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  1. Dana Horochowski says:

    my kinda  kitchen!

  2. gerardst1 says:

    Wow – Dan I think I c«N DO THIS - THANKS

  3. Hiran Sooriyaarachchi says:

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  4. TheWizardofGardening says:

    awesome breh love your videos and recipes with talks.

  5. Alexander Parr says:

    you’re such a lovely man !! i’m over here in depressing england and you have cheered me up
    you’re so nice and pure and sweet man
    you’re excellent i hope you find the best happiness

  6. Shakti080 says:

    I would have thrown a jalapeno in with that salsa! Still looks great though! Made me hungry. 

  7. JustDoItRaw says:

    I love salsa !!!!

  8. Alaina Swain says:

    Can’t wait to make it :) looks yummy

  9. gigglesdulce says:

    Thank you.

  10. tramdass1010 says:

    He wiped his nose then went straight to the food, lol. That must be the secret ingredient.

  11. laurie d says:


  12. kittarats says:

    These older videos are so perfect when you’re trying to change your food! I’m still craving all of these things. Thanks

  13. brock Maggard says:

    That looks fantastic.thanks for another great video dan

  14. K4TH7D4V1S says:

    Not gonna lie…initially I was kinda put off by the cowboy vibe…but u remind me of uncle rico so I stuck it out and I’m so glad I did! Ur personality is amazing and the inflections in ur voice make me smile. I thoroughly love this video :)

  15. Jezebel1115 says:

    Dude, The Corona is GT’s Gingerade kombucha! Peace out:)

  16. edaluv says:

    is that squash he is using as chips?

  17. btchzwhresndoors says:

    Is that corn uncooked? Wouldn’t it be too hard??

  18. kntwksol says:

    are you not drooling watching this video?
    salivation bonanza here

  19. Cortney Caylor says:

    First time to watch your show and I love it! Can I say its great to see a man encouraging health and nutrition! I am not totally raw but lean more that direction. I need to get my kids and husband on board. Thank you for your time and sharing. Be blessed!

  20. zeizzie says:

    looks nice, I will try it later

  21. creekdigger says:

    ahhhh you got me. should have watched till the end.  thanks!

  22. creekdigger says:

    two questions- are you wearing boots? and where are the jalapenos?

  23. bibi garcia says:

    I’m mexican and make good salsa, but your salsa looks sooooo good! I gotta try and make it.. good video!;)

  24. c0pyimitati0n says:

    1:58 “When i’m in the mood for fiber, i’m in the mood for fiber!”

  25. Hailey Holesapple says:

     freakin hilarious!<3

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