Protein for Vegetarians – Quinoa

| April 3, 2013 | 11 Comments

For more information about Quinoa and other protein sources – Ok, as you all know if you follow me closely I am big on eating pro…

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  1. la will says:

    I would grind it and do pankake. Do you approve ??

  2. ImShai4life says:

    Lentils have about twice as much protien for the same amount, and they have less fat too. Just sayin’…

  3. Tyler Lockwood says:

    Hey. Quick question: how do you perform your sets for maximum hypertrophy? Basic straight sets same weight for all sets, wave loading or maybe step sets where you either increase the weight from set to set or reduce it to hit 8-12 range? Or perhaps something else? What about failure? Should you perform each set like its your last? 😉

  4. Angellica Waters says:

    Hemp seeds or hearts contain more protein than any meat, nut, seed or grain. They are AMAZING!!! I get mine at Costco. The brand is Manitoba Harvest.

  5. Johan Lannerback says:


  6. neworleansguy10 says:

    Cool vid. What are your stats man? You look tall and well-proportioned.

  7. Jamie Hackett says:

    I love mixing quinoa with tuna

  8. bradscottfitness says:

    yea it tastes really good too and 7 grams of protein in anything that isn’t meat is amazing.

  9. Richard Qiu says:

    oh i got it

  10. Richard Qiu says:

    how you write the name?

  11. Valarie Williams says:

    this is amazing! im not even vegetarian but im going to try this stuff! thanks!

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