Reasons why you should become vegetarian

| January 6, 2012 | 25 Comments

vegetarianism is very important and this is some reasons you should try it
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  1. KarisLynne says:

    @coolbones your a giant asshole. no one is forcing you to do anything you don’t want to do this video is just a suggestion. and if you are so naively opposed to all things vegetarian why the hell would you watch this video? ps. I’m a vegetarian and I have an amazing immune system haven’t gotten sick since I made the switch 2 years ago

  2. KarisLynne says:

    @coolbones your a giant asshole. no one is forcing you d

  3. Stephanic1214 says:

    This my friends is why im 12 years old, and a vegatarian, not because someone made me, because I want to, its terribal!!!!

  4. coolbones says:

    Also, I love how their main reason is that it`s unhealthy to eat meat but all they show is shitty beef and hamburgers. Oh really? How about meat that is SCIENTIFICALLY proven to be healthy, lean meat such as horse meat, kangaroo meat, chicken breasts, fish, seafood, etc. A vegan diet prevents heart disease? Then how about combining it with a carnivorous diet making it a…… omnivorous diet*gasp*, which is what normal, healthy humans eat. I win.

  5. coolbones says:

    9 vegans have lower energy levels and have to sleep more
    10 it`s much harder to gain muscle without meat
    11 kids raised on a vegan diet grow up to be shorter
    12 vegetarians have a weaker immune system
    13 lacking certain amino acids or vitamins can shorten your life considerably
    14 not all soils are fit for agriculture, meaning that even if farmers stopped raising cattle the land would stay unused
    15 everyone will hate you

  6. coolbones says:

    reasons to keep eating meat:
    1 you have to buy a lot of vitamins to compensate
    2 unless your diet is perfect, you WILL be unhealthy
    3 there is nothing unhealthy about lean meat so there`s no health related reason to stop
    4 it WILL cost you more money, it`s a fact that vitamins and supplements are expenssive
    5 it takes a lot of time to plan out everything
    6 if you are a man, there are a lot of nasty side effects to soy products
    7 people who love meat will never stop eating it
    8 you will be weak

  7. FilthyVirus says:

    this video is full of misconceptions and lies. Only in America would people believe bullshit like this.

  8. Fosterthepeopleftw95 says:

    Dear Vegetarians. my food pees on your food.. also your food starts out alive too.. I honestly can’t think of much you can eat that doesn’t start out alive… so yeah :)

  9. cuteraz18 says:

    this is really sad, and if i knew it would stop an animal from dieing i would become a vegetarian, but when u think of it the animals will die no matter what, if no one buys them then the meat will go bad and it would be thrown away, and don’t forget that 99.9% of the animals that humans eat are there for eating, and if animals lived in the wild they would already be killed by predators. its sad yes, but animals would die no matter what. and for heart desises meat is good for u in small portions

  10. wugod says:

    Because their defensless, because they feel fear, because its still flesh. So? If i want to eat meat ill eat it. Animils will be eaten!

  11. xKittyhek says:

    You can eat meat in a healthy way. Not all animals dies like that, just to make meat. Of course it happens, and that is certainly NOT ok!!! I love animals, but I also like and need meat. The process just has to be done the right way. Just choose your meat carefully – because it is possible to get meat, that is no produced out of cruelty and violence. That’s what I believe. You can balance it.

  12. gugof16 says:

    I don eat animals so what if u call me a hippie ill live more than u Hahahahahaha

  13. silentswan12 says:

    well vegetarians say they dot eat animals because theyre living but you do realize plants are living to? so youre also killing life :l…and no it doesnt make you fat. its YOU tht makes you fat. if you wanna eat 100 big macs then dont blame the big macs blame yourself….

  14. leonardoulian says:

    man… vegetarian has sooooo few information about what they say, and repeat like a bumping CD… that if they really start to search for information and the perfect life they imagine, with happy cattle running free and with no predators, while they destroy acres of native vegetation to make their “death free” agriculture… if the only understood how this is a so ignorant point of view… read the book “the vegetarian mith” for your own benefit, please

  15. stickmedia1 says:

    hmmmmmmm let’s see… This dosn’t change my opinion at all. WE ARE OMNIVORES! Survival to the fittest. Though I do belive that the ways they showed here are inhumain but I don’t think that i would stop eating meat over it…

  16. divadworld says:

    @Noxvill2 “We shouldn’t change for emotion.” I suppose that’s the main thing we disagree on. In your opinion, should be bother with starving children in africa, or simply ignore it?

  17. Noxvill2 says:

    @divadworl You’re right, we have the ability to change and make our own choices. Some people choose to eat meat, some choose to eat vegetables. Now it’d be like back tracking if the entire human race decided to be herbivores. If you take a herbivore, and say that because it’s choosing to eat meat instead of what it’s ‘primal instincts’ tell it to eat, does that make it wrong? No, it doesn’t. It’s making a choice. Choice is one fuels the human condition. We shouldn’t change for emotion.

  18. divadworld says:

    @Noxvill2 You completely miss my point. Our brain has developed from being primitive to having the ability to make conscious choices depending on ones values. What you are saying is that we should stick to the primitive methods which animals are stuck with, even though we have the ability to change. You’re saying that we shouldn’t use our superior intelligence to do something good, but to stick with the primitive behaviour like other animals. We have the ability to change, other animals don’t.

  19. Noxvill2 says:

    @divadworld My world view isn’t based on child hood fantasy’s, I’m sorry I’ve grown up and realized that things aren’t like a Disney Movie. The animals of the wild don’t hold hands and sing along with people. Life sucks, people die, get used to it. We’re over populated as it is, but I’m sure in your fantasy land that’s not how it is, but in the real world where I live, it is. I want you to go to the forest and see if a wild bear will eat you or not. 9/10, he will. Because he’s not an idiot.

  20. divadworld says:

    @TheSFCRetired If you are a vegetarian you eat eggs and drink milk. You don’t have to worry about any lack of protein there.

  21. divadworld says:

    @Noxvill2 Stop acting like an uneducated fool then and show some empathy for your surroundings. Who cares if you understand the food chain? I understand it as well, but since I know you can survive and be well on a vegetarian diet I don’t see the need to feed on other living beings. Don’t you think it’s time humans step away from old habits when there are other options? Being a vegetarian has to do with ones world view, I rather live in a world where we don’t kill or hurt others.

  22. Noxvill2 says:

    @divadworld Jokes on you, I have a fantastic education and I work as an EMT. All the while I get to go home and eat a big juicy steak prepare by my wonderful girlfriend who also eats meat. Just because I’m not a broke back faggot who eats vegetables and nothing else because of your unwarranted sense of self importance and the need ‘save’ the animals that are going to get killed anyway because unfortunately for you, not everyone is a retard who doesn’t understand the food chain. Get bent.

  23. TheSFCRetired says:

    Animals are usually herbivore or carnivore. Very few, if any, animals are omnivorous. Man is omnivorous. Neither can you get the high grade of protein from plants that you get from meat. I would much rather eat wild game, such as deer (no cholesterol) than meat raised in some of these modern operations.

  24. stormbouy says:

    @divadworld why so agressive?
    i thought vego’s were supposed to be peaceful people

  25. NoMidsForMe says:

    @divadworld But thats still human……

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