Raw Food Made Easy DVD: Healthy and Fun Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Dessert Raw Recipes

| August 12, 2012 | 24 Comments

Visit www.learnrawfood.com to see more raw food recipes. A great companion item to the best-selling book, “Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People”, this informative and entertaining DVD expands on the recipes and tips found in Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People. Here Jenny shows how to Set…
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  1. TheInutWarrior says:

    @KARINinLaLaLand but she is doing it well lolol

  2. 207Richy says:

    Gotta say, mushroomhill speaks the truth.

  3. mushroomhill says:

    I’d give anything for a girlfriend who can make stuff like this..

  4. satellitetune says:

    Great vidio

  5. GoingOrganic1 says:

    I really enjoy your videos.

  6. vegsky3 says:

    Super useful dvd! I got my copy from love street living foods :-)

  7. GetHealthyB4TooLate says:

    Nice kitchen. I love the granite counter tops and the ss appliances. Cool.

  8. angelbe88 says:

    living foods are the fountain of youth~

  9. JustasIam147 says:

    I was hoping it wasn’t the raw food LOL

  10. boot17 says:

    OMFG are you serious?! oh god oh god. *panics*

  11. RivenrockGardens says:

    Dang, that zucchini maranara and the salad looked so good.

  12. JackNeedles says:

    If you buy locally grown, organic foods, then most raw foods really won’t have herbicides, pesticides, etc. The produce I buy from the farmers market is grown without pesticides, etc. I often talk to the farmer, who is also my friend.

  13. mariiiya says:

    it’s funny how people mention that raw food has herbicides, pesticides etc etc -cides.. but hello- all these are 10 times more concentrated in animal products.. and actually break down into more toxic compounds when cooked. 😉

    anyway, i feel like i’d really like to buy this DVD 😀

  14. proudblackfoot says:

    Ever hear of “certified organic” and washing and scrubbing your fruits and veggies??

  15. WTF20000 says:

    rawforthesoul, thanks, but raw foods have pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, germicides, fungicides, etc. Did I leave any out? The truth is raw foods will kill you today.

  16. smallbuttfirm says:

    You, this video made me hungry. I’ve been researching the raw food diet for a week or so now. Is there anyway I can marry you and YOU cook the food? This would make it so much easier for me–I promise, no verbal or physical abuse!

  17. bethaldrich says:

    This is beautifully done!

  18. madestmax7000 says:

    i just typed in random letters and found this fucking shit

  19. LoricaLady says:

    I think this video is great and that her presentation is excellent. I don’t eat all raw food, but I sure know it’s healthier than the junk stuff that is part of most people’s diets.

  20. DUCKINHIMER says:

    you move your head like a bobble-head. is that a side affect of eating all raw food?

  21. aabsc says:

    There are organic produce in the USA also (I’m in Canada and also get organic), but bread is very unhealthy, similar to smoking, as grains are too high in sugar for humans and cooking it makes it even more toxic. Grains cause diabetes, cancer, heart disease, crohn’ disease, etc.

  22. WTF20000 says:

    aabsc, I know you’re absolutely correct, but you have to cook breads. I know I read something about how cook foods affect you when you get old, and something about that’s why older people walk with a little bit of a jerking motion. But I steam my vegetables. In the UK we grow organically, but in the US, vegetables are full of pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides; therefore, you should cook them perhaps.

  23. aabsc says:

    All cooked food is poison (nearly anything cooked causes cancer and heart disease, the 2 main causes of death killing over 1.2 million americains a year). Salmonella and e coli affect a tiny fraction of that, plus, on a raw food diet you quickly become immune to bacteria, germs and viruses, and then e coli and salmonella can’t affect you, or at least barely at all if it does.

  24. S0nArch says:

    i like

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