PIZZA! Fitness Model Foodie, The Fit Foodie Jennifer Nicole Lee Healthy Cooking in a Snap!

| August 4, 2012 | 50 Comments

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. NaturallyFitBlessd says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these healthy yummy recipes! I’m trying to eat really healthy and your recipes fit my needs :)

  2. ChristieBen2012 says:

    Absolutely loving all your Fun Fit Foodie recipes.
    Made these pizza’s for me and my Partner on Monday and both loved them :)
    You are my inspiration, Keep it up!
    Christie xxx

  3. SwaggaMama25 says:

    Love these fit food recipes, I am in early pregnancy and just want to confirm i will still be getting all the vitamins my baby needs from these recipes?

  4. quikwittedwoman says:

    ***~~Great Video But You Missed What To Set The Oven To & For How Long??~ Please Let Me Know~ Ty~~***


  5. TheJenniferNicoleLee says:


  6. galymar1 says:

    love love this vid I actually made this today!!!! Thank You for sharing all your great ideas!!!

  7. TheJenniferNicoleLee says:


  8. futurewife06 says:

    I will sOOOOO buy your cookbook lol

  9. pricilla1482 says:

    Is 2 slices 1 serving? Thanks

  10. hipretty says:

    PS Smellovision…YUM! :-)

  11. hipretty says:

    hahahaha <3 you JNL cannot wait for the long awaited fit foodie!!!!

  12. coldfusion1111 says:

    great video..a bit over the top on the acting, but I like that (lol) :-)

  13. Nissa Salas says:

    i love this video, thanks Jennifer for teaching us that eating and food are intregal to being sexy and fit. love yaaaaa!

  14. Fitange says:

    Great recipe Jennifer

  15. fresh4ever2000 says:

    wow, fitness and cooking! that’s what I do! Maybe you should check out my parodies and recipes, you will like them 😉

  16. 2010ilovemyfamily says:

    i love eating pizza im for sure going to do this for my family.

  17. trshaw02 says:

    It looks so Good Thanks im going to try it =]
     TERESA =D

  18. coptocook says:

    Very Good

  19. rsfmg says:

    I love the Fit Foodie pizza!  Thanks for sharing JNL!

  20. TheRicky715 says:

    I love your cooking & exercise videos thank you! your are the best

  21. TheKtjo2 says:

    This pizza is so good and healthy. I’ve made it 2 times already. A great alternative for anyone looking to get away from fat food and eat fit food. Thanks JNL!!!!

  22. MarylinSanchez says:

    Love it – Thank you – You just saved my butt tonight!!! I have rehearsals tonight and needed to try and find something quick and easy yet nutrition for dinner for the whole family! Love it! Will let you know how it goes!!!

  23. mikesgym01 says:

    Made the pizza on saturday. It was the best pizza i have ever had even my kids liked it!!!!!!

  24. natmo4444 says:

    I just loved this pizza recipe. I made it mine by toping it with shrimps instead of chicken & Mrs Dach extra spicy. Delicious!!! Keep thos vids coming, there are great JNL.

  25. cherryamber says:

    Hi JNL, I just tryed this recipe, insted of pizza crust I used whole wheat pita bread and I loved it.

    I’m such a huge of yours and can’t wait to see more of your fitness and cooking videos. :)

    P.S I’m reading your Mind, Body and soul diet book so far so good.

  26. bexihoonna says:

    I have 3 boys and would love to go raw or closer to 80% raw. We are all overweight and eat meat and dairy. So i am at a loss of what to prepare for meals that would satisfy their appetites. Could you post more videos for everyday dinners that would appeal to most children?

  27. pwarren1010 says:

    What about oils like flax or honey. Dont you need salt at times too?

  28. FedArteUrbano says:

    I have a quiestion… what do you think about beans?

  29. ROCKBYTR says:

    Wow man I love your videos. Good stuff here.

  30. 1boidae says:

    Thanks ;-)

  31. liferegenerator says:

    You most certainly can! As long as something is edible (and healthy!), then it is okay to try…so just experiment and have fun in the kitchen! 😀

  32. 1boidae says:

    Can the raisins be substituted with black olives?

  33. smexiness says:


  34. LetsKickItUpANotch says:

    LOL. Yeah!
    We can dig it!!! XD

  35. savedbyHisLife says:

    i’m diggin the snack ideas, thanks!

  36. joliet211 says:

    He said “the diggity, diggity, bang up” that is funny.

  37. Beepinsqueekin says:

    man this is a blast from the past. My mom used to make a yummy salad with shredded carrots and rasins when I was a little kid. Going to do it tonight!

  38. vicky2c says:

    love this guy…now my 4 year old wants one:) yay!

  39. ramcappy says:

    With some ginger dressing that would be the bomb!!

  40. Reverseflush says:


  41. notroubleatall says:


  42. goingwiththeflow7 says:


  43. GetFitGamer says:

    If there is any video that proves you are awesome, its this one!

  44. ghostma13 says:

    check it out yumma dumb dumb,lol

  45. TheCheeksss says:

    Hi Dan! Can you do a vid on loosing weight or with juicing and explain how often do you juice per day.I heard and read that when you juice you gain weight because you can absorbs more nutrients plus fat.

  46. Jezawix says:

    Nice and easy Dan :) I dig it.. x I have a fave taco recipe at the mo… check it.. takes a wee bit more time than your one but oh man its GOOOD! Lettuce as the taco shell. Then for the filling half cup walnuts, sprinkle of cumin, 1/4 cup sun-dried tomatoes, tsp crushed garlic, tsp olive oil, fresh black pepper! :) Pulse in processor till still chunky… then add some chopped red pepper and some spring onion (sparingly) seriously I can’t stop makin this baby!! Try it!! :) xXx Peace xXx

  47. yogangel7 says:

    simple easy delicious and healthy what more could you want!

  48. amethyst2466 says:

    That actually looks delicious.

  49. MyOwnStickFigure says:

    Not hard at all but very complicated in ingredients. I use to do a lot of raw gourment and don’t anymore… cheddar cheese made with cashews, nutritional yeast, sea salt, tumeric, etc … raw tortillas with corn, bell pepper, cilantro, onion, etc – dehydrated… chili carne substitute with sprouted lentils/legumes, spices, etc. – anything is possible in the raw world! However these kinds of gourmet raw foods are a head spin and really compromise digestion. There is such thing as too much!

  50. cupies says:

    doesn’t do it for me

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