Raw Vegan Recipe: Superfood Gorilla Sandwich

| February 6, 2012 | 25 Comments

www.JasonWrobel.com http Raw and Vegan Chef Jason Andrew Wrobel brings you The Gorilla Sandwich – the easiest, most decadent, super crazy raw vegan superfood sandwich that you can make in under two minutes! Take that to your lunch break by the water cooler! Featuring all organic, superfood, fair-trade ingredients like romaine lettuce, banana spears, sprouted almond butter, maca powder, goji berries, vanilla powder and shredded coconut. Is your mouth watering yet? It’s the perfect nutritious plant-based vegan/vegetarian meal for that extra pick-me-up of energy when you’re on the go and busy like a bee… or beaver… or bear… OR GORILLA! wwwJasonWrobel.com http
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  1. DarlingKaya says:

    mmmmm =) your so fun ! =) this´╗┐ looks so good ­čśÇ

  2. 2techshop says:

    Thanks,´╗┐ sounds great!

  3. oliveandlove12 says:

    Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel bread spread with raw almond butter and sprinkled with cinnamon´╗┐ and cacao nibs :)

  4. DGkitziou says:

    My fav raw vegan dish is wild rice salad
    I soak the rice for one or two days.
    When is ready I add the best quality salt Celtic or Anglesey, then I add avocado´╗┐ and coconut oil, then maca 2 spoonfuls , lecithin granules, a bit of the 3 immortals powder from Shaman Shack. He shou wu, cherry tomatoes cut in 4 and chopped cilantro,
    It is a very quick yummy and satisfying dish
    I always keep soaked wild rice at home.

  5. xNicolexCullenx says:

    mmm… Dates!!! I loooveee dates!´╗┐ :)

  6. puffyclouddd1 says:

    mshappysharing: I´╗┐ also dig lara bars! :) I tried living on them though and that didnt work out so well lol.

  7. blinkme478 says:

    This is what´╗┐ they mean when they saw raw food gives you energy…

  8. 123warriorspirit says:

    OK. Take about 2 cups of a frozen mix of blackberries,raspberries,blueberries and strawberries and throw it in a blender. Add one or two tablespoons of spirulina. Then add maybe 1/2 to 3/4 of a cup of water ( just´╗┐ enough so that when you blend it, it makes a delightful sorbet consistency). BLEND. ….It turns this beautiful black colour and tastes amazing. you can add honey if you like it sweeter.
    I call it Black ICe!!!


  9. iamwatchingut says:

    lol, dried banana,´╗┐ reminds me of what would end up in the toilet of a vegan after a day of vegan consumption

  10. DukeofYehudah says:

    I like to make fried chicken skins when I am´╗┐ in a time crunch and need to eat something

  11. RawTemptations says:

    fave healthy junk food?? gotta be a decadent banana smoothie with dates and or yacon, macadamias or coconut butter, maca, vanilla, cinnamon..´╗┐ sometimes cacao added too.. I understand this would seem extremely healthy to a lotta people but I tell ya I can’t have this all the time, it’s so sweet! YOu can get hooked on these!

  12. mshappysharing says:

    My favorite healthy junk food is…´╗┐ Lara Bars. :)

  13. ElectroCat08 says:

    I saw your raw brownie demonstration this past Sunday at the worldfest 2011. It was delicious and yes you have great energy and yuo’re soooo funny! keep the energy and fun´╗┐ spirit!

  14. LisaGou says:

    Bananas dipped in mixed raw cacao powder & agave nectar! Oh, yummmmy!´╗┐ :)

  15. voxgirl says:

    “textural juxtaposition” …. haha, love it. That´╗┐ sandwich looks GREAT!!!

  16. rkventures says:

    If´╗┐ I was a woman and pregnant and craving then Maybe…RK

  17. papiyonmov says:

    OMG you’re crazy but you do crack me up! My favorite healthy junkfood is probably my frappacinos. I make up batches of dry frapp mix with stuff like carob powder, cacao, palm sugar crystals(aka coconut crystals), vanilla powder, maca, powdered greens,powdered herbal coffee (like Dandyblend) and any other stuff I feel like throwing it at that time. Then I keep that in a container and when the´╗┐ mood strikes, a few scoops in the blender w/some water,ice,and/or nut/seed milk. Husband loves it!

  18. whoisyouis says:

    hahah´╗┐ love you!!

  19. ohSuzanneMarie says:

    but to answer your´╗┐ question in the end…its not raw, but i’m getting into eating veggie/ falafel/ boca burgers.!

  20. ohSuzanneMarie says:

    this guy is crazy! i love it!!! haha!´╗┐

  21. nubiansunshine1 says:

    soooo´╗┐ funny

  22. Rawgasmic says:

    @MahaNomi I agree…AMAZING production,´╗┐ Nate ­čśë Peace – Mike

  23. ravendream33 says:

    Dates are like junk food to´╗┐ me……very tasty, but way too sweet, and I hardly ever buy them….like once a year actually. They are like candy! No recipe required.

  24. AescDaearan says:

    It’s kind of a healthier version of the´╗┐ KFC Bowls …. but no: meat, gluten, preservatives, dairy, or fake potatoes, and it has tons of fiber. Is it considered a raw meal, no. But it’s alot better than most of the garbage they try to feed us in the cafeteria (I’m a college kid)

  25. AescDaearan says:

    Don’t know if I can classify any truly raw food as junk…. but I’m not 100% raw right now, so what i like to do sometimes is take wild rice, a baked potato, an avocado, raw sprouts´╗┐ and mixed herbs and mix it all together in a bowl.

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