Planning a Whole Foods Vegetarian Meal Plan

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The decision to become a vegetarian should be lauded. Individuals that seek out this type of diet are committed to improving their health by limiting the amount of meat and dairy products that they consume. It should be noted that there are a variety of ways in which people can begin the process of improving their health by becoming vegetarian. Anyone that is interested in truly being vegetarian needs to have a plan. Such a change in dietary habits does take some time for adjustment. However, it is possible to change one’s dietary habits for the better. Being vegetarian has many benefits. These benefits are compounded when people also choose to live a whole foods lifestyle as well. This simply means that the foods that a vegetarian eats will be as fresh as possible. Preserved foods with additives are no longer a part of a person’s diet. In order to be successful in incorporating whole foods into a vegetarian diet it is highly recommended that people take the time to plan a meal plan.

Making a whole foods vegetarian meal plan is not as difficult as one may think. It does require that individuals carefully consider the type of foods that they consume on a daily basis. Individuals may want to tackle this task in one of two ways. There is the option of cleaning out the cabinets and purchasing new foods all at once. There is also the option of simply making a meal plan for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. In which ever way one chooses in order to develop a meal plan it is very important to make sure to incorporate more vegetarian foods that follow the whole foods lifestyle.

For those that choose to clean out their cabinet and purchase new foods this is a perfect way to begin a vegetarian whole foods lifestyle. With this method individuals can effectively remove many of the foods in their homes that are processed, have additives such as artificial coloring or dyes, chemicals, sugars and unnecessary fats. This provides an individual with a clean slate that can be used to create a list of substitute items for a vegetarian whole foods meal plan. For example, when one tosses out the canned tomatoes or corn these can be substituted for fresh tomatoes and fresh corn on the cob. The idea of buying new foods is to substitute the preserved, non-healthy items with vegetarian whole food replacements.

Some people may be more comfortable with forming an actual meal plan that is based around their daily meals as opposed to purchasing everything from scratch. Individuals that are interested in making a meal plan in this manner should list the items that they regularly eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. If any of these items are preserved, processed, filled with chemicals, contain unhealthy fats or sugars they need to replaced or substituted with a natural alternative. For example, many people prepare their foods using different types of cooking oil. However, there are some oils that are better than others. Such oils as extra virgin oil and coconut oil are much better to use for cooking than vegetable oil. Likewise, instead of eating white breads which are highly processed it would be much better to consume whole wheat breads. By

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