Shocking Facts – Why be a Vegetarian?

| September 3, 2012 | 36 Comments

This video shares some shocking facts about the major negative impact the meat industry is having on peoples health, the environment and our planet.Today being a vegetarian is the top most important thing that you can do to for good health and saving the planet. See the video,give it a thought and make your choice.
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Whitney gives her main piece of advice on How to Be Vegetarian or Vegan and asks you to upload a video response with your own tip

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  1. rsn00b4life says:

    My biggest arguement to all of this though, is animal treatment. There are factories that don’t treat the animals that well at all. I beive that’s wrong (I’m sure we all do) and ones that treat them with a life of luxury. If we only consumed animals from the life of luxary, then the others would become obselete. Then all the animals we eat are treated to a good and happy life of pastrue grazing and fine treatment. I’d rather them die happy then a horrible life and death in the wild.

  2. rsn00b4life says:

    If it wasn’t for humans hunting overly-populated and/or overly-dangerous animals, many other animals would become extinct. Of course a lot have became extinct because of poaching and mis-treatment, but those were acts that were commonly hated for such reason. Did you know, that humans (over time) would end up becoming very short if we just ate plant matter? You can easily see that throughout history. That’s why certain Egyptians were shorter, while their pharohs were tall, even to today.

  3. rsn00b4life says:

    To continue on, humans aren’t carnivores. They are omnivores. They should have taught you this in elementary school or before. A simple way to proove it is by looking at the human teeth. We, as a species of the omnivore classification, have wider, bumping, teeth to chew up plant matter. We also have more sharp, thin teeth to cut through animal matter, such as skin, meat, and fat. I believe(and don’t quote me on this) We have Incisors, canine, premolars and molar teeth.

  4. rsn00b4life says:

    You do realize that global warming is real, but not the type of global warming all the liberal extremists are crazed over. Studies showed that the Earth is most certainly warming up, but in the same way it has for thousands of years. It has a type of curve where it appears to be a type of “zig-zag”. It goes up for a couple hundred years, then down for a couple hundred years.

  5. Petspaw says:

    Are you retarded? First of all i don’t think the purpose of this video is to try to convert the freakin humankind to be vegetarians (Although that would be awesome). Second, you really think people are the only carnivores on this planet? Nature would do JUST FINE without us hogging all the meat and acres that used to be forrest, but now are fields used to producing food for domestic animals that we’ll kill and eat. And third, global warning isn’t fake you moron.

  6. Leah Smo says:

    This video touched my heart… If you don’t wanna be nice about the video keep comments to self……..think about the rest of us…….rude!

  7. Leah Smo says:

    By the way rsn00b4life global warming is real good for you MsMistyfrost me too started age 6 vegetarians are needed in this world and SuperSpeedoTime please keep those opinions to yourself. Producer/director/author of this video……I give it definitely 7 thumbs up

  8. Warriorcatlover11 says:

    Actually you need the nutrients in meat but there are substitutes for them BUT if you still eat fish or chicken you are NOT a vegetarian since you kill the fish or chicken in order to eat it so therefore if you eat chicken you are a Pollotarianist and I am going to send you more information in your inbox that I found since there is too much

  9. MsMistyfrost says:

    I’m on my second day of vegitarianism and I am going along fine, you don’t REALLY need meat at all! 😀

  10. SuperSpeedoTime says:

    You vegetarian neo-fascists. I fucking love meat and anything you do or say will not make me change my mind. Yes we kill animals for meat but that’s nature and I believe man evolved from a state of nature that was kill or be killed, we are the top of the food chain so nature dictates that we can kill what ever we want because of that. If you Commies want to keep believing that every living animal has the right to live a long and prosperous life than you’re a moron.

  11. MyJustinbieberhaters says:

    I don’t care about health, etc. I care about factory farming.

  12. eagleman193 says:

    First, there is no enviromental problem linked to eating meat. The earth is still going to wear out no matter what we do that’s the way God designed it. You can’t just use 1 resource and say all this stuff. Second, we need carbon dioxide if there was no carbon dioxide then plants could not grow. The have tiny holes under the leaf which sucks in carbon dioxide it then processes it into oxygen that we breathe. You can’t say it takes so much water to produce a pound of meat it depends on the animal

  13. facelessmusik says:

    Excellent video that I’ll be spreading far and wide..

  14. rylex12321 says:


  15. akhilasuri says:

    Excellent video!

  16. extraphenomenal says:

    Whats this song?

  17. redcolt777 says:

    I recommend vegetarian meat alternatives to start off with, like schnitzels, lentil burgers, sausages etc. This gives the mear eater something easy to build a meal around. Then wean yourself off the packaged stuff slowly and explore the wonderful world of veggies.

  18. Aerilyn22 says:

    I’d advise purchasing a good vegetarian/vegan cookbook and finding dishes that you’re really excited to make and eat. “Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone” is a great choice because it’s a thorough all purpose cookbook with a lot of best practices. An occasional indulgence in your meaty cravings doesn’t negate the other good choices you’re making and shouldn’t make you feel guilty or like giving up. Think of what a different place the world would be if everyone were vegan 50%, 75%, 90% of the time.

  19. Cidtalk says:

    I didn’t make a video:( HOWEVER, my best advice to anyone trying to get away from eating meat is this: Don’t go straight to the meat section of the grocery store!! Go to the fresh vegetables FIRST and build your meals and dishes around that. I have loved NOT going to the gross disgusting meat section anymore. I have never liked buying it anyway and since we stopped buying and eating it I have love love loved grocery shopping. I find so many “new” vegetables I have never tried or seen before!!

  20. BeauTCravez says:

    i’m just tired of being FAT!!! I do work out and excersise believe it or not BUT my diet is horrible… So im giving myself 6months to become 100 percent vegan besides I LOVE the little creatures on earth:)

  21. rebeccam2 says:

    I’m a vegetarian but I am VERY vegan curious. I just find it very hard to afford all of the vegan specialties that is why I haven’t transferred, also none of my friends or family are vegan so there’s noone really to show me the ropes.

  22. Chaya Phally says:

    4. The best thing about vegan food is you can eat as if it is a buffet. You don’t really worry about calories. You can have 1lb of dark leafy greens in one sitting. You can eat 1lb of organic peaches in one sitting. You could have 1lb of meat in one sitting, but it is not good for you because of calories, cholesterol, fat, etc.

  23. Chaya Phally says:

    3. Be educated about nutrition such as protein, iron, and calcium. For example, I don’t want to eat fish because it contains mercury. So, I’d go with nuts, chia seeds, or quinoa for omega benefits instead.

  24. Chaya Phally says:

    2. Observing people on SAD diet around me helps motivating me to go healthier and live a good life. Almost all the people on SAD diet are unhealthy, fat, obese, or sick. When I am in 60s, I want to be able to pick up my great grandchildren, walk stairs, and do other physical things. I do not want to suffer through my whole life like people with cancer, people with diabetes, people in the wheelchair / with cane, people who spend their life in a hospital / nursing home, etc.

  25. Chaya Phally says:

    1. I have become vegan because of easy digestion. Actually, I’m at least 75% raw vegan. I require low-fat raw vegan food in my diet. Vegetables and fruits contain more water than cooked food. It doesn’t require more energy to digest. Living enzymes do it for you. I can work out right away after I eat. I love this lifestyle.

  26. RainyDarkForest says:

    It was easy for me to be vegetarian. My mom always had an organic garden and we didn’t have meat that often anyway. Don’t miss it at all.

  27. 920tom says:

    I have religion and murder is killing any creature of God. “Human are really cannibals” and I prefer to be called an animal rather than a infidel or savage or cannibal or human.

  28. running90away says:

    awesome video!!!!!!!!

  29. bilgerburg says:

    buy a t-shirt that says “KALE”

  30. nebraskafrankcourtny says:

    How I became vegan: I watched YouTube videos showing what animals have to go through. Do it. Watch as many videos as you can find.

  31. Sandramuoio says:

    Buy a vegetarian cookbook! Thumb through it and find recipes that you could be interested in as a transition. PS agreed with Whitney, your pallet will change a lot over time.

  32. quitejaded says:

    For me, cauliflower and beans have been my meat-less meat of choice, but just wanting other ideas.

  33. quitejaded says:

    Yah, the key for me to being vegeterian is adding more protein from other sources. Its hard for me to eat fake-meat because I really hate soy and tofu. Are there any fake-meats that are soy-free??

  34. RosElisabeth says:

    Watch Earthlings:) (here on youtube)

  35. lifesagardenyadigit says:

    Do you know any vegan allergy meds ?

  36. NiceGirl024 says:

    I love your Kale shirt!

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