Project: Rant – RANT 071: Control Freak Vegetarian Bitch

| July 29, 2012 | 24 Comments

Be a vegetarian because you love animals, not because you hate people. Actor Debbie Singer, Real online rants recreated in video with professional actors.
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  1. Trinitybloodlust says:

    What about all those poor plants you eat?! They’re alive! They reproduce! Who’s the cruel one now? Respect nature, eat a rock.

  2. irgendwann mal says:

    I am a vegan and this is soooo true!!!! I am not one though… I am a smart restaurant eater…

  3. Shyan Shiyloh Vaugn says:

    I LOVE This!!:!!….Elitists, Hippies and Posers!
    They Don’t Give A Fat Rat’s Ass About The Animals! The Try to control others because they are out of control in some area of their life….Well Done Rant!!!

  4. Geck0999 says:

    These vids are my new favorite thing….. keep it coming

  5. cool1o1o1 says:

    Because someone eats meat makes them sinister. Okay.
    I love/eat animals. I think some of them taste pretty fucking good.
    Get over it.

  6. 4aSteadyStateEconomy says:

    I think people who crassly say “I love animals. They’re delicious!” are more sinister than any vegetarian I’ve met. That attitude shows a general lack of respect for nature.

  7. 4aSteadyStateEconomy says:

    Nicely displayed modest-sized cleavage.

  8. GEhotpants101 says:

    She doesn’t hate the girl because she’s a vegetarian, she hates the girl because she’s a control freak who uses vegetarianism as a weapon.
    Just to clear it up.

  9. limabeangela says:

    Wow, she’s beautiful.

  10. aaronyeager83 says:

    Best Rant…… And hottest actress


    1.) She’s scraping PETA propaganda stickers off the walls.

    2.) Is other people’s spit(or sh*t) considered vegetarian? If not, I have some BAD news for a lot of vegetarians.

  12. xbubloox says:

    May we submit your video to bjayslist ????

  13. WarPigz0 says:

    You don’t have to own a restaurant to spit in someones food. Hell, you don’t even have to be serving the person.

  14. iloveverne says:

    Really? cuz you just made yourself an egotists by writing a youtube comment saying stereotypes. There are just as many dumb as meat eaters that hear someones vegetarian and automatically think the persons bitchy about it and decide to beat them to the punch, and start being a dick before the vegetarian can….which in returns makes the vegetarian hate them and not give a shit about their feelings. But then the non vegan acts defensive saying “You’re being mean and i dont know why”

  15. graft1863 says:

    i bet she talks like this in bed. oh what a turn out. more more!

  16. seriouslyWeird says:

    the boobies on the girl are so nice because she eats meat

  17. checoto156 says:

    So… whats with the bathroom?

  18. doubledeeder says:

    Hey Project Rant! Check some of my rants out! I think they’re funny as well as yours! Except I made my own up, but I do take requests!

  19. rainbowfirewave says:

    Only 15600 hits for “debby” on facebook. I will find her. Unless she goes by deborah… damn

  20. katiehahah says:

    where did her lisp go?

  21. macswanson1 says:

    Nice boobs. Are they real?

  22. DCsOrchid says:

    I am a vegetarian, have been for a number of years now and I was laughing SOOO hard. It’s totally true that that is how a large majority of us order, but….That is what the “THINKING TIME” is for!! Is to make up your d*m mind, I would rather take more time at the ordering time, and ask some dumb quetions than to have to send the food back. One last thing-just pick out the fuckin meat, it won’t kill you from time to time!

  23. ProjectRANT says:

    Thanks for commenting. It’s been changed to TV-14!

  24. Dragonaught2001 says:

    Rated TV-Y???

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