Recipes For a 5-Course Meal : Simple Minestrone Soup Recipe

| June 22, 2012 | 26 Comments

Minestrone soup is a simple recipe that can easily be made to be vegetarian. Cook minestrone soup with tips from a master chef in this free culinary video. Expert: Jordan Ceresnie Bio: Chef Jordan Ceresnie received his Culinary Arts Certification and Baking and Pastry Certification from the Napa Valley Cooking School, where he graduated at top of his class. Filmmaker: Robert Rogers
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Falafel is a grand vegetarian staple. It can be super delectable or super greasy! I choose super delectable! I bake my falafel and make into patties instead of balls to lower the amount of oil needed, ergo less calories and fat. Some restaurants will saute the falafel in oil instead of the more common deep frying. Add lots of extras such as hummus (check out our previous TVeg recipe see below), tomato, spinach, and peppers to the pita or sandwich to make it a great filling meal. Falafel is usually made with chickpeas (aka garbanzo beans and cece beans) but can also be made with fava beans. Don’t waste your time with a prepackaged mix. This is a an easy dish to prepare! Watch the video, print the recipe, prepare any one of the dishes and you’ll find yourself saying “That’s Vegetarian?!” Executive Producer and Host: Karen Bukolt Producer: Mike Quick Production provided by Quick ONE Media, Website Designer Oscar Saucedo,
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. malonelibero says:

    lol.what about bayleafs,potatoes.courgette,celery,bouquette garni,pea and some pasta?

  2. jimmypage032 says:

    can we also add diced potatoes in the soup?

  3. mark28map says:

    He is using a straight knife to cut tomatoes. I always use a serated blade to insure penetration.

  4. jamess8866442200 says:

    Nice video brah.

  5. chardis says:

    finally a video from expert village that isn’t divided into like a hundred parts

  6. dearprudence53 says:

    great video

  7. midcitygym says:

    great recipe delivered with a no bullshit style, well done man.

  8. djanjed2006 says:

    perfect….i learned a lot ….thanks for the upload

  9. pan915 says:

    Just brilliant!

    Hello! Tried out your recipe today. Came out perfect. Thank you for the amazing video. :)

  10. strebis6 says:

    When you bite into your veggie bean burger your face says it all. lol
    Looks very good.

  11. LUVTheMotels says:

    Again! You did it again!

    I WANT to be included in all future videos as your “taster”; everything you make looks compellingly delicious.

  12. mikecorbeil says:

    Before coming across and viewing this hunger-licking-good vid, I viewed 1 for making falafel with frying or deep-frying (boiling oil in a pot) and another for making hummus. Neither corresponds with my interests & needs, except for ingredients. The cooking “turned me off” right away.
    Baking is a much better idea and it can be done at relatively low temp’s, from what I gathered over the past week searching about preparing foods anyway. Healthier ways are better.
    Yummy burger!

  13. mikecorbeil says:

    What kind of flour? I’ld use whole wheat and organic, fe, and when substituting WW for wheat flour that’s not WW, less apparently is needed. I think to have read over the past week and at a number of Web sites that when making this wheat flour substitution, then we need around half for WW.
    I’ld add seed butter, but video is very convincing, tho I have the above and possibly another question or two. LOOKS very good tho! And she shouldn’t be eating that falafel burger. I should be!

  14. walid1377 says:


    How to prevent Falafel from sticking inside the oven ?

    I tried olive oil but it is still sticking when i try to flip them.

  15. KarenBukolt says:

    I don’t know if you can freeze them. Please try and let us know. I always eat them up. :)

  16. haa74 says:

    Love ur recipe I am gonna try it but can u freeze these and then take them out and bake it?

  17. atomrocketcar says:

    you’re a good cook, there are lots of wanna be cooks on youtube, but you are a real chef

  18. ViperVenomify says:

    I was totally wondering how to make this.Thanks i Sub’d

  19. MoonliteMemory says:

    Looks very delicious! Thank you for linking me to your channel. You have won me over and I’m subscribing, yay!

    I look forward to more of your great videos and healthy eating tips! 😀

  20. ViolaViolet09 says:

    very cool – i love falafel! always wanted to try it out by myself :) thanks!

  21. luticia says:

    will definitely try it out. thanks a lot !!

  22. sharona4608 says:

    very yummy!!!!! I love it!!!!

  23. KasCooks says:

    So good you held with two hands and didn’t let go, looks terrific!

  24. CookingwithKarma says:

    That looks great!! Your videos are really well done! :)

  25. tafaridh says:

    i LOVE falafel!!!!
    looks great, i have never had baked though, must try, thanx!

  26. ilikethewok says:

    Looks delicious!! Thx for this recipe.

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