Quick Vegetarian Meals

| January 6, 2012 | 14 Comments

Are you looking for quick and easy 30 minute meals? Do you want dinner ideas that taste great? Watch how easy simple meals can be with the right ingredient. Award winning products from Coyote Trail.
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www.expandinglight.org Welcome to On-line Learning with the Expanding Light Cooking Lessons in Your Own Home. With Ananda’s foremost chef, Diksha McCord, author of The Global Kitchen and Vegetarian Cooking for Starters A cooking show for beginners or experienced cooks who want to learn more about delicious and wholesome vegetarian cooking. Diksha McCord’s on-line cooking course is unique in demonstrating a subtlety of food preparation and expressing how what we eat affects our health and our consciousness. From years of studying and cooking different styles of vegetarian cuisine and practicing the teachings of yoga, Diksha offers a break-through approach to using food to create health, vitality, and higher consciousness. Diksha has attuned to the wavelength of truly delicious food. Often vegetarian cooks slightly miss the mark. The food may be filled with healthful ingredients, but it doesn’t quite satisfy the taste buds. DiKsha has a gift for taking almost entirely vegan ingredients and creating meals that deeply satisfy on all levels. This innovative series will change the way you think about food and how you prepare it, it could rightly be called, The Yoga of Cooking for a New Age.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. 2JAMMY says:

    I tried hard to concentrate on the vid but her boobies were loud & shouting their hello’s. I gave up halfway through :) This is so unfair – do they do it on purpose??

  2. DudeRevolution says:

    I mean yum…

  3. briangunn21 says:

    Let the damn vegetables sleep!

  4. vicosu says:

    your food is rubbish i would much rather have chicken, a nice juicy steaK or a burger

  5. skizzy666 says:

    is mommy butter vegan?

  6. skizzy666 says:

    ill admit the cleavage made me watch this before the other videos :)

  7. niraku321 says:


  8. sillybaby888 says:

    I always get stuck for dish ideas over the holiday period. I use cookingdinnerfortwo (.) com to liven up my range.

  9. mebeluvined says:


  10. Kevart1208 says:


  11. MonyMG1959 says:

    I miss Las Cruces.

  12. htimsrM says:

    You woke up my veggie!!

  13. cheerleader4life143 says:

    haha! i love how shes copying kind of Rachel Ray & Giada DeLaurentiis.

  14. mediawatchable says:

    I used to eat lot of meat through out my life even my hosts use to be surprised how much meat I ate and it would only create negative energy, restlessness and other.
    Now, nearly 2 months ago I had enough and just gave up All meat altogether and became Vegatarian thus positive thoughts and running of mind thousand miles a hour stopped.

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