the “Simple Mac & Cheese”

  9. MokoBrownVegan says:

    Hi. You can skip the nutritional yeast. :-)

  10. Titus2Chic says:

    oh boy, i just watched both of your mac ‘n cheese vids and now that’s all i want. which version does your kids like the best? i want to try one but i want to try the one that’s the best;-). both look scrumptious but i’ve had some not so great vegan mac ‘n cheese dishes before.

  11. anye76 says:

    can you omit the nutritional yeast, will it mess the recipe up? I can’t do yeast of any kind at all DR orders. This looks amazing

  12. MokoBrownVegan says:

    Woohoo! It was so hard not eating the macaroni at my 1st Thanksgiving. My aunt makes one with like 7 cheeses and people travel to get to it. Update me when you try this recipe. :-)

  13. aran08504 says:

    I will try this for thanksgiving before I have a meltdown. First time home since changing my diet. Last year I stayed away.

  14. MokoBrownVegan says:

    Woohoo! That sounds very simple and delicious. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  15. Stas Fiestas says:

    Well! I just tried boiling spaghetti and then i did this:

    sauteing some garlic and onion, then add tomato paste (organic offcourse) and adding basil, pepper, salt, and lots of nutritional yeast and woohoo it was sooo delicious!! (just bought nutritional yeast today for the first time) tomorrow ill go buy soy milk and will try your recipe, but im sure its gonna be also very very good!!
    i subscribed, keep making nice videos like this, you see more and more vegans these days ! yay !

  16. MokoBrownVegan says:

    I can’t stop laughing! You HAVE to comment more to put me in stitches. :-) Thanks so much for the compliment. You can also use almond milk to make the recipe, if you have that on hand. Don’t forget to update me when you try it. Enjoy the rest of your week! :-)

  17. Stas Fiestas says:

    OMG that looks DELICIOUS!!! shit, i bought nutritional yeast and forgot the soy milk :( lol will try this next time for sure!!! and youre smile is AMAZING ,  it’s so nice to see there are other sexy vegans (like me lol) out there, instead of only hippies who never wash their hair! 😀

  18. MokoBrownVegan says:

    You’re welcome! Thanks for updating me :-)

  19. ebnaturals says:

    This recipe was sooo good! Thanks, :-)

  20. MokoBrownVegan says:

    I’m so glad you liked it! Thanks so much for the update :-)

  21. KarenAndIsrael says:

    I made this tonight! I didnt have any cayenne so I subbed crushed red pepper ..The hubby and I are total wimps when it comes to spicy, so when I make it again I will leave out the red pepper and paprika both hahaah BUT I def 100% will make this again!! We have only been vegan for 3 weeks so I still remember what the real deal tastes like, If you hadnt told me it was vegan I would never have known!! It was sooooo delish!!! Thanks so super much!

  22. CreaTiveNaTive73 says:

    :0) Ya very welcome.

  23. seygra20 . says:

    Thanks :)

  24. CreaTiveNaTive73 says:

    Ooh ok, i know wht u mean, try whole (grain) then, its not as strong tasting…:^)

  25. MokoBrownVegan says:

    Same here :-( I’ve tried about 3 different brands and wasn’t a fan

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