Real Indian food in Delhi – Gordon Ramsay

| December 25, 2012 | 43 Comments

Gordon Ramsay travels to Delhi to sample real Indian food and see how it compares to the English version we’re used to. He samples food at one of India’s most famous restaurants, the Moti Mahal. From Gordon’s Great Escape.
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  1. coolestcatintheroom says:

    British Indian food I belive is its own type of cuisine…It is not trying to copy Original Indian food…but it is its own interpretation….and is delicious

  2. gilahappy says:

    ahh…. gordon… what would we do without your insults and critics?

  3. Gannondalf says:

    not often does gordon ramsey give food such a positive review… unless its his own haha

  4. Rav3V2 says:

    Thank u … got hungry now…

  5. benzzuk1 says:

    “nothing gives me more pleasure then sieeng someone eat and say bloody hell”

  6. chinni82 says:

    Hi Gordon!!! Just need to get some facts straight!! Tandoori Chicken is a small part of traditional Punjabi cuisine and Biryani has its origins in Persia and is perfected in Hyderabad and not Delhi!! Please get your facts straight before you make a comment like Tandoori Chicken was invented in Moti Mahal!!!

  7. edward julius says:

    fuck im hungry

  8. nafe65 says:

    why does curry and lager go so well together, cant beat a good curry when ur off your head

  9. AEF091 says:

    Gordon Ramsey, may not be the traditional ‘teaching’ tv chef, but he definetely knows the difference between good food and cheap bullshit, the latter being served in the UK

  10. dmc040 says:

    shes hot

  11. CaptainTrekkie says:

    The opening title card would like to inform you this is, IN COLOUR!

  12. quityojibbajabbaa says:

    that butter chicken looks amazing ive never seen it with that bright orange colour. Does anyone know how they get that colour?

  13. Michael Hong says:

    chalk and cheese? Why would you ever eat chalk and cheese together..?

  14. manuelito1233 says:


  15. mobspeak says:

    I love indian food XD

  16. tdsviper says:

    What a beautiful women, and she knows food. Can’t get any better then that.

  17. prakashutoshable says:

    i think the comments are more interesting than the video…

  18. p3rs0nan0ngrata says:


    Because you’re getting far too angry whilst hiding behind your computer screen. You betray your own insecurities by calling me out from the safety of your room.

    Clearly, you’re scared, and insecure, and your own fear is precluding you from calming down.

    Now, I would love to see how you might react if you did ‘give a fuck’ about me, or my opinion. Therefore, I shall let you have the last word.

    I’m generous, like that.

  19. p3rs0nan0ngrata says:


    Why not?

    Clearly, someone needs to, before you have a heart attack halfway between smashing your skull on the road and being punched in the face by whatever brown bloke you were stupid enough to pick a fight with.

    Who are you, since we’re playing that game, to determine that other races are less attractive to your own? You pale-skinned, pasty faced fucker.

  20. p3rs0nan0ngrata says:


    Also, stop being racist.

  21. p3rs0nan0ngrata says:


    I bet Gordon had to stop himself saying ‘If you’re offering’ when she said ‘See ma Chandra’ (deliberately misspelt to get the joke across)

  22. Anuj Mittal says:

    well the dishes he wants to try will be better further north and not in a big city

  23. Celeb132 says:

    English ‘indian’ food is not spicy enough but it’s so yummy! 😀

  24. williamwilson666 says:

    It is you that is ignorant- of the law. Children have the legal protection of the state until at least 16. Children begging is not a sign of homlessness- it is a sign of begging, most often to satisfy drug addiction.

  25. realityexplorations says:

    try looking around central london somtime, your so ignorant

  26. Ishijah1 says:

    Fantastic video very educational

  27. jadaquai says:

    LOL its a vitamix

  28. sanlorn says:

    these two guys are so twink

  29. 308lulu says:

    Will I be able to lose some weight with this type of program along with feeling good and eating well?

  30. thedrj2009 says:

    How can young people be talking about longevity? Get the over 100 healthy people on to give advice. 

  31. Avishek Saha says:

    Those are foods found in popular raw treats. Like rawrevolution, and lara bars and many other ones. Along with agave. Most people cannot stop at one date and one raisin, and one nut . . . polyunsaturated fats are the most atherosclerotic as well. Check out these blogs: hyperlipid, wholehealthsource for starters. Then research mary enig and saturated fat. Also watch “i’m raw paleo now,” one of my vids.

  32. MichaelBallack91 says:

    well 2/4 of those are dried foods, which happen to be really high in sugar with regards to their density. You haven’t even mentioned a serving portion, so how can you say you’ll gain weight haha. I can eat one of each, and not notice anything. And I can guarantee you cheese (Fat…the same fat you seem to discourage when it’s actually healthy mono/poly-unsaturated/natural) and steak (not slicing the white fat off) will make you fat, to propose it’s good for losing weight is absurd..

  33. Avishek Saha says:

    Try this. Raisins + almonds + walnuts + dates. Before you eat it, look at your abs. After eating, look again. See the fat accumulation. Insulin + fat = fat storage (not always tho) Steak and cheese are actually great for weight loss, it’s all about quantity, and the combinations, and many other factors. Im all for raw food, but not for ‘gourmet’ food which tends to promote taste over health. Generally, fats + sugars = tired. Check out RawAthlete, my newer channel. Blessings

  34. MichaelBallack91 says:

    yeah because the reason why our population is 40% overweight is because of nuts. Not because of cheese, or hamburgers, or steak…It’s those damn almonds.
    People are so stupid sometimes, there’s a difference in the quality of fats, I guarantee you will not get fat eating nuts because a) it takes a lot to digest them, if eaten raw, and b) You can keep eating them for a long time and probably won’t feel full, indicating you’re still hungry.
    eat a steak though, and you’ll be snoozing.

  35. Wodahs35 says:

    Holy shit what kind of blender is that?

  36. MisterTissueBox says:

    So, how does raw honey make you live really long? I know it’s got tons of amazing nutrients in it, but it’s still pretty sugar rich. Eating all that honey can’t possibly be good for you, long term, … or can it?

  37. theAKtor says:

    ooooo bananas + liquefied nuts = fattening . . . great idea

  38. UnleashYourVitality says:

    Great jobs guys, I thought the Longevity Now Program was a terrific idea - really hitting home that point about longevity being such a great all-encompassing goal!

    — John

  39. crazyrunner9 says:

    try using the almond water for your plants instead of pouring it down the drain… just another option ^_^


  40. Bananimalrecords says:

    oh ma gawd…2 uber hot super-heros in one video…are you kidding me? Jason you should come to Alaska when I get my restaurant open and we’ll do a comedy routine uncooking show…hearthrobery!!

  41. jonneyd says:

    i so wanna go raw help

  42. detroitbelly says:

    I’ve been dabbling in raw for years, but with Jason’s food guidance, I’m completely changed!!!

  43. headfake says:

    I love david wolfe! my wife says I have man crush…no, i don’t love him in that way.

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