Red Lentil Soup Recipe – Healthy Vegan Recipes On Video

| September 14, 2012 | 11 Comments

Recipe: This red lentil soup recipe is a simple way to incorporate a lot of nutrition into one meal. I also go a bit beyond just healthy vegan recipes in this video and show you the basics behind the technique of making soup, so that you can make your own soups based on what you have available in the kitchen. What do you think?
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  1. dzivri says:

    Putting the onions in some vegetable broth and cooking them on very low heat for some 10 hrs (like overnight) will deliver a sensation similar to as if they were sauteed. I’ve made onion soup this way, without oil.

  2. superwendyworld says:

    que aburrido!!!! la receta está bien , pero es necesario repetir las cosas 2 ó veces??? se hace muy aburrido

  3. muskndusk says:

    Don’t use kelp too often. The amount of iodine in it can cause thyroid problems. I know lots about the subject cause I have an underactive thyroid. Kelp will initially cause overactivity, then knock the thyroid out. Use sparingly or avoid.

  4. Mercury1955 says:

    Wow I’ve watched several of these and feel like I’m starving right now! Looks so good! I want to try that hicama mango one first.  My wife and I eat pretty healthy but I want to improve it even further.

  5. MonBon211 says:

    Mmmmm!! Im making this soup sometime soon!

  6. healthyvegan says:

    I could do a bean/potato recipes, but I don’t actually have a pressure cooker so you’d have to adapt it :) Do a search on my channel for ‘baked sweet potato recipe’ – it would be good with potatoes as well, or ‘oven roasted potato recipe’ – you could definitely add some beans in there if you like

  7. POLlyy23 says:

    Colud you maybe post a vlog with a hearty preassurecooker recepie? Preferably one with beans and potatoes. (i loove beans n taters)

  8. healthyvegan says:

    mmm, yeah, I love a straight miso soup too 😉

  9. Deseonfire says:

    Mmmm. Looks good. Miso soup with sea weed and tofu is really good also.

  10. thugricanz says:

    Actually, I will do this next weekend. I have to study tonight. :)]
    Looks so delicious . Thanks a lot

  11. tonyjaa28 says:

    Thanks for the video. I love red lentil soup. I would drink it almost everyday. Lots of protein, carbs and fiber. Great nutritional food.

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