Red Thai Chicken Curry How to cook recipe

| December 19, 2012 | 47 Comments
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  1. pallyhogy says:

    pls don’t screw up our authentic recipe ,Authentic Red curry doesn’t have too much difficult thing like that.. it’s easy to cook and I always tell my European the way to cook the authentic and don’t screw up recipe as well as respect… no Coriander, no ginger, no baby corn ..

  2. oohlalabeyo says:

    Kk I’m Thai and I was like wtf until he said it ain’t particularly authentic. Still, its a lovely dish 😀

  3. Emzybabes2 says:

    He said its not totally authentic.

  4. gaozhi2007 says:

    Excuse me, my dish doesn’t have any coriander. Take it away, sir! Fuck’s sake.

  5. KYMAMI says:

    thats not Thai cant you make your own traditions

  6. Cameron Lasswell says:

    Is there a recipe to print out?

  7. Lomenemix says:

    that’s not thai

  8. Liz Stenton says:

    I make this every week without fail. YUM!

  9. Gary Liu says:

    What you should have done is put in the coconut milk last. You will lose the Fragrance of the coconut milk if you keep boiling it away..

  10. Jahan Harua says:

    I’m Loving It

  11. VudEcHiMPANz says:


  12. VetDuHannah says:

    delicat xD

  13. Imperio112 says:

    Mate…….I like your video so so so much because of some reasons:

    1. You cook EXACTLY the way I would do, not exactly every single ingredient, but the way and the heart that flows in are the same! I know my dishes are very very good, therefore I know that yours are too!
    2. I like your accent! I am from germany, but even if you would talk twice as fast, I would understand every single word! Where are you from? I think from the South/East of UK???
    Thanks for that Video mate!

  14. rocky stone says:

    you talk a lot…. :/

  15. Jack Ainsworth says:

    LOL all ths shitty advertising

  16. missfashioneye1 says:


  17. arkanasays says:

    hi there, r u originally naked??? LOL!!! Sorry but though your vids are instructive, they cannot rule out the fact that most if not all of us out there are thinking about how the food is being prepared…

  18. Jacob Johnson says:

    can i cook the chicken before adding it

  19. Gary liu says:

    coconut milk is not designed for boiling and boiling again.

  20. MilkAirsoft says:

    0:11 Smiley face rice!

  21. knighthawk464 says:

    Study says that hot curry dramatically reduce the chance of developing heart failure.

  22. MrEZCooking says:

    Very good! I like the use of the paste base in your recipe! It looks delicious!

  23. Giselle Bien says:

    Looks yummy!

  24. cntstanddezhoes says:

    Tried it. ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! Thanks!! Also the beans are a lovely combination.

  25. cntstanddezhoes says:

    Say no to Canola oil! Nothing natural about it!

  26. Nikilee98 says:

    Made some today hubby and I loved it

  27. karmbaby says:

    Thanks for sharing !!! I made some today and it was very very good !!!

  28. carey baby says:

    looks good i wanna try it one day

  29. QueenEyeCee says:

    You make eating healthy look soooo delicious…especially with Philippe making it look even more appetizing, lol!!

  30. LETSB3REAL says:

    Hello Lady! Did you get the squash from Whole Foods also? 😀

  31. Jasmine Love says:

    I don’t eat a lot of junk food but I have been trying to eat much much healthier. I’m also trying to work on my cooking skills. So i’m going to try a lot of the of these recipes :)

    if you were on the cooking network or had your own cook book. I would so watch it or buy it

  32. CamilaRox11 says:

    I’m gonna try this! But dairy free!

  33. lovelyjewell1 says:

    It looks yummy.. I’m going to try it this week :)

  34. Smartass8504 says:

    I made this and liked it but there was something off and I couldn’t figure out what it was at first. It was definitely the ricotta. Maybe it was because I got a lowfat kind? Anyways, once I scraped a little of that to the side it was SO good!

  35. 2sexzi4u says:

    Trying this too! Except I don’t like squash so ill substitute it for zucchini.

  36. Bullet proof says:

    yeah that looks very good

  37. Mageeelovesfrank says:

    This looks soooo Good. I will definitely be making this :)

  38. jtawsem says:

    I just made this and it was great, I also added tofu, keep them coming thanks:)

  39. kkgohard559 says:

    That looks so freaking good… I NEED to make some of this

  40. blessedhelpmeet says:

    Thank you for this delicious recipe! All eight of my children loved it. Made it again tonight upon their request and hubby loved it too ( he missed out the first time because he was at work). this is a definite keeper.

  41. Crystal Smith says:

    I made this for dinner, my husband and I loved it! :-) Thanks for the new addition to our dinner menu. So yummy!

  42. AmberAuNaturel says:

    I’m making this tonight with a few variations.

  43. SoHumNamah says:

    He’s always the taste tester lol this looks great btw definitely adding to my to try list

  44. monica cooper says:

    It looks great I would suggest you try it with creamy spinach you will love it i put it in my lasagna, and it is great.

  45. Crisszilla says:


  46. xBloodXGusherx says:

    Fez !!!

  47. idreamofvanny says:

    OMG! I tried this recipe and it was DELICIOUS!! Ive been trying to find more healthy veggie recipes and this one is definitely a keeper. Thanks for sharing!

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