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YourProduceGuy shows you a childhood favorite, not to mention a tasty meal. Join me and see how to make a tasty Cucumber Sandwich. You can also keep up with me on Facebook & Twitter Facebook: Twitter:
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YourProduceGuy shows you how to make Zucchini Chips. Made with Panko bread crumbs parmesan cheese and a variety of spices, this is one recipe you don’t want to miss! You can also keep up with me on Facebook & Twitter Facebook: Twitter:
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  1. belovia50 says:

    When I was in college, I lived on cucumber sandwiches and mac and cheese. I still remember with affection. *****.

  2. TheAdulateur says:

    shucks he’s married!

  3. ben hordak says:

    I can’t think of cucumber sandwiches without ” The importance of being Earnest ” coming to mind. Slightly lame and very very English!

  4. BoomBoxJakey says:

    wow, that looks delicious

  5. DigiScrap34 says:

    My husband makes some awesome “Old World Breads.”  Thanks for this recipe & the Avocado Sandwich recipe: Yummy!!

  6. OnlyUseMeAcog says:

    Didnt know stephen harper had a youtube channel

  7. lyndaa21 says:

    With tuna it would be perfect !

  8. YourProduceGuy says:

    It is very appetizing!

  9. JerrySpock says:

    Mmmm. I had to make a sandwich after watching this.

  10. rdidri says:

    I forgot about them! My mom would make cucumber sandwiches with just bread and butter. We would take them to the lakeshore for picnics in the summer. I’m going to make one now!

  11. catnguyetkhue says:

    Can you do potatoes salad please!! Thank you!

  12. YourProduceGuy says:

    Nice! You’re using my Meyer Lemons “against” me! Well done, and I will try the lemon on these next time I make them, which will be soon as we bought 7 cucumbers on Saturday (on sale, have to stock up, right?) Thank you.

  13. YourProduceGuy says:

    Spoiled? I’d call it “underprivelged” if you weren’t taught to cook. So many things open up to you when you knock around the kitchen. So glad this was helpful to you! Thanks for watching.

  14. Qtahoe says:

    try a little lemon juice…….yummy!

  15. Kanine61able says:

    i love your vid!! so easy for spoiled brats like me who have never cooked a day’s meal in life to do! thank u so much!!

  16. oriolesfan61 says:

    Cucumbers for sandwiches are sliced thin

  17. daughteroftheking84 says:

    Best cuc sandwich imo! Made these for my kids and I and its become a fav. lunchtime sandwich. :) Thanks!!

  18. wildshotsintheair says:

    Thanks Produce guy , it look’s very Delious.
    Ill make them that way. and try one..

  19. DRKN98 says:

    thank you ill try different types of vinegar and keep doing what you do you are great at it.

  20. bumblestarred says:

    Wow this is so simple, and yet i’ve never ever tried it! Thank you for sharing this! I’ll try it as soon as I get some cucumber from the market!

  21. YourProduceGuy says:

    When I was young my Mother used just apple cider vinegar to make these sandwiches. However, now that I’m older I use a nice balsamic vinegar to soak the cukes. There are even flavored vinegars that would go well I would think. Try a couple and let me know your favorite!

  22. DRKN98 says:

    what kind of vinegar do you recommend also i subscribed 

  23. Rachna888 says:

    TY :)

  24. Nebiros21 says:

    Butter unfortunately. Mayo is much nicer. Next to the cucumber sandwich recipe there was a recipe for tomato sandwiches.

  25. YourProduceGuy says:

    What do you put on the sandwich instead of mayo?

  26. mystiqueboutique says:

    there is so many vegan/gluten free substitutes in stores now …its so much better for You actually

  27. NordicThunder24 says:

    hmmm now theres an idea! crushed almonds maybe… the rice crispies idea is superb as well. Cheers!!

  28. YourProduceGuy says:

    MrsProduceGuy has suffered with issues similar to yours. I’m just going off the top of my head here, but someone did ask me about using Corn Flakes for this process. Not sure if there is wheat in Corn Flakes. While we are on cereals, how about some crushed Rice Crispies? Or, more healthy…some finely chopped/crushed nuts? I’ll bet there are other things you can use as well.

  29. NordicThunder24 says:

    I can not eat wheat… is there anything else I can substitute the panko bread crumbs with? this sounds brilliant… It’s hard cooking without wheat or dairy really… or table sugar. All things my body no longer accepts!

  30. LESTER7L1 says:

    I LOVE ZUCCHINI Chips! I like the way you do them sir. Thanks produce guy! Have a great day and week!

  31. AzQtpie22 says:

    Oh Wow, this looks amazing. Can’t wait to try it =) Liked!

  32. YourProduceGuy says:

    Perhaps the recipe is from last year, but the deliciousness is timeless! I would think that corn flakes would work just fine as the coating. Let me know how it turns out.

  33. spyderwom says:

    I know this video is a little old… but I’m glad I found this. I do have excess zucchini and didn’t know what to do with them :-) is it acceptable to use crushed corn flakes instead of panko? Thank you!

  34. kuniko7 says:

    I use this method to coat all kinds of food. One tip I have is to use one hand for the dry ingredients, and the other for egg wash; or use a fork for the egg wash. This way you don’t get your fingers completely covered with built up flour/egg/panko goo!

  35. ursamagick says:

    If you really want to astound the doctor and staff, why not tell them what you eat? I think it’s exactly their business! You know, they’ve made a profession out of telling people what to do for good health. The standard American *anything* will cause ill health and eventually death. The dumbing-down and brainwashing has been going on in the medical industry for decades, maybe always. Why else would a doctor actually think poison (vaccines, RX, chemo) is good for you? They are quacks and frauds.

  36. krackedbanana says:

    lol, why this tickled me idk but it did. what would you sub for the egg wash and cheese?

  37. datzfast says:

    fried potato chip were rated B+ by nutritionist that also approved the standard american diet and the FDA suggestions for nutrition. personally the glycemic index and the toxic seed oil makes them death in a can to me i would rate them as F- as human food. i try to eat 50 percent of my calories in healthy oils and fats. that way i continue to loose weight and astound the medial staff with outstanding lipid profiles. they dont have to know what i eat, and really, its none of their business.

  38. YourProduceGuy says:

    Fairly thin. I used a slicer to get them thin enough. A mandolin would work well for this. Of course you can carefully cut them thin with a sharp knife, but then consistent size could be an issue doing that by hand.

  39. dani2424 says:

    how thick are the slices?

  40. TheMonica82 says:

    I will try these, I luv the deep fried ones at the fast food place, that I can only eat every other month lol.. But, these are much healthier and look delish! Thank you~

  41. babeex33love says:

    omg they look so good, but i dont have pancro and everyone raves about them D:

  42. utubeb14 says:

    good for you…

  43. LuluBre02 says:

    Egg wash? Eww! Im vegan.

  44. YourProduceGuy says:

    Yes. They are not deep fried like regular potato chips. Much healthier!

  45. carofishy says:

    are these healthier than regular potato chips?

  46. RaindropArmy says:

    Is that coal in your oven?

  47. YourProduceGuy says:

    Very nice suggestions! I like the macadamia nut suggestion. That sounds like a vacation in every bite! Thank you so much.

  48. NodrogTrax says:

    The simplest way would be to replace the egg with olive or coconut oil, and replace the parmesan with nutritional yeast.

    Personally, I would choose to cut the zucchini a little bit thicker and then make a wet batter out of rice flour to replace the egg. The thicker zucchini slices will excrete more water into the coating to make up for the lack of oil. Again, replace the parmesan with nutritional yeast or maybe finely ground macadamia(or both).

    Both these versions eliminate the cholesterol.

  49. michelleeatsdinos says:

    Can this be made with cucumbers?

  50. TheRoCCan says:

    That looks delish! may have to try that someday!

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